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Goodbye Adam West

This weekend Adam West passed on and with his passing he took the best part of television with him…The Caped Crusader!

It was West’s rendition of Batman that made me want to be Batman when I was a child.  Alas, I only got to be Batman on Halloween but it was a start to a life love of the 1966 version of Batman that I held all other incarnations too.

Who could forget Shark Repellent?

Or the Bat-tusi?

He was 100% West!  The best Batman ever has died 😦

Anna Marie Duke (Patty Duke) Died Today

When I was a kid I loved to watch The Patty Duke Show re-runs on TV.  The theme song was so much fun.  Patty and Cathy kept me entertained.

Today Patty Duke died.  She had a troubled life but fought her way back.  I read her Autobiography years ago and was shocked by all she went through.

RIP Anna Marie Duke.


Meet Cathy, who’s lived most everywhere,
From Zanzibar to Barclay Square.
But Patty’s only seen the sight.
A girl can see from Brooklyn Heights —
What a crazy pair!

But they’re cousins,
Identical cousins all the way.
One pair of matching bookends,
Different as night and day.

Where Cathy adores a minuet,
The Ballet Russes, and crepe suzette,
Our Patty loves to rock and roll,
A hot dog makes her lose control —
What a wild duet!

Still, they’re cousins,
Identical cousins and you’ll find,
They laugh alike, they walk alike,
At times they even talk alike —

You can lose your mind,
When cousins are two of a kind.

Food Shopping 101

I recently discover that most people don’t do things like I do things.  Example…food shopping.  I cut my coupons, got my cart and recycled bags and headed out with my list of what we needed for the week.  So far normal, right?

IMG_1705 (300x400)

I took Pepe King Prawn with me because I’ve always got some kind of action figure in my pocket.  My wife recently got Pepe for me because well he’s the most awesome Muppet (sorry Kermit) and she’s cool like that.

IMG_1706 (300x400)

These are just a few pictures I texted to my wife while doing the food shopping….

IMG_1707 (300x400)

Yes I’m a sick bastard!

IMG_1708 (300x400)

I like to have fun!

IMG_1709 (300x400)

Sean Penn…get it…Champagne, lol.  Oh Pepe, you slay me!

The shopping trip only took 2 hours and everyone was looking at me like I had a mental problem.  They were just jealous that I do not hide my freak flag.  I wave that baby back and forth with pride!

Glenn Frey Died Today

It has been a bad several weeks for celebrities.  Too many passing these days.

Eagles alumnae Glenn Frey died today of complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  He was way too young at 67 years old.  People were shocked by the fact that RA could have caused his death.  He died of Pneumonia and ulcerative colitis which were complications of his Rheumatoid Arthritis and the treatment for the disease.


It is always shocking when someone dies so young.  RA is a complicated and destructive disease.  If the disease doesn’t get you the treatments might.  Many have succumbed to issues from the treatment that may range from lymphoma to organ failure.  An RA patient is vulnerable to colds, infections and bacteria because the method of treatment is to suppress the immune system so it doesn’t attack the body.  I read many comments regarding his treatment saying ‘if the medicines could have killed him why would he take them?’.  The answer is a sad one.  It’s the difference between not being able to walk.  The fact that your costal joints might be inflamed making it hard to breath or the mere fact of being in excruciating pain all of the time.

He didn’t look sick but he was very ill.  There are many illnesses out there where a person looks fine but that is what they want you to see.  Inside the world is ending one day at a time and all that person wants is to be pain-free.

Glenn’s music will live on forever bringing him to people’s minds.  Rest easy RA Warrior!

David Bowie Is Gone

This morning I heard that David Bowie died.  I immediately went to Labyrinth.  What a great movie and he was perfect as the Goblin King!  I imagine with most people he will be remembered for his songs.


I will never forget when I saw him sing Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby on the The Crosby Family Christmas Special.  It was a performance that stayed with me.  David’s passing made me think about when Elvis died.  Everyone asks the question…”Do you remember what you were doing or where your were when Elvis died?”  Same could be said of John Lennon’s passing.  Don McClean sang about the day the music died about Buddy Holly.

My answer isn’t profound in any of their deaths.  When I first heard of David Bowie’s death I was sitting at my desk at work.  It was a Monday.  It was cold.  A talented man was called home and those who love music were moved.

The World Is A Mess Garp

This morning I’m reading the news and I realized this world is getting worse by the minute.  Let me narrow down my angst.  Donald Trump!


Is this really the best the GOP can come up with to run our country.  I get that people like that he speaks his mind.  That’s great.  He can because he’s a billionaire.   So if he goes to Washington and acts/speaks the same way as does now what does he think is going to happen.  Look who is in Congress…millionaires.  They do not care if he wants something.  He degrades women, anyone not white and thinks his Military School attendance is the same as being in the Military.

All I’ve got to say is oh my goodness.  I might really have to vote for Smokey The Bear because at least he’s good in a crisis, lol.

