Vacation – Part II – The People of the Beach

I love to people watch at the beach.  Sometimes it’s a good thing.  Like this brother helping his sisters have fun in the ocean.

IMG_1417 (400x300) IMG_1418 (400x300)

They were so cute to watch.  All three made the most of the ocean that day.  There are other times when you just can’t unsee what has been seen.  Like this woman’s unfortunate bathing suit choice.

IMG_1272 (400x300)


Other times it is just the Fudgey Wudgey Man who makes the happiness on a very, very hot day!

IMG_1261 (400x300)

There are times that try one’s patience too.  These two fools from New York were sitting next to us being all loud and annoying.  When they left for the day this is what they left behind.

IMG_1428 (400x300) IMG_1429 (400x300)

Seriously…what losers!!!  Not to worry my wife cleaned up the mess and put the cans & bottle into the recycle container that was located only 25 ft. from this disaster.

Sometimes I wonder why people go to the beach if this is what they are going to do the entire time…

IMG_1714 (400x300)

Over all there was a lot of folks just enjoying the times away from work or home and relaxing.

IMG_1267 (400x300) IMG_1269 (400x300) IMG_1412 (400x300) IMG_1703 (400x300)

Tomorrow I will share with you the Jersey version of Baywatch!

Vacation – Went To The Beach, Beach, Beach

Every year my Wife sings her song called “Going to the Beach, Beach, Beach” just before we go on vacation.  I love it!  This year she added Chip-n-Dale’s “We’re On Vacation” song which is a kicky little ditty!  Every year we have a tradition to put Bobby Rydell’s song Wildwood Days on the radio when we pull into Wildwood for Vacation.  This year we sang it loudly!!!

IMG_1294 (400x300)

My next couple of posts will be vacation posts.  This picture starts it all off with seeing the dolphins.  If you look closely you can see it just below the boat.  These guys were hard to capture on camera but I did get this one picture.

IMG_1387 (400x300)

The water was perfect and it was hot, hot, hot on the beach with a wonderfully refreshing breeze.  Leaving it each day was so difficult.  One day we stayed until almost 7 pm.  Even then I didn’t want to leave it!

IMG_1483 (300x400) IMG_1448 (400x300)

We had one hazy day but it made for some neat pictures.

IMG_1680 (400x300)

Tomorrow I will regale you with my pictures of The People of the Beach.

I Heart Matt Very Much

So recently (thanks to FB) I came across BuzzFeed’s Matt Bellassai.  He has a piece called “Whine About It” where he gets drunk at his desk once a week (I’m just assuming it’s once a week) and whines about something.


His insights are hysterical.  I love quotes.  Like the kind you can bring up in a conversation and Matt is way quotable.  Here is a sampling of things I had to write down because they were pure genius (or just funny).

1.  “This is supposed to be Pinot Grigio.  I don’t know why it is pink.”
2.  “Everybody has those interest you crumbled vanilla saltine!”
3.  “If I wanted to spend the whole night waiting I’d sit outside Zac Ephron’s house like a normal person.”
4.  “…hold up a nice burrito you caught by yourself”

Even the people who comment on his weekly videos are hysterical.

“Online dating is so dangerous.  My Mom did it once and got married.  Now she lives in the suburbs and eats kale.  KALE.” ~ Margaret.


He even used One Direction tape to be a two-fisted drinker.  Matt has deep insight into the world and has the gust to share these insights with all of us.  Listen up people!

Also, what a genius…he gets PAID to get drunk at his desk and ramble on about stuff.  We’ve all done this drunk and on more than one occasion not so drunk!  GENIUS!!!

So in short…I want to be Matt Bellassai when I grow up.  Okay he’s 25 and I’m almost 50 but the fact is I haven’t grown up yet so I could still aspire to be like this 25-year-old man.

Gleek…Better Late Than Never

I have found the best TV Show and it’s over.  I’ve wanted to watch Glee for years but it went against other shows I watched so I never got on the Gleek bus.  Enter…NETFLIX.  The greatest thing about Netflix is the fact one can watch an entire series from beginning to end.  YAY!


I love this show!  The drama of High School mixed with singing and dancing.  It’s like a cool version of FAME.  It reminded me of another show I loved.  Freaks and Geeks was a great show that only saw one season but what a great season.


It reminded me so much of my first two years of High School.  It was 1979-80 and I was a freshman.  It was a time to find where you belonged in a sea of other kids looking for their place as well.  It was the best part of high school.  It can be hard but we all survived even if we hated the experience.  Then I remember the moment that I realized it was all coming to an end.  I was standing on the back stairwell and I looked down the stairs behind me and it was then I had no idea what to expect from life.


I survived it all.  I survived what life had thrown at me (so far).  I can look back fondly and smile.  Reuniting with old class mates and sharing stories like it was yesterday.  Yeah, I like smiling.

Also, I realized both of these shows took place at McKinley High School, lol.

