Happy New Year

2018 has been rough going so far.  I’m just hoping that things will only get better as the year moves on.

I have so many year long goals for myself.  I believe they are all attainable but really…who knows, lol.

One of my big goals is to read more than I did last year (borrowed this from the wife).  This is definitely doable because I only read 17 books last year.  They were mostly Murder, She Wrote books because, you know, I’m obsessed.  This year I’ve started with the Murder, She Wrote theme again.  I got two MSWish books for Christmas so of course I had to start with them.  First one was the Autobiography of Peter Fischer who was Executive Producer/writer for the show.  Found out some interesting little ditties about Hollywood and Television on the 70’s and 80’s.  I’m following that up with another MSW Mysteries book.  Believe it or not I did receive other books for Christmas, lol.

Another resolution is to lose weight, you know, like everyone else, lol.

I really want to live in the moment and not stress about everything too.  Not sure that one will happen because, let’s face it, I’m a Virgo.  It’s in our nature to worry.  I’ve decided to leave some of my life decision to the Magic 8-Ball.  It never stresses 🙂

I hope you are having a good 2018 Internet.


Waiting on the New Year

It’s almost 2018.  I can’t believe it.

I remember being a child and talking with my friends.  I said,  ‘When it’s 1983 I will be graduating High School.’  That was 34 years ago.  I remember thinking 1983 was so far into the future.  Heck, in High School we were reading George Orwell’s 1984 and that was only a year away.  I watch The Goldbergs now and I wonder how the time drifted away from me.  I also wonder when did it get a hyper drive? I’m also shocked how many of the outfits they wear on that show that I once owned!

My Mom used to say to me…”Don’t wish your life away.  It goes by fast enough.”  I thought she didn’t know what she was talking about.  The woman was completely wise…like Obie-Wan Kenobi, but a woman and instead of the force she used common sense.  I appears that common sense doesn’t really exist anymore.

The older I get the more faith I lose in humanity.  I look around at my fellow travelers to the grave and ask myself…’Wow, the world has hit rock bottom”.  I know I should keep the faith but really it’s difficult.  My fellow citizens elected a washed up reality TV Star who’s ego far out reaches his intelligence.  The fate of America is now in the hands of a man who told us how much he would work for us but has had 111 days off so far and he hasn’t been on the job a year yet.  Okay…I do realize a lot of those days were weekends but I didn’t realize that being President was so easy.  Cool…I know have a career goal.

I’ve found White People are kind of freakishly frightened.  I’m white but I’m not afraid of non-white people.  My Parents didn’t raise me that way.  I’m okay with Happy Holidays and I’m a Christian.  I’ve been called a liberal by angry friends.  I’m not.  I believe in fiscal responsibility.  I haven’t seen this from Republicans in a really, really long time.

Good stuff did happen to me this year.  I am very thankful for each and every moment that has enriched my life.  In 2018, my only wish is that those who use fear to promote war fall into a black hole.  It’s time to face the monster we’ve created by our apathy.

Perhaps 2018 will surprise me and be good for people everywhere.  I’m just not that naive.

My personal wish for 2018 is to have better grammar.  Miracles can happen…or not!

Happy New Year…I guess.

Christmas and 2016

It’s been a wild month and a half.  Preparing for Christmas became a blinding image of days of fun and days of remembrance.  We made our yearly trek to see the lights at Longwood Gardens.


It was as beautiful as always.  It really sets the tone for the Holiday season.  Which was needed with the warm temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s for Christmas.

We celebrated with the family on Christmas.  This year we had a nice quiet NYE.  No cooking or stress.  Just Chinese food and Ryan Seacrest with the countdown.

The best part of the Holiday is how it fell in the week.  It was like having mini vacations each week.  YEAH!!!

Wonder what 2016 has in store for me.  I sure hope it is all good!

Happy New Year Kiddies!

It’s been a very busy Holiday season.  Some joyous and some not so joyous but I got threw it all.  It’s now 2014 and it feels kind of weird to write 2014.

IMG_5996 (400x300)

I decided to go wild just before the Holiday and cut all my hair off.  It’s hair so I thought even if I didn’t like it who cares…it will grow back.  It’s not bad and takes two minutes to do in the morning.  So WIN!

