1776 Lives!!

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Sunday saw bright sunny skies and a balmy 60 degrees.  It was the perfect kind of day to take in the yearly Revolutionary War Battle Re-Enactment.


What I love about the Re-Enactments is the fact they stay in character and live that way all weekend.  It so much fun to speak with General Washington as he surveys his troops.

SAM_5133 (400x300)

It doesn’t hurt the mood when it’s autumn with the vibrant colors accenting the encampment.

SAM_5293 (400x300)

SAM_5232 (300x400)

They held weapon demonstrations before the skirmish.

SAM_5347 (400x300)

It turns out Ben Franklin is quite the shooter.  The lady in non-period garb is the safety inspector.

SAM_5425 (400x300)

In the center, guiding the American Militia is General George Washington.

SAM_5430 (400x300)

The British won the skirmish but not the war and the Americans lived to re-enact another battle!

SAM_5288 (400x300)

If you get a chance visit Hope Lodge.  It’s an historic treat!

Milkweed Pods in Autumn

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Today I got over to the Arboretum to see if the Milkweed Pods had opened yet.  I was thrilled to see they had!

SAM_4977 (400x300) SAM_4978 (300x400) SAM_4984 (400x283) SAM_4987 (400x300)

When I was a kid we used to make wishes.  I love these things.  It kind of gives me back a taste of my childhood.  I made my wish so now I just wait to see if it comes true.  I hope you get your wishes too!

More Autumnal Joy But With Rain

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Even though it is raining her (Left over Patricia) I went outside at lunch time to take some groovy pictures.

SAM_4976 (400x300)

I feel like the rain brings out brighter colors because it’s so gray out.

SAM_4964 (400x300)

SAM_4939 (400x300)

It always blows my mind when I go to different locations and the colors are so different.  Yesterday I went to a local park and the colors were bursting.  Today I headed 2 miles east of that and it is still very green.  The leaves are falling but I guess I felt the colors would be about the same level.

SAM_4950 (400x300)

It doesn’t matter what the color intensity I’m just glad I was able to enjoy it!

The Road Most Traveled Is Also Beautiful!

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Autumn seems to be zinging by and I had a fear I’d miss it.  Today I went out at lunchtime to catch some of the color.

SAM_4905 (400x300)

SAM_4916 (400x300)

So many colors.  It’s amazing to watch.  I could sit on the bench for hours!

SAM_4899 (400x300)

SAM_4917 (400x300)

The whole season races by and I’m always trying to catch a glimpse whenever I can.  It is hard to believe that this weekend is Halloween.

SAM_4925 (400x300)

Time really needs to slow down.  In the mean time I’m going to keep enjoying the show nature has laid out for us!


That Moment When You Start To Look Like Your Dog

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Yes that moment is now!

20151014_114017 (300x400)

I like so many other Dog Humans have no problem with this…you know…cause I’m a crazy dog person!

Paws for the Cause

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This past weekend we did the Paws for the Cause walk for Fox Chase Cancer Center.  It was cold and windy but it was also fun.

20151018_101947 (300x400)

Tara wore her Spock costume.  I really didn’t think she would keep the wig/ears on but she did the whole time.

20151018_110049 (300x400)

She also interacted well with all of the other dogs.

20151018_110013 (300x400)

I am so proud of my little Science Officer.  She was a really good sport!  I wonder what other costumes I have for Halloween!

A Road To De-Stressing

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Stress is a part of everyone’s life.  If someone tells you they don’t have stress they live in a cave with no access to the outside world because stress is everywhere!

Most of my stress is self induced.  I blame it on being a Virgo, but I’m sure it has more to do with the face I create my own stress part of the time.  I’ve tried very hard to lighten the stress in my life but somehow I can’t manage it…which stresses me out.

It starts with things like…what to have for dinner?  This should be an easy question but for me it makes me crazy.  I’m not sure what to have for dinner.  Um…food is a good answer but not specific enough.  How about we have macaroni salad?  That’s not a dinner food.  It’s a side food.  I could eat it for dinner though.  Well you get the picture.


So I’ve taken to Scrabble to easy my troubled brain.  It’s so relaxing and for 10 minutes I forget everything around me and just place my letters.  Ah…the joys!  You should give it a try!

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