Ah…Side Effects

RA and the meds I take to control the disease aren’t always in agreement with each other.  There are factors like fatigue, lack of sleep and food interactions that can make my day suck.  But like everything  else, there is a pill for that too.

This morning I vomited…a lot.  Sometimes when this happens I break blood vessels all over my body.  Predominately in my face though.  I also have psoriasis on my eyelids (and legs) so when the vessels break it looks like someone punched me in the face.   The psoriasis is a side effect of my meds too.  Oh Yeah!

Today’s pukefest wasn’t as bad as some but it left me feeling like ick.


Trumplicans Are Liars and Hate Women

So this week we had many States declare an all out war on Women’s Reproductive Rights by abolishing or limiting Abortion.  Alabama was particularly idiotic.

“Speaking on the Senate floor, Chambliss repeatedly referred to a “window” of time between conception and when a woman knows for certain that she’s pregnant. The state senator said he believed that time was between about seven and 10 days.  “She has to take a pregnancy test, she has to do something to know whether she’s pregnant or not,” he said.
“You can’t know that immediately, it takes some time for all those chromosomes and all that.”
It really does help if you understand how and where babies come from before you create legislation regarding their existence.  So in Alabama you can go to a doctor in the first 7-10 days to have an abortion for an embryo that may or may not exist.  How Schrödinger’s Cat of Mr. Chambliss.  Do you have a headache yet.  Well it gets better…
In Alabama’s new law embryos created in a fertility clinic are not included.  As explained by Mr. Chambliss…they aren’t in a woman’s body.  But it’s not a war on women’s right or control of their bodies via “The Handmaid’s Tale”.  Also not included is dispensation for cases of RAPE or INCEST.   I would be shocked by all of the above but Alabama is always in the bottom of the barrel for Education, Health Status, and oh just everything.  It’s a place where they constantly tell people “Donald Trump is President Get Over it!” but can’t seem to get over the fact that The Civil War is over…they lost and blacks and women have rights even if THEY don’t think so.

The Face of Apathy

So upon further reading I came across this little ditty from Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey, she acknowledge that the law is severe but feels that’s okay because it isn’t enforceable.  Hey Kay, did you get that little gem from Mr. Grassley of Iowa?  He said don’t worry about Obamacare/pre-existing conditions because it’s not going away.  All the while Mr. Grassley has been working ferociously behind the scenes to strip ACA clean to the bone with NO replacement to help terrified Americans.   And while Ms. Ivey really believes that no one will enforce her backward destruction of Women’s Rights it has been the mission of every White Male Politician stumping for Jesus to subjugate the women of our Country…one law at a time.  She is simply obtuse!
In Alabama, a rapist will get 5 to 15 years for destroying a woman and possible impregnating her.  The woman who chooses an abortion will get 99 years if  it is an in-State abortion and 10 years if she has it in another state and comes back.  Which means you now live in NAZI territory where neighbors inform on other neighbors.  Don’t think it could happen?  The Trump Administration is holding foreign nationals in sub-par for profit detention centers/prisons with NO due process.  That’s what my Father fought against in Europe in WWII.
The Trumplicans believe the biggest threat to America is educated women.  It’s time for a Woman President.  Joe Biden is just another creepy white guy with a great smile.  Trump is man-child who can’t read and sets America’s policy on Twitter while taking his morning dump.
And for all those people like Mike Pence who want us all to live by the Christian Values of the Evangelical Bible, that’s the same as Sharia law.  You are too stupid and controlled to know the difference.  Also, I’m not that kind of Christian and you aren’t either you lobster loving, polyester wearing, adulterous loving (Trump) morons!
End of diatribe.
Now go and do something good for the world.  Be the person who understands the difference between right and wrong and be kind to others like no one is watching.

The Last Post Box

In my small town (Suburbia) we have only one Post Box that I know of.  It sits at the top of my street.    I’m bemused by this development.  It’s not like having a post box that just sits there costs extra money.

This is an example of things that are fading away from the past.  I miss them, like so many other things from the past 😦


Being Chronically Ill Is Stupid

My RA is annoying.  Recently we went to dinner and I had to go out to the car to scream the pain away because while I was sitting at the table I was twitching like I was under electric shock therapy.  It was stupid and made me very sad and embarassed.  My RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) puts a strain on everything I do and everywhere I go.  Like I said…stupid!

I had to have an ultrasound done on my feet.  I’ve been putting this test on the back burner for about 2 months.  The expense was one reason but that was only because no matter the findings my treatment won’t change.  Spend lots of money and get results that really don’t matter.  Perhaps there will be something there in the results that makes me feel better.  I’m guessing not.

