2021…A Lite Version of 2020?

So I had great hopes for 2021.  Sure I knew it wouldn’t fix 2020’s horrible traits, but I thought there was hope.  I finished out 2020 with not one, but two Covid scares.  So that was not fun at all.  Good news all of us were negative as we had minimal exposure to said Covid sources.  So yay us!

Then I had to miss my medical infusion for my RA because I was waiting for that test to confirm the negative.  That set my treatment back to the point of no return.  Of course, I injured my knee getting into bed around this time (yes, that happened).  It sent my RA into full attack mode leaving me unable to walk properly or sometimes at all.  That is how I ushered in 2021, a cripple.  I now have about 68% walking success so that’s something, I guess.

Then things just went off the rails when the Good Ole USA suffered an insurrection by the dumbest band of crazies in the world.  But I knew this would happen in some way back when I guy I knew all my life told me on Facebook I was racist against White People (I’m a White People) and a traitor to my own kind.  I was all set to respond to this crazy but realized after 3-1/2 years of Trumpkins it was wasted time.  What I wanted to say to him then was…’you still live in your Mom’s basement.  Seriously dude, you’re 54 years old!’

So then the Insurrection happened and now the crazies are all “we just got caught up in the fervor”.  Um, no, you did those things of your own volitional.  Seriously, some of you dressed for the occasion.  In that aftermath moment we got a glimpse of the “participation” trophy crowd.  What you did was real and it comes with consequences.  Can’t wait to see your trial broadcast and watch your face when they Prosecutor rolls out your top 25 Anti-Government tweets then follow that with the videos from you violating the Capitol building.  Now you weep, and are sort of contrite because you now realize your pensions, jobs, families and freedom from prison are all slipping away from you.  You are contrite because you are afraid.  Yet you wait for the grand leader to deliver you with blanket pardons.  Well, we will all find out whether he saves you or throws you under the MAGA Bus.

What I’m really pissed about is I was a Republican for 37 years.  Now…I’m a officially a Democrat.  It’s just a weird year and we are only 18 days in.

Today is MLK, Jr. Day.   Today I tell my son about a man who used peace to overcome hate and violence.   Being White shouldn’t be a privilege.  Only in the next few years will we see the tide turn where minorities will be in charge and have the power.   Then we will see the contrasting difference in how the people of the USA react differently.   Whites think there will be retribution.  Minorities know there won’t be because that would go against everything they fought for so determinedly.   Look at Georgia, the fix was in to stop minorities from voting…again.  In Georgia, minorities stood up, waited in long lines in a pandemic and voted in record numbers.  They saw the game was fixed and found the loopholes. 

This is really what is driving the Trump MAGA people.  In 2016, the found a way around the popular vote by going after the Electoral Vote.  In 2020, the Democrats did the same thing.  They didn’t steal the election.  The used the Republican/Trumplican playbook and changed the game forever!  The won it fair and square!

2021, will see us with vaccinations, adjustments, rebuilding lives and so many other things happening post Hate/MAGA/Pandemic world.  I’m just holding on for all that to happen!

Happy New Year!

Oh 2020…

2020 has been an awful year on most accounts. 

There are of course notable exceptions, like the birth of my son.  In all,  it has been an insane struggle.  The juggling of unemployment and bills and, oh yeah, a plague.  It’s been too much sometimes to deal with but there are no other choices but to plow through the muck and mire to get out of the bog.

I’m one of the lucky ones.  We have a roof over our heads, food on the table and we are all healthy (minus my RA).   We had our Covid scare and all tested negative. 

But like others in our category it’s been difficult not being able to take our baby anywhere.  Not seeing our friends in person and just having to isolate as much as possible.  Like so many others I wait anxiously for 2021 to right the wrongs of a lost year.   

We will start 2021 with a new President.  A man of great empathy and compassion.  He will fill his cabinet with strong and intelligent people.  He will be known for his number of women appointed to cabinet positions.   What will be different is the SWAMP of lobbyists will be gone from the White House.  Although, most of them got the boot by Trump a while ago.   America can begin to heal.  The worst impulses of the Trump followers will be squelched again.  They won’t go away but it won’t be as easy a task to spout out White Supremacy and conspiracy ideology.  The Reality TV Show Host Experiment is over on 1/20, even if he won’t acknowledge it.

2021, holds a flute of good feelings for me.  A hope I haven’t had in a very long time.  Do I really believe that Covid19 will just go away in a day after Biden is sworn in?  No, I don’t believe that.  What I do believe is we will have guidance from our Leadership we haven’t had in 4 years.  I believe in science.  I believe that the Vaccines now being administered are a big first step.  I hope there will be a national mask mandate if things don’t improve sooner than later.

It’s time for America/Americans to step up and be responsible people.  I think back to my Granny who lost a child in the 1918 Flu Pandemic.  She had far less to work with to survive.  She survived.  She survived the death of her daughter.  She survived having influenza herself.  She survived for 86 years.   I think we all can survive 2020. 

Respect each other.  Don’t hate people you don’t even know.  Remember that we are all in the same boat.  Wear your masks and survive!

