Waiting on the New Year

It’s almost 2018.  I can’t believe it.

I remember being a child and talking with my friends.  I said,  ‘When it’s 1983 I will be graduating High School.’  That was 34 years ago.  I remember thinking 1983 was so far into the future.  Heck, in High School we were reading George Orwell’s 1984 and that was only a year away.  I watch The Goldbergs now and I wonder how the time drifted away from me.  I also wonder when did it get a hyper drive? I’m also shocked how many of the outfits they wear on that show that I once owned!

My Mom used to say to me…”Don’t wish your life away.  It goes by fast enough.”  I thought she didn’t know what she was talking about.  The woman was completely wise…like Obie-Wan Kenobi, but a woman and instead of the force she used common sense.  I appears that common sense doesn’t really exist anymore.

The older I get the more faith I lose in humanity.  I look around at my fellow travelers to the grave and ask myself…’Wow, the world has hit rock bottom”.  I know I should keep the faith but really it’s difficult.  My fellow citizens elected a washed up reality TV Star who’s ego far out reaches his intelligence.  The fate of America is now in the hands of a man who told us how much he would work for us but has had 111 days off so far and he hasn’t been on the job a year yet.  Okay…I do realize a lot of those days were weekends but I didn’t realize that being President was so easy.  Cool…I know have a career goal.

I’ve found White People are kind of freakishly frightened.  I’m white but I’m not afraid of non-white people.  My Parents didn’t raise me that way.  I’m okay with Happy Holidays and I’m a Christian.  I’ve been called a liberal by angry friends.  I’m not.  I believe in fiscal responsibility.  I haven’t seen this from Republicans in a really, really long time.

Good stuff did happen to me this year.  I am very thankful for each and every moment that has enriched my life.  In 2018, my only wish is that those who use fear to promote war fall into a black hole.  It’s time to face the monster we’ve created by our apathy.

Perhaps 2018 will surprise me and be good for people everywhere.  I’m just not that naive.

My personal wish for 2018 is to have better grammar.  Miracles can happen…or not!

Happy New Year…I guess.


Gleek…Better Late Than Never

I have found the best TV Show and it’s over.  I’ve wanted to watch Glee for years but it went against other shows I watched so I never got on the Gleek bus.  Enter…NETFLIX.  The greatest thing about Netflix is the fact one can watch an entire series from beginning to end.  YAY!


I love this show!  The drama of High School mixed with singing and dancing.  It’s like a cool version of FAME.  It reminded me of another show I loved.  Freaks and Geeks was a great show that only saw one season but what a great season.


It reminded me so much of my first two years of High School.  It was 1979-80 and I was a freshman.  It was a time to find where you belonged in a sea of other kids looking for their place as well.  It was the best part of high school.  It can be hard but we all survived even if we hated the experience.  Then I remember the moment that I realized it was all coming to an end.  I was standing on the back stairwell and I looked down the stairs behind me and it was then I had no idea what to expect from life.


I survived it all.  I survived what life had thrown at me (so far).  I can look back fondly and smile.  Reuniting with old class mates and sharing stories like it was yesterday.  Yeah, I like smiling.

Also, I realized both of these shows took place at McKinley High School, lol.

Obituary for Willow

On August 7, 2014 I had to say goodbye to my best friend of the last 13-1/2 years.  It’s never easy parting ways but when the other dies it is 10,000x worse than any other goodbye.


Willow wasn’t just my dog.  I was her human.  On the first day of our meeting I went to the breeder to pick up the gift of a dog.  I had an awful 1999/2000 with sickness and surgeries and my friends knew before all this I was looking to get a puppy.  I had even selected the breed…Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Fortune was on my side when my friend knew someone who had bred their Corgi’s and our companionship was forged.


Willow and her siblings were born on December 5, 2000.  In February, Willow and her sibs were old enough to be adopted.  I went to the breeder’s home and there they all were.  So many fuzzie bunnies.  It was Willow who picked me.  She came over as I played with other puppies and laid her head on my shoe while I was sitting on the floor and fell asleep.   I knew right there she was the one.


Willow Carrots came home and filled our lives with love and fuzziness!  Boy do Corgis shed like the dickens.  She was there for all the good times and there for the blackest moments of my life.  I’m not so sure she was on board when we added a sister to the mix two years later.  Mickie is a Boston Terrier.  The word Terror is in her name…enough said.


The two became inseparable.  Best of pals because Willow was so laid back to contrast Mickie’s almost manic personality.  Now Mickie seems lost without her bestest pal.  As do we all.



Her favorite season was winter.  She was quite the Snow Bunny.  She loved snacks and her favorite human food was munchkin donuts.  She liked to sleep on her back and gave you the stink eye if you woke her from her slumber.


Willow was very sick in the end but she managed to make us smile in the morning or when she’d get a boost of energy and start, what she would call, running.


She was loved by all that met her and she was especially loved by her family.

Goodbyes are painful…especially when they are permanent.

Goodbye my beautiful friend…until we see each other on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Happy New Year Kiddies!