Having a Chronic Disease in America is very costly.  When people clamor on about the death of ACA (Obamacare) they are scared because without some form of health insurance a person/family can become bankrupt with one hospitalization.  That my friends is very scary.  What is scarier is that treatments become impossible to the point a person is just counting the days until they die because they can’t afford them  😦

If you think that is a dramatization you my friend are delusional.  Well only until you personally face a health crisis and then it become way to clear.  Not to mention pain management.  My pain level can go from 3 to 1500 out of 10 in a matter of minutes (thus going to the car to scream and cry).  It comes out of no where some times.  Well, just take something for the pain.  That’s tricky these days in the world of the greed that brought us the Opioid Crisis.  People in the Pharmaceutical Companies make billions off of people suffering.  They got people who didn’t even need pain meds hooked on drugs so they could experience  untold profits.  In the case of the Purdue Pharma and the Sackler Family it was laid bare.  The Sackler’s realized they could profit from both ends and opened Treatment Centers.   Karma needs to find those people!

Because of all these types of violations of trust people who require pain meds can’t have them.  The laws punish all pain med recipients as well as tying the hands of the doctors.  I rarely take these types of drugs because I drive and can’t take them.  I rely heavily on OTC pain medicines.  Sometimes it’s nothing more than a placebo effect.

Have you ever had your toes whacked over and over with a hammer?  That’s what my foot pain feels like.  This is my reality.

Put all of this together and all I can say is Chronic Illness is really, really stupid!

Have a nice day!  Be kind.

Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Imagine a world where you can’t drink the water or breathe the air?  You don’t really have to imagine it.  It’s that time.  Regardless if you believe in the concept of Climate Change or not the science is real.  The climate is changing.  If you don’t believe it still and you live in an area ravaged by floods, tornadoes, drought or hurricanes you are what the lay people refer to as an absolute MORON!

Incidents in the globe that came about millions of years ago that killed off the much life in the planet because of the cold are happening again.  Like in the past, certain species will evolve from the changes and others will die off.  What if humans are the ones that die off this time around.

In America today we are run by a President who believes in profits over common sense. He is for fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.  They’ve been proven to be toxic to our very lives but that’s okay.  Who needs clean water and air?  Oh, right, everyone needs clean resources!!!  In Saudi Arabia, they are investing in renewable resources like solar panels and wind turbines.  Even they understand the future while selling us the past.  Our President isn’t aware of reality so he invests in a dying brand.  Not unlike his own businesses that do not diversify he sees only the present and not the longevity of his brand.

Saving the Planet means saving ourselves.  Leaders like Trump do not understand this because they do not value any life other than their own.  It’s rather sad.  We can’t stop the inevitable but we can make adjustments to soften its blow.  This is a very unpopular concept to those who only want to reap the now profits.  Seriously,  you can have a trillion dollars in the bank but when you get pancreatic cancer from the water and air you might not be able to buy your life back.

I was kind of hoping that Ivanka could sit down with her Dad and husband and read them the story of The Lorax.  It is a beautiful story about the destruction of our planet in a what children can understand.  I say this because I’m fairly certain the President can’t read more than 144 characters a day.

So please Ivanka, help out America and read these important stories to your father.  Perhaps he will want to save the planet and not want people to die of cancer.

In The News This Morning…

I laughed at today’s Headline…”Oil Surges On Trump Administration’s New Iran Policy”.  Is this really shocking or has America been numbed down by the nitwits in office?  If you don’t want to appear stupid don’t be stupid, just saying.

Today’s headline also reflects that the President tweeted his being upset with Europe again.  This time its their fault that Harley Davidson’s profits were down 26.7%.  It’s their tariffs that are destroying Harely Davidson profits.  While semi true, the tariffs take money away from profits this is not the only factor that decreased profits for Harley Davidson.  The President has an attention span of a fruit fly so let us go back to what he had to say about Harley Davidson.  In August 2018, Trump went on a bender talking about the Boycotting of Harley Davidson because they would move some plants outside of the US because of tariffs on steel.  This was making manufacturing very expensive for it’s US Plants.

He said “Great!”

What makes this insanely stupid is he was actively involved at this point in reduced profits for HD.   They were in as bad a position as an American Company could be with what is now known as Tariff Wars by the self-proclaimed “Tariff Man”.  Couple this with the fact that HD negotiated with their employees for higher salary and viola…profits sink.

Many businesses are affected by the fact that “Tariff Man” doesn’t really understand how businesses actually work.  Don’t be fooled with his ‘I’m a man with decades of experience’.  His greatest experiences in business revolve around these factors.  1) His father bailed him out for years, 2) He is being sued by thousands of people daily for reneging on payments owed for work provided, 3) He has declared bankruptcy 7 times and has acquired multiple suspicious loans from Banks and Russian Oligarchs.  This isn’t how real business is carried out on a daily basis.  This seems more like The Sopranos than a major corporation in America.

