Weekend Adventures – The American Treasure Tour

On Saturday, we took our Weekly Adventure to The American Treasure Tour in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

The building is approximately 100,000 sq.ft and houses one man’s collection of what every he likes!  I love that part.  ATT houses one of the country’s largest record collection.  It contains Player Pianos, Instruments of all kinds and even Miniature houses (doll houses).  That’s just all in one room.

The Main room aptly called “The Toy Box” houses his collection of cars, motorcycles,  and array of oddities.  Former Window Displays are housed in different locations.  There are enormous Snow White and her Dwarfs in one corner.  There is a Christmas Collection, Easter Collection and a smaller Halloween Collection.  A huge highlight for some is the giant building built of Popsicle sticks and the 3-story shoe.

What do Teddy Kennedy, Britney Speers and Donald Trump have in common…nothing.  These guys were part of a Mardi Gras float one year.

Looking for some Fast Food Icons…here you go.  There is also a giant Ronald McDonald in this section.

This is a Street Musician with Monkey music box.  It is both weird and wonderful.

The most awesome thing about all of this is the fact you get to view it all via a Tram Car Ride.  When the ride is over you can still see some of the collection on the walking portion of the warehouse.  The tram goes a nice slow pace so you can take in as much as you can.  It is also narrated by a wonderful tour guide.

It’s a must see if you are in the Oaks, PA area!


Weekend Adventures – In The Presence of Art

This year for Christmas my Wife gave me 52 weekend adventures.  Weekend One, we went to the Arboretum.  It’s my most favorite place to go.  I can just get lost and have adventures.  We went to see the last day of the Trains exhibit.  People who know me, know I’m goo-goo for trains.  This Christmas Season’s exhibit was amazing.  It gets better every year.

Week Two, we went to the Woodmere Art Museum.  It was too cold to do the outside exhibits.  So many amazing sculptures but we can see them in the spring.  Inside is a cornucopia of local artists.  The mediums range from performance pieces to landscapes in oil and pen & ink.

This sculpture’s facial expression left me chuckling.  Yes, it is a beautiful marble piece but the artist nailed the fine points of her being embarrassed she’s lost her clothes.  Maybe that’s just how I saw it.  The finer etchings of her toes and the tree stump behind her is amazing.

I’m a huge fan of landscapes.  It doesn’t matter if it’s paint or ink.  I’ve even seen amazing pieces done in metals.  The sculpture intrigued me because the proportions of the figure were real.  Women have curves, js.

This piece reminded me of Florence Foster Jenkins.

This is just a segment of a very large canvass.  It covered an entire wall.  It was mostly these two people in the entire piece that captivated me.  His face seems old to me and her face is intense like that of protection.

These two were from the painting that spoke most to me.  I’m obsessed with my dogs so of course I liked this one a lot, lol.  She looks sad and the dog stoic.  But when you look at the painting as a whole it appears to be different.

Art is amazing.  I love it because it is subjective.  What was the intent of the Artist may not be the read of the voyeur, amazing!  It was a great week Two!

Seeing Jesus

So everyday on my drive to work I see this man who would 100% pass as the White Man Jesus.  Sometimes his hair is down and loose.

Sometimes he pulls it back out of his face.  He always wears sandals.  Sometimes he’s reading a book.  I’m guessing that it’s the New Testament…you know because he’s White Man Jesus.  I think if there is a morning I don’t see him I will panic a little.  You know, WMJ has had enough of White Crazy People and leave.  That would make me sad.