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FOS Project: John & Molly’s

This weekend we were took time to visit Air Victory Museum.  It was fun.  it’s a small Museum in Lumberton, NJ.  Totally worth the visit.

After our visit I used Trip Advisor to find a good place to have lunch.  John and Molly’s was rate #1 for the area.



It didn’t disappoint.  The portions were huge.  The food was good and best of all they had French Onion Soup on the menu.

This FOS was super tasty.  I’m always excited when I see a place has prime rib on the menu because they tend to have the best FOS.  This soup was super awesome!  I was prepared to move it to the #1 FOS I’ve ever had.  I now think it’s tied for # with the Rio Station in Wildwood, NJ.

Check out John & Molly’s for some tasty foods!

FOSP: Yard House

It’s been a while since I’ve had French Onion Soup.  Which, in general, makes me sad.  This weekend we went to Yard House for the first time.  They had FOSP so of course I had to get it.
The portion was a little small but the presentation was nice.  It used good bread and was packed with flavor.  This one placed high on my FOSP meter.  Give it a try if you are there!

French Onion Soup Project – Volume #6

We went to a local place over the weekend for some tasty treats.  MaGerk’s is a pub like atmosphere with Draft beers but also offers a Seafood Steampot.  I highly recommend the Cheese Steak Nachos!

French Onion Soup was on the menu so of course I must take the challenge and get it.  It was very good.

IMG_5150 (300x400)

It wasn’t too salty and the cheese was perfect.  I’m not a fan of Sharp Provolone cheese on my FOS and was very happy this fair didn’t have any of that.  The cheese was perfectly melted and the bread in the broth was just the right amount.  There is nothing worse than breaking through the cheese to find one wet piece of bread and no broth.  Kudos Chef at MaGerk’s.  You’ve done a fine job!

On the FOSP meter I give it a solid 4+’s

Christmas and 2016

It’s been a wild month and a half.  Preparing for Christmas became a blinding image of days of fun and days of remembrance.  We made our yearly trek to see the lights at Longwood Gardens.


It was as beautiful as always.  It really sets the tone for the Holiday season.  Which was needed with the warm temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s for Christmas.

We celebrated with the family on Christmas.  This year we had a nice quiet NYE.  No cooking or stress.  Just Chinese food and Ryan Seacrest with the countdown.

The best part of the Holiday is how it fell in the week.  It was like having mini vacations each week.  YEAH!!!

Wonder what 2016 has in store for me.  I sure hope it is all good!

FOSP: PJ Whelihan’s

I recently went to dinner with my Sister at PJ Whelihan’s.  Since they had FOS on the menu I had to get it.


It was a very tasty fare.  They use more than one type of cheese and as long as the cheese isn’t bitter I’m good.  It was a tasty broth too.  I would totally get this again.

Not a FOS matter but they have delectable Pot Stickers too 😉

FOSP – I Forget Where I Ate It

I had FOS when we were out and I can’t remember where it was we were but I do remember the soup.

20140910_184815 (400x300)

I am wanting to say this is Chillis but I’m not sure.  It was definitely one of the Chain restaurants.

20140910_184838 (300x400)

It wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t as beefy as I like it but they used Provolone cheese not Swiss so that was a good thing.  It just makes me want to got to Wildwood for some Rio Station FOS.  Now that’s super yummy!

FOSP: Harry’s Taproom

We recently found this new place near where we live called Harry’s Taproom.  They specialize in Bacon and Bacon associated recipes.  Very, very tasty morsels indeed!  They have French Onion Soup on the menu so of course I ordered it.

20140404_200525 (400x300)

The broth was very good.  The same goes for the bread.  My only issue was the Sharp Provolone Cheese they used on top.  I’ve never been a fan of bitter cheeses and Sharp Provolone is such a cheese.  For me the cheese over powered the broth.

I know that everyone who loves sharp cheese would find this soup delightful.  That said…

20140404_201809 (400x300)

I, of course ate the entire soup.  Waste not, want not!

20140404_200455 (400x300)

The bacon sampler was awesome!  How can you not like bacon!  I heart it very much 🙂

20140404_200442 (400x300)

Bacon and cheddar dip is a favorite of our group.  So creamy and delicious!

20140404_204528 (400x300)

This is a bacon, cheddar steak sandwich.   Amazing flavors topped with bacon.  Genius I tell you…pure genius!

FOSP: The Lucky Dog Edition

We recently started going to a local restaurant.  I hadn’t been there since they opened like 100 years ago (okay maybe not that long).  I forgot how tasty their food is and it’s been nice to try some new things.

20140329_134423 (400x300)They have French Onion Soup on the menu so of course I had to try it!  It was good.  I think I would give it higher praise if it was coated with mozzarella or provolone cheese instead of swiss.  The broth wasn’t too salty (yay) and the bread was perfect.  I didn’t mind the swiss cheese that much but I’m like…well I’m a cheese snob.

This is funny because I’m lactose intolerant and eat so little of it that to be a cheese snob is sort of ludicrous, lol.  Hey I’m ludicrous 🙂

Over all I think I could move this FOS to about #3 on my over all list.  Still holding the #1 ranking is Rio Station, Wildwood, New Jersey.

Sunday Dinner

I watch too much Chopped so I was nervous about cooking my first meal for my In-Laws.  I think things went okay.

I made a Turkey with stuffing and potatoes.



I tried to make my Mom’s gravy but I need more practice there.


My MIL made her world-famous sweet potatoes…


and Bean made a tasty Carmel Cake.


Everyone was so nice and no one got sick so that’s a good sign.  I’m more of an eater than a cooker but I do like to cook.  It’s like science in the kitchen.  You never know what goes with what until you try it.  If it blows up the kitchen…try something else, lol.

Summer Lovin’ 2013 – Strasburg – The Food

We took a break from the Trains to grab a bite to eat at Issac’s.  Bean and I love sandwiches so this restaurant find was a perfect fit.


The restaurant part was created to look like a train’s dining car.  Very cleaver and cute to boot!


The view across the street from the strip mall that housed Issac’s and the Choo Choo Barn was in typical Lancaster tradition…it was the view of a farm 🙂


The most important part of our dining experience of course is the food.


I got this tasty sandwich called a Rainbow Parrot.  I axed the Lettuce, Tomato and Onion from the original sandwich that included Corn Beef, Cole Slaw and cheese.  This was a tasty, tasty treat!

I can’t wait for the next adventure.  I hope more tasty treats are on the horizon 😉