The Weirdness of NYE

I’m starting the New Year by taking an extra day off before heading back to work.  Yeah me!

I was looking at pictures from NYE and having flashbacks of fond memories we made.  We sang karaoke Wii and busta’ move to Just Dance 3 it was all a blast, good times, great people.

This year my resolution is more cowbell....less chins

The thing that was weird was poor Dick Clark with Ryan Seacrest.  I love to see the ball drop every year and this year it was set off by Ms. Gaga herself so that was pretty awesome but I was just so sad every time Dick would try to speak (because of the stroke I couldn’t understand what he was saying) they would let him go on about a minute and then pan to the exuberant Ryan chatting with the crowd in Times Square.  I know I shouldn’t be this way but it just made me think…this is me now…this is me when I’m old.  It was kind of a downer.

Despite these feelings I went on to have more fun before I fell asleep.  I got to kiss my beautiful wife at midnight and you know…that’s more exciting than what was going on in New York on the TV.

Happy New Year everyone and may it be blessed with much health and happiness!!!


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