It’s been a very busy Holiday season.  Some joyous and some not so joyous but I got threw it all.  It’s now 2014 and it feels kind of weird to write 2014.

IMG_5996 (400x300)

I decided to go wild just before the Holiday and cut all my hair off.  It’s hair so I thought even if I didn’t like it who cares…it will grow back.  It’s not bad and takes two minutes to do in the morning.  So WIN!

IMG_6004 (300x400)

I really want to put myself into enjoying every ounce of life this year.  No regrets and releasing my grasp on control.  Funny thing about Control is it doesn’t really exists.  It’s just an illusion but it feels real.  Mark me down for a fun year!
IMG_6168 (400x300)
We had our first snow of 2014.  Approximately 8″ fell on our burg.  It was the light fluffy snow so shoveling wasn’t too bad.  It sure did look pretty before I left for work.

IMG_6173 (400x300)

My Willow didn’t want to come inside last night after the snow started.  She has always been a snow baby.  She loves to lay and play in it.  Even at 13 years old she’s still in love with snow 😉

IMG_6157 (300x400)

She was a little sad because I made her go inside.  The temps were falling quickly and I told her the snow would be there in the morning, lol.

Here is to a great 2014 for everyone.  This year hold your loved ones closer and go call, text or email that person that you’ve grown apart from and bring them back into your life.  You will be happy you did.


Cheesecake Factory of Mordor

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch over the weekend.  I hadn’t been there since it first opened so this was different for me.  But when did the Eye of Sauron instill itself at the Cheesecake Factory?

The Eye of Sauron?

The Eye of Sauron?

The food was good but I’ve found that my tastes are changing once again.  I used to eat spicy food all the time but now it almost kills me.  I mean that figuratively not literally.  So getting the enchiladas was probably a bad idea.  They were  tasty but spicy.

IMG_7749 (400x300)

IMG_7750 (400x300)

IMG_7752 (400x300)

IMG_7757 (300x400)

Seriously who would ever get low fat cheesecake?  What is the point?

IMG_7762 (400x300)

I got the Dulce de Leche cheesecake.  I’m not much for sweets but this was surprising light and fluffy for cheesecake.  The Eye of Sauron Cheesecake Factory has many magics in its kitchen apparently.  We had a great time chatting and eating.  It was a good day all around.

1983…2013 We Are Still AWESOME 30 Years Later

This weekend I went to my 30th High School Reunion.  The people who worked the Reunion Committee nailed it!  It was an amazing time.

Having gone to a Farm School it makes sense there would be a cow theme!

Having gone to a Farm School it makes sense there would be a cow theme!

In High School,  this was our classroom.

In High School, this was our classroom.

My High School boyfriend.

My High School boyfriend.

Yes that is a cat on my head.  And yes Burke is PRETENDING to be surprised, lol.

Yes that is a cat on my head. And yes Burke is PRETENDING to be surprised, lol.

Cow Photo Bomb!

Cow Photo Bomb!

This is the craziest most awesome bunch of folks ever. I'm just honored I got to spend some of the best days of my life with these people!

This is the craziest most awesome bunch of folks ever. I’m just honored I got to spend some of the best days of my life with these people!

Good times…great people!

Baltimore Inner Harbor – The Food

IMG_7233 (400x300)

This weekend we went to the Inner Harbor Baltimore with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling.  We did lots so the next couple of posts are about the trip.  This one is about the food.

On Saturday we went to Bubba Gump’s for lunch.  We ate outside because it was a lovely day and the water looked so nice.

IMG_7238 (400x300)
It was okay.  I’m not a seafood eater but even my friends food looked only okay.

IMG_7250 (400x300)
Bean got the Crab Cake sandwich.  She liked it.

IMG_7251 (300x400) IMG_7252 (400x300)

The other seafood eaters got shrimp.  Like I said it looked tasty and they had no complaints about it but I thought for the cost and the wait for the food it would be awesome..it was okay.  I got a salad so what do I know, lol.

20130413_193614 (400x300)
When it was time for dinner we decided to do a local restaurant and skip the “chains”.  We decided on Canton’s Dockside Crab House.

20130413_211633 (400x300)

The food was really good.  We started out with Apps for both the Seafood lovers and…well me, lol.

20130413_194024 (300x400)
Crab dip served in a bread bowl baked that morning.  It was a huge hit!
20130413_201053 (300x400)

20130413_201058 (300x400)
I ordered the Hush Puppies and Fritters.  I haven’t had Hush Puppies since my time in North Carolina.  Yummy fried goodness!

20130413_203321 (300x400) 20130413_203316 (300x400)
Bean got the shrimp stuffed with Crab…

20130413_203121 (300x400)
and I got the Ribs with smothered baked potato and pasta salad.  It was so yummy!   I did make one mistake in my ordering.  If I had known the portion size was going to be HUGE I would have gotten the 1/2 rack of ribs!  I can totally recommend this place for all the seafood lovers and non-seafood eaters alike.

You should all go to the Inner Harbor…like this coming weekend!  Tell them I sent you 🙂