People Hate You For A Reason

So that “hunter” killed Cecil the Lion for his head and skin.  First…eww.  Second, you really aren’t a hunter when you have people guide you to the watering hole or lure an animal to you.  That’s more trapping than hunting and frankly all you do is kill so hunter no…killer yes, you are a killer.

We all know the loser’s name who killed Cecil and he’s getting his because of the justified outcry of anger he will probably lose his practice.  This will make it harder for this fool to kill again.

Unfortunately this isn’t the only idiot who kills for what is considered sport.  It’s not really a sport by the way.  The two idiot Trump brothers went on a similar hunt more than once and killed majestic animals because it was cool?  They were bored? It is more likely that it is only because they have more money than brains.

1920113_10152251934265169_1192418682_nSo rich folks with too much money and not enough brains why don’t you do something positive for these African Nations with your money.  You could start a school…raise crops…feed the poor and like not kill anything.

Also if you are bored…take up knitting at least you would produce something good for yourself and others. If you want to really impress people you could spin your own wool.  That actually takes skill…and time.

Stop being losers…the world had to many stupid people as it is!

That is all.

Facebook Ruins Lives…Probably

There are times when I hate Facebook.  Usually when I read hateful posts by people I thought I knew.  Really I only knew those people for a short time a long time ago but we are “friends”.

There are times when I love Facebook.  It is when I see pictures uploaded by family members who are scattered around the country.  They make me smile and happy.

Sometimes Facebook is funny and it is also loaded with dog and cat pictures and videos.  This in my book, well it’s an awesome thing.


What is weird on Facebook is when people document every thought they have in their head.  Every argument with a family remember is plastered on the Walls and every political feeling.


I do enjoy the memes and funny posts and of course those Minions are a riot and a half.


Sometimes Facebook is good.

Sometimes not so good but I still use it.

I’m probably just a weirdo.

I’m Suing You Because I’m Stupid!

So I read an article in today’s Trending thread that was about a police officer who was suing a coffee house because he spilled Hot Coffee on himself.

Why are these types of lawsuits still around, clogging up our judicial system?  Did this dude think he was actually ordering “ICE Coffee”?  No he ordered HOT coffee got in his car and spilled it on himself.

I seriously would never want any of my peers to know I was dumb and spilled my coffee.  He upped it one more by letting everyone know he is so stupid that he burned himself and wants someone to pay for his own STUPIDITY.

Our world is a sad place!

Zac Ephron Is Pretty To Look At

My Wife and I were having a discussion one day about what people were on the list.  You know the fictitious list we all have of “if I were single and they were interested” list.  It’s a list of celebrities that would never really have anything to do with us but we can all dream can’t we.  I mean look at Ross Geller, lol!

The conversation came around to Zac Ephron.  My Wife said, “he’s so pretty to look at”.  I thought about it for a second and agreed.


Then I Googled Mr. Ephron.  He is pretty to look at and he’s come a long way from High School Musical.


I then threw Chris Evans into the mix.  The Wife wasn’t swayed by Captain America.


She was all about Zac Ephron.  I totally get it and lets face it.  She’s right Zac Ephron is pretty to look at.


Even if he has a shirt on.


What a cutie!  I would like him to deliver my groceries every week :)

Living with a Chronic Disease

People ask me all the time what it’s like to have RA.  It is very hard to explain to people and for them to actually get it and understand.  On the outside I do not look sick.  The exception to this is when my hands are swollen.  This outward sign people can see.  What is happening inside?  Well that’s much different.  It hurts to breath because either I have Costochondritis or Pleurisy at any given time.  My hands hurt.  People do not understand this because they do not understand the difference between OA and RA.  I often wish they called the disease something different.

One moment I feel fine.  Then in ten more minutes it hurts to stand.  It hurts to walk.  I can’t turn my head because my neck and spine hurt and feel like they are on fire.  I can’t eat properly because my jaw hurts so much.

The pain is sometimes manageable.  Sometimes I just cry. If I could describe the pain I would say it feels like having broken a bone.  Like I’ve been crushed beneath something large and heavy. I can’t take the certain drugs that I know help me because they raise my sugar levels and could result in a coma or raise my blood pressure and that could cause a stroke.  I’m on 9 pills a day.  I take a total of 23 injections from various medications a week.  That is 23 times I have to stab myself with a needle in the course of just one week.  Not all are for the RA but from my body being debilitated with this disease it brings on other issues and other diseases.

It’s a giant black hole that I can’t climb out of and it’s annoying.

As bad as I feel physically I have only missed two days of work because of my RA in the last 11 years.  I feel like this an accomplishment.  It’s my badge of honor in the war on this disease.

So what does RA feel like? Well it feels like this…I would never in a million years wish this disease on anyone.  It is painful, debilitating and scary.  You don’t look sick until your body totally shuts down and you are hooked up to machines in the hospital.  THEN…you look sick and everyone is surprised how quickly you got sick.

Weird, right?