IMG_6004 (300x400)

I really want to put myself into enjoying every ounce of life this year.  No regrets and releasing my grasp on control.  Funny thing about Control is it doesn’t really exists.  It’s just an illusion but it feels real.  Mark me down for a fun year!
IMG_6168 (400x300)
We had our first snow of 2014.  Approximately 8″ fell on our burg.  It was the light fluffy snow so shoveling wasn’t too bad.  It sure did look pretty before I left for work.

IMG_6173 (400x300)

My Willow didn’t want to come inside last night after the snow started.  She has always been a snow baby.  She loves to lay and play in it.  Even at 13 years old she’s still in love with snow 😉

IMG_6157 (300x400)

She was a little sad because I made her go inside.  The temps were falling quickly and I told her the snow would be there in the morning, lol.

Here is to a great 2014 for everyone.  This year hold your loved ones closer and go call, text or email that person that you’ve grown apart from and bring them back into your life.  You will be happy you did.


UPDATE: Stuff Happened…I was on Vacation – Trilogy Ended

The nice thing about Holidays is getting to eat a lot of stuff.  We went out a lot and ate at other people’s houses and it was awesome!

IMG_5403 (400x300)
This was a tasty Beef Stew from Iron Hill.  It felt a bit more like chilli to me but what do I know of food classifications.  If it’s tasty I will eat it!

IMG_6540 (400x300)
Bean got these tasty Crab Cakes from Dawson’s on NYE.  She liked them.  I’m not a seafood eater so I’ll take her word for it.

IMG_6539 (400x300)
I got the all you can eat ribs.  This was only $4 dollars more than the regular full rack but alas I didn’t eat more than this rack.  I was battling my meds and lets just say it didn’t taste as good coming out as going in.  They were so tender and delicious I was so made at the waste 😦

IMG_5400 (400x300)
I’ve talked about the Cheesesteak Rolls at Iron Hill before but they are the bomb!  Very flavorful and yummy.  Over the holiday we had ham at my Brother-in-laws house.  My MIL made this glaze for the ham that was so freaking awesome I wanted to lick the bowl, that’s how delicious!  I consumed many other treats from cookies to dips to meatball sandwiches with the tastiest marinara I’ve had in a long time to Turkey with all of the trimmings.  It was an eating-fest of mythic proportions!  After all of the food I’d consumed over the holidays I lost 3.5 lbs.  Thank you Methotrexate for making that moment possible, lol.

Now that 2013 has arrived we’ve pledged to eat home more.  Cooking healthier meals and enjoying our culinary expertise. Never fear though, we got a ton of gift cards to eat out and let me tell you…the pictures…they will be posted!

Happy New Year People of the Blogosphear!

UPDATE: Stuff Happened…I was on Vacation – Pt. 2

IMG_6669 (400x300)
New Year’s Eve 2012 was shaping up to be amazing.  Then my meds decided it was time for crappy-ness and I was left with an overwhelming desire to puke…so I did.  No drunken debauchery for me even though I was given the okay to do so as Bean said she would be the Designated Driver for the evening if I wanted to drink.

You know it’s a good time when someone is walking around in their underwear and no one notices.  People never cease to amaze me.

IMG_6680 (400x300)
The music was rocking at this little club not far from home.  Everyone had a good time.  George Clooney brought his new guy Ryan Gosling around for us to meet and we all loved him.  WW got her dance on and the evening ended around 2:30 am.  All in all a respectable display of “party like its 1999” was embraced.  2013 come in with cheers and kisses. But still missed you Dick Clark!

IMG_6687 (400x300)
2013 hasn’t been an easy road since saying “hey girl hey” on Tuesday.  I was sick for the next two-day, which happened to be the last two days of my vacation.  I wasn’t the only one.  Mickie thought her head was unbreakable so while wrestling with Willow she took a header into the corner of the wall.  She suffered a hematoma to her left ear that needed emergency surgery due to internal bleeding.  Now she’s a unicorn.

Although my 2013 hasn’t been stellar these 5 days in I am not discouraged.  There are 360 days to make magic happen.  So to 2013 I say bring it and I’ll make each day as good as I can.  My New Year’s resolution.  Realize how good things are and be grateful for all of them every second of the day!

Happy 2013 Everyone!!!

p.s.  There is a part 3…it’s all about the food baby!