Then The Rains Came…

We had Tropical Storm Isaias dump 5″ of rain in a 2 hour period.  That wasn’t fun.  It spawned tornadoes and high winds around our area.  That wasn’t fun either.  So today when it was just raining.  I accepted it much better than the massive flooding from Tuesday’s TS.

So far the summer has been very hot so I’ve taken to BBQ’ing to keep the heat outside.

I made bacon on the grill for the bacon cheeseburgers, lol.   Covid-19 has made home life more homie.  We are still in basic lockdown at our house.  Work then home and food and supplies shopping and that is about it.

Can’t wait for Covid-19 to take a hike.

The New Normal

I recently noticed the subtle changes around my home because of the New Normal.

When I come home this is where I put my keys and Masks I use during the week.  I have other masks for around the house.

I went outside to try and see the Blue Angels safely.  Alas, I wasn’t in the flight path so sadness.  Gloves and masks rule the day.  Someone please explain this to VP Mike Pence who hates Americans and only cares that he can get a Covid19 test when ever he wants.  American citizen do not have such luxuries.  Insert eye roll here!



Interesting Flashback and the New Normal

So I was reading over my blog post from 1/2/20 about the Roaring 20’s.  What struck me first reading it was “Did Karma just say Hold my Beer?”.  Yet, here we are.

The President yesterday suggested a possible treatment for Covid-19 might be to inject disinfectants under the skin or standing in hot sunlight.

The MAGA protestors who want “control over their own bodies” (The Irony is lost on them) think that the Scientist are liars and believe only what Trump and Fox News feeds them.  In short they think this is all a hoax.  As of today, more than 50,000 dead Americans would disagree with the uneducated sheep.

This is how I shop now.  Gloved, Masked and 20 at a time.  Then I get to disinfect my groceries when I get home.  This is all right before I get into the shower and have a good “Silkwood” scrub down.

I believe in science and common sense.  I hope you too!

Sheltering-in-Place Activities

I thought I would have so much more time to read during Shelter-in-Place.  It turns out not so much.  All those projects I was ignoring (like the crap piled on the Dining room table) apparently were taunting me to finished them.  So I’ve been doing those things.

Really, I would prefer to read instead!

I was also doing photo shoots with my action figures, HA HA HA!

Area 51: Save The Aliens

Apparently 1 million people are planning on storming the AREA 51 base in New Mexico.  I can only assume it’s to free the aliens.  I saw Independence Day so I totally understand.

I’m a big fan of Aliens but I wonder why in all of the Galaxies they would waste their time on coming to the US.  Humans are really stupid.   Why not seek out a race of beings that don’t start every stupid thing they do with…hold my beer.

I’ve always wanted an alien.  So last vacation I found this alien in Cape May.  Richie the V is fun.  Not like those Independence Day aliens.  Oh and he’s not real, he’s a toy.  I’m an over grown child so, you know, I like toys.

If I were an Alien I would skip this planet and head to one where the inhabitants weren’t so stupid, js.

In the mean time…let’s save the Aliens of AREA: 51!

Everything Is Blurry

It’s okay that I’ve been suffering with extreme eye strain, right?  I’m not alarmed because I’ve got an eye doctor’s appointment at the end of the month.  It’s been a cross between using the computer and reading small print.  It’s rather annoying.

I’ve taken on reading “IT” by Stephen King this summer.  I hate clowns more than I hate mosquitoes so that should say something about me.  It’s been a really good read but the print is small.  The book’s size is also overwhelming, 1098 pages.  Add it that I’ve been having nightmares from it makes this challenging on another level.  I can’t read it before bed.  Yup, it’s freaking me out that much.

My bedtime reading is Eileen Fulton’s “As My World Still Turns”.  I miss the old guard soaps that used to grace the airwaves.  There are only 4 left on the television anymore and that saddens me 😦

I miss Erica and Jackson from All My Children and Lucinda and Kim and Bob from As The World Turns and of course I miss Reva from Guiding Light.  So I picked this non-scary book to get me through my night time reading.

It’s been filled with anecdotes of Ms. Fulton’s rise to fame on As The World Turns as Lisa, the one time bad girl who became a friend to all.  No nightmares from this story.

IT is really good and I don’t like putting it down.  Not just because my paperback version has Tim Curry as Pennywise on the cover but because it’s a good read.  I also think knowing very little about the story has been good as well.

Everyone knows about Georgie and is floating boat but that’s pretty much the only party of the story I knew about.  I will never see the movies.  I do not like scary movies.  Even though I’ve seen some of them in my day I’m not particularly fond of them.

I looked at the pile of books at my bedside and beside my spot on the sofa and I’m overwhelmed by how many books I need to catch up on.  The pressure sometimes parallelizes me but I’m motoring on with high hopes!

My reading isn’t helping the eye strain blurriness at all.  Again, I motor on.

The summer has been so humid.  You would think I would be read more just to stay inside in the air conditioning, lol.  Oh well, Back to the grind.  Wish me luck!