Kazimierz Smoleń Remembered Always

Today Auschwitz was freed.

The atrocities that were revealed to have happened shortly after the liberation of thousands of Jews of Europe shocked the civilized world.  How could anyone do to another person what the German Hierarchy had done to the Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, Elderly, Sick and mentally/physically infirm people?  Singled out above all were the Jewish of Europe.


Kazimierz Smoleń survived the death camp and spent the rest of his life making sure that people didn’t forget what happened during World War II.

To survive was an amazing feat in itself but he lived to be 92 years old (we lost him in 2012).  A chance at a second lifetime.  I say a second lifetime because Kazimierz Smoleń didn’t know if he would live through the death camp.  He dedicated himself to sharing with the world.  Bringing out the harsh realities from the shadows and into the light with the hope of ending this type of darkness that live in men’s hearts.

Our world is plagued by people like Hitler, Goebbels and Mengele.  We have daesh who propose they are keeping the word of their God, they are NOT.  The warlords in Africa who wipe out entire villages of people like locusts in a wheat field.  These groups kill for made up reasons justified by themselves as the right thing.  Hitler and his henchmen had that same ideas.  Now in the Middle East we have shells of cities because of daesh.

Kazimierz Smoleń lived and died trying to change the world in a good and positive way.  Let us all believe what he believed.  That goodness does exists.  That the evil in this world perpetrated by selfish, ego driven, imbecilic morons will not last much longer.  That the people who are victims of these destructive idiots will find the salvation that Mr. Kazimierz Smoleń found that day when Auschwitz was freed.

Kazimierz Smoleń I will always remember you and your bravery in the face of evil!

Jonas…Not the Brothers

So Jonas came into our lives on Friday evening and left his white fluff all off the place.

When faced with these types of natural shut ins I of course stuffed my face and binge watched Netflix.  Unlike this poor bloke.


Snow or no snow these guys are always at their posts.  This friend is what dedication looks like!


I dug out some space for the dogs to roam around.  Neither dog was happy with the snow.  It was wet and cold and lets face it…my dogs are princesses.

We dug out on Sunday and headed back to work on Monday.  It was a lot like that time I didn’t win the Powerball.

Glenn Frey Died Today

It has been a bad several weeks for celebrities.  Too many passing these days.

Eagles alumnae Glenn Frey died today of complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  He was way too young at 67 years old.  People were shocked by the fact that RA could have caused his death.  He died of Pneumonia and ulcerative colitis which were complications of his Rheumatoid Arthritis and the treatment for the disease.


It is always shocking when someone dies so young.  RA is a complicated and destructive disease.  If the disease doesn’t get you the treatments might.  Many have succumbed to issues from the treatment that may range from lymphoma to organ failure.  An RA patient is vulnerable to colds, infections and bacteria because the method of treatment is to suppress the immune system so it doesn’t attack the body.  I read many comments regarding his treatment saying ‘if the medicines could have killed him why would he take them?’.  The answer is a sad one.  It’s the difference between not being able to walk.  The fact that your costal joints might be inflamed making it hard to breath or the mere fact of being in excruciating pain all of the time.

He didn’t look sick but he was very ill.  There are many illnesses out there where a person looks fine but that is what they want you to see.  Inside the world is ending one day at a time and all that person wants is to be pain-free.

Glenn’s music will live on forever bringing him to people’s minds.  Rest easy RA Warrior!

David Bowie Is Gone

This morning I heard that David Bowie died.  I immediately went to Labyrinth.  What a great movie and he was perfect as the Goblin King!  I imagine with most people he will be remembered for his songs.


I will never forget when I saw him sing Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby on the The Crosby Family Christmas Special.  It was a performance that stayed with me.  David’s passing made me think about when Elvis died.  Everyone asks the question…”Do you remember what you were doing or where your were when Elvis died?”  Same could be said of John Lennon’s passing.  Don McClean sang about the day the music died about Buddy Holly.

My answer isn’t profound in any of their deaths.  When I first heard of David Bowie’s death I was sitting at my desk at work.  It was a Monday.  It was cold.  A talented man was called home and those who love music were moved.

Christmas and 2016

It’s been a wild month and a half.  Preparing for Christmas became a blinding image of days of fun and days of remembrance.  We made our yearly trek to see the lights at Longwood Gardens.


It was as beautiful as always.  It really sets the tone for the Holiday season.  Which was needed with the warm temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s for Christmas.

We celebrated with the family on Christmas.  This year we had a nice quiet NYE.  No cooking or stress.  Just Chinese food and Ryan Seacrest with the countdown.

The best part of the Holiday is how it fell in the week.  It was like having mini vacations each week.  YEAH!!!

Wonder what 2016 has in store for me.  I sure hope it is all good!

1776 Lives!!

Sunday saw bright sunny skies and a balmy 60 degrees.  It was the perfect kind of day to take in the yearly Revolutionary War Battle Re-Enactment.


What I love about the Re-Enactments is the fact they stay in character and live that way all weekend.  It so much fun to speak with General Washington as he surveys his troops.

SAM_5133 (400x300)

It doesn’t hurt the mood when it’s autumn with the vibrant colors accenting the encampment.

SAM_5293 (400x300)

SAM_5232 (300x400)

They held weapon demonstrations before the skirmish.

SAM_5347 (400x300)

It turns out Ben Franklin is quite the shooter.  The lady in non-period garb is the safety inspector.

SAM_5425 (400x300)

In the center, guiding the American Militia is General George Washington.

SAM_5430 (400x300)

The British won the skirmish but not the war and the Americans lived to re-enact another battle!

SAM_5288 (400x300)

If you get a chance visit Hope Lodge.  It’s an historic treat!