Kentucky…Grow Up Already! – UPDATED

UPDATE:  Kim Davis is in jail on contempt charges and her clerks are issuing the marriage licenses.

So we all know about Kim Davis and her desire to continue her 15 mins. of fame.  It’s getting really old.  I pity her really.  She think that she has the moral high ground.  That her religious conviction will save her in the end.  Sadly this isn’t really true.

She’s been married 4 times.  Apparently she’s okay with God though because she was “saved” with the fourth try.  How convenient for you to be judged by God on only a portion of your life.  Religion is funny like that.

Here is the reality of Miss Kim’s situation.  If she continues to refuse to do her elected duties (this is why she can’t be fired) then she will face contempt charges.  Someone else will do her work while she sits in jail until she decides to do her elected job.  Then she will have to answer yes to the question on any future job applications…have you ever been arrested or jailed.  Who knows maybe the fine folks of her county will want to be on the wrong side of the law and re-elect her in the future?

Either way Liberty Council will move on to another poor schlub who’s life will be ultimately wrecked because they think they are right and everyone else is wrong.  Kim Davis will be just a footnote in history.  Under her picture will be Anti-Gay Clerk.  She will be the Darth Vader of Kentucky in 10 years.  Good for you Kim Davis.

Gays can marry.  Black and Whites can marry.  Blacks have the right to vote.  And it’s time for people like Kim Davis to realize that Jesus was a Jew and you probably won’t be saved in the end because you are a judgmental hypocrite.  Good luck though.

UPDATE:  The world didn’t end nor did any straight marriages implode because gays could marry legally.  Funny thing that nothing bad happened.

Weird Fact About # 37 – I Have A Weird Obsession With Toys

So I’ve got this obsession with toys.  Not all toys mind you but I do have an array of “Action Figures”.  Some really are action figures like Batman, Aqua Man and other super heroes.  Some are figures I’ve collected throughout the years.

IMG_1349 (400x300)

This really got started in 2004 when I bought Bjorn Maelstrom a Norwegian Troll at Epcot in Disney World.  Since then I’ve added Ingrid, Boone, Arvid and Nils to the Norwegian Family.


As you can see by this earlier picture of Bjorn he’s had some wear over the years.  He’s traveled to 16 states so far and is preparing for a trip to Ohio in the next couple of weeks to bring that number to 17.  It started off as my “Flat Stanley” type project.


In 2009 on a another trip to Disney World. Bjorn suffered an unfortunate accident where his arm fell off.  To fill in for the rest of the trip I got Mick2009.  He is better suited to the lifestyle of a traveler being soft vinyl.  So he filled in for a while.  This is how the cast of characters grew.

2011-Chris-Ft Washington Park5

Christmas Snow was a gift from my wife.  Chris saw a lot of travel time but she also suffered from injuries during the treks.  Her ear broke and her legs got wobbly.  But look at that face…she is awesome!

IMG_1143 (400x300)

Bantley is a newbie to our cast of characters.  He arrived with a broken foot that just doesn’t want to stay unbroken.  He’s a little guy but very hardy!

SAM_3894 (400x300)

Homie the Gnomie that actually an elf and is a favorite of mine.  Since arriving in 2013 he’s been around town a lot.

There are so many other figures that I have used and even more that haven’t made it on the site but it’s been really fun doing my “Not So Flat Bjorn” project.

If you would like to see what the Explorers are up to you can go to Bjorn Maelstrom: Norwegian Explorer’s blog.

Zac Ephron Is Pretty To Look At

My Wife and I were having a discussion one day about what people were on the list.  You know the fictitious list we all have of “if I were single and they were interested” list.  It’s a list of celebrities that would never really have anything to do with us but we can all dream can’t we.  I mean look at Ross Geller, lol!

The conversation came around to Zac Ephron.  My Wife said, “he’s so pretty to look at”.  I thought about it for a second and agreed.


Then I Googled Mr. Ephron.  He is pretty to look at and he’s come a long way from High School Musical.


I then threw Chris Evans into the mix.  The Wife wasn’t swayed by Captain America.


She was all about Zac Ephron.  I totally get it and lets face it.  She’s right Zac Ephron is pretty to look at.


Even if he has a shirt on.


What a cutie!  I would like him to deliver my groceries every week 🙂

Sarah McLachlan and I Sing The Sad Songs

Things have been crazy for me the last few weeks.  Last Thursday Me and the Mrs. saw Sarah McLachlan in concert.  She was amazing!


I love going to see concerts where the acts sound just like the albums they produce.  She is one of these singers.  She uses instruments and not a lot of techno-goop.  That stuff works for acts like The Pet Shop Boys but not for people like Sarah McLachlan.


A couple of weeks ago we saw The Backstreet Boys in concert and they also put on an amazing show.  Love their new songs and glad to see them around all these years later still performing.


The sound great too.

Well I sang along with Sarah like I do in the morning while driving to work.  I think she was okay with me being her back up singer.  But look out Sarah because I may just cut my own album one day!