There Really Never Is Enough Time

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 I lost a great friend and companion…Mickie Schmenkman.

Mickie came to us at the age of 8 weeks old.  Boy was she a handful.  Very quiet the first two weeks.  I always believed that was to lull us into a false sense of ease, lol.  After that she was hell on four feet!

She was a fast little dog.  Easy to potty train and usually listened but loved to chase rabbits.

She bonded right away with her sister Willow who was 2 years older than Mickie.  Willow was even-tempered and a perfect complement to Mickie’s energy level.  Willow never got angry with her when she would jump all over her.

When Willow passed away in 2014 it was just Mickie.  Being the princess was right up her alley, lol.   She was born to be a diva 🙂

Later in 2014 she welcomed a new sister Tara.  Mickie was much older now and the tide had turned.  She was the older one and Tara was the high energy girl.  It never stopped Mickie from running around acting like a lunatic younger puppy.  They became best buddies.

No matter what they were side by side.  They both tolerated my dressing them up for holidays.  Mickie began to slow down and age was just beginning to show on my old gal.

I remember a few years ago when Mickie was barking and jumping around like a lunatic.  A neighbor said to me…’Don’t worry she’ll grow out of the puppy energy soon’.  She then asked how old Mickie was and I told her 9 years old.  The neighbor then said…’or maybe not’, lol.

Mickie began to sleep more and more.  She had a host of medical issues but she kept going.  Tara was very caring toward her.  She would still try to get the old girl to play with her.

Even on her last day she was a beautiful girl filled with love.  I know in my heart she is now running free and enjoying her pain-free existence.  I know I’m a better person for having loved her.  We are all sad and are trying to deal with the void our lives have now.  It’s not easy.  When my life was at its darkest moments, it was Mickie who held me together.  She gave me the will and determination to move on…mostly because she was a diva who wanted 100% attention.  Just what I needed to get out of my head and back into living.  I owe this little dog a lot.  My life…no our lives together was good.

Rest my little Nana.  Until we all meet again on the other side.



I Live In The Bat Universe

Batman has been my favorite super hero since I was a child.  Since I am still a child mentally he’s still my favorite and it’s cool because my love of all things Batty is supported by my wife.  She thinks it’s cute 😉  So when she brought home a special treat for the Bat Dog it made total sense and I was totally stoked.

Bat Dog meets Bat Bone...Let the games begin.

Bat Dog meets Bat Bone…Let the games begin.

I really believe you can not have too many Bat accessories.



My brother even indulged my love of the Batman and gave me his own personal 1966 Life Magazine cover that he had framed of Adam West’s Batman!  I was all teary eyed when he gave it to me.  2 is awesome like that!  I have it hanging in my office.


I even own a bat signal (compliments of the Mrs.).  I’m obsessed and I like it!  I think that is why I subliminally got a Boston Terrier.  They kind of look like bats sometimes, lol.  Well I’m off to do some super secret Bat Stuff.

Want To See My New Laptop?

IMG_6696 (400x300)

What this dog doesn’t look like a new laptop, you say? No,  the dog didn’t eat the laptop.  Instead she decided being crazy and out of control while wrestling with the other dog was a great idea.  Sure it was an awesome idea until Willow ducked and Mickie ran head first into the corner of the wall.  She did some real damage to her ear and had to have emergency surgery.

IMG_6721 (300x400)

She got her bandage off on Tuesday thus letting me see how many stitches it took to fix her ear.  The Vet said “Great news…her ear is mending much better than I thought and she has not lost the strength in her ear so it will not be droopy.”  I was ecstatic (sarcasm).  Actually I’m very relieved Mickie will be 100% okay.  It’s hard to believe this 10-year-old dog will not slow down.  She plays like a puppy and gets broken like an old lady with osteoporosis.

IMG_6729 (400x300)
So the laptop fund went to repair the crazy dog.  She’s worth it but for right now I’m going to change her name to Dell or Gateway 😉