Mr. Business might be in for a rocky re-election bid with time waning against him.  He’s made some really stupid moves that affect the economy of the U.S. based on his ADHD like style.  I’m waiting for the Farm Reports in the future.  There were catastrophic storms, bad yields, excessive tariffs and massive loses in global contracts for yields like Soybeans and Corn.  Let us not forget that before the storms Farmers were tapping into the $12 Billion Fund to save them after the tariffs hit them hard.

You don’t have to have a master’s degree in Economics to understand the Economy.  My Granny dropped out of school in the third grade.  She survived many recessions and two depressions.  She lived through 4 wars and rationing.  The woman had 10 children and knew how to “squeeze the buffalo” as it was called back then (stretch the dollar in modern colloquialism).  No degree needed to understand that when things cost more American spend less.  When those things are food, transportation and basic living expenses, well the money is going there and the “luxury items” will wait.  One thing to remember in the 2020 political field “It’s the Economy Stupid!”.

We learned exactly Zero from “The Great Recession of 2008”.

Confronting Stupidity

There have been measles and mumps outbreaks all across America this year.  The worse in many, many years.  The reason is tied back to the Anti-Vaxers, as they are called.  The idea that Vaccinations cause Autism caused a panic years ago.  I completely understand the initial response.    Autism was not understood.  The classifications of the spectrum were mind boggling to the lay person.  The panic swelled because parents only wanted to protect their children.  This is widely understood.

When the research started filtering back and the verdict was vaccinations did NOT cause or increase autism in children the crazies came out in full force.  I’m looking at you Jenny McCarthy.  The research continued.  The findings were exactly the same year after year.  Then the decision not to vaccinate your children became a movement.  They were called Anti-Vaxers.  So now the Crazies had a name, a cause, and a continuing delusion.

First let me express my admiration for science.  In many cases, science has been life saving and life changing.  In other cases, science was turned into an evil tool of destruction and gruesome death (Napalm, Atomic Bomb, etc.)

In the treatment of disease across the board we’ve seen so many treatments either increase life expectancy or eradicate diseases that had long killed hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.  Take the simple research that showed if doctors sterilized (ie, washed) their hands between patients and procedures less people died.  It’s simple but it took research to determine this outcome.

Let me get back to the Anti-Vaxers.  Even in 2019 the research put out by independent doctors and researchers found no link between Autism and vaccinations.  Yet the Anti-Vaxers have made it their call that its up to them to determine if their children should be vaccinated.  It’s their constitutional right to deny their children medical care.  Yeah, I know, that sounds stupid.

Now we have an outbreak of measles and mumps plaguing these not vaccinated children (in some cases now adults).  Measles, Mumps and Chickenpox all have vaccinations that work in most of the population.  I myself had been vaccinated as a child but needed another MMR vaccination as an adult because I know longer carried the antibodies.  To get the Measles or Mumps as an adult is bad.  It can cause complications and sterility in some people.  Is a possible chance of death really an acceptable option for your family?  I went with NO.

Our local college is in the middle of a Mumps epidemic.  This is not good or acceptable.

Then I read this in my morning news that set off this diatribe against the idiots of our country.

So many stupid people. Doctors aren’t the enemy. Also, taking advice from morons isn’t helpful either. Case in point;

‘Darla Shine, wife of the White House communications chief, who tweeted that she wished her children had had measles like she did as a girl.

“Bring back our #ChildhoodDiseases they keep you healthy,” she wrote’

This is person’s husband is of Authority in our nation espousing disease as a medical option.  Go ahead, shake your head too, I’ll wait.

Ms. Shrine, what you said is careless and amazingly ignorant and stupid!  Let me put it in a scenerio from the past…

Polio is running rampant in the world and America.  Our children are being paralized and dying at an astounding rate.  Dr. Salk found a cure and a vaccination.

“Bring back our #childhooddiseases”.  Oh, what?

Small Pox is running rampant in the world and America.  Our children and populations are dying at an astounding rate.  In 1796, Dr. Jenner developed the first inoculation against the disease and saved people.
“Bring back our #childhooddiseases”.  What, wait?

On behalf of all rational thinking people I ask you to stop listening to stupid people with no medical background for their comments.  I’m sure if Ms. Shrine lost a child to a preventable disease she would be devastated and feel guilty for her stupidity.

There is data that some children will have a reaction to vaccinations.  If you are worried about this consult your doctor and develop a plan.  Doctors only want your child to be safe and healthy.  Be rational, be reasonable and for the health of everyone be smart.
Here ends my diatribe.