The New Normal

I recently noticed the subtle changes around my home because of the New Normal.

When I come home this is where I put my keys and Masks I use during the week.  I have other masks for around the house.

I went outside to try and see the Blue Angels safely.  Alas, I wasn’t in the flight path so sadness.  Gloves and masks rule the day.  Someone please explain this to VP Mike Pence who hates Americans and only cares that he can get a Covid19 test when ever he wants.  American citizen do not have such luxuries.  Insert eye roll here!



Interesting Flashback and the New Normal

So I was reading over my blog post from 1/2/20 about the Roaring 20’s.  What struck me first reading it was “Did Karma just say Hold my Beer?”.  Yet, here we are.

The President yesterday suggested a possible treatment for Covid-19 might be to inject disinfectants under the skin or standing in hot sunlight.

The MAGA protestors who want “control over their own bodies” (The Irony is lost on them) think that the Scientist are liars and believe only what Trump and Fox News feeds them.  In short they think this is all a hoax.  As of today, more than 50,000 dead Americans would disagree with the uneducated sheep.

This is how I shop now.  Gloved, Masked and 20 at a time.  Then I get to disinfect my groceries when I get home.  This is all right before I get into the shower and have a good “Silkwood” scrub down.

I believe in science and common sense.  I hope you too!

COVID-19 and the New Normal

Life will never be the same again.  Anyone who thinks that is a fool.  It was through our own arrogance that the pandemic we saw coming seemingly, to some, has obliterated our lives.  We thought America was too strong and noble to be a victim of this deadly plague sweeping across the globe.  We are foolish and now pay the price for being so.

Stay home as much as you can.  Protect yourselves with upgraded hygiene, masks and other protective measures.  If you have to work or better put,  are allowed to work then take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones.  For all those morons listening to their wealthy pastors telling them they need to come to church.  God….is everywhere.  One does not need to go to a structure for worship.  That little concept was made to ensure God became a business model.

Be safe people.  Don’t be stupid.  If you are stupid then your tombstone should reflect that stupidity when you die.  Only by being less selfish and more responsible can Americans survive this pandemic.  But alas, that has always been a character flaw with Americans and especially our sitting President.  Selflessness is a weakness and responsibility means finding someone to blame 😦  We are all responsible for the health and well being of our community.  My point is…don’t be a dick!


Weird Winter

So this winter has seen very little or no snow in my neighborhood.  It has been cold but those cold snaps always come in after the rain has left the area.  In some ways this is a good thing.  No shoveling so far but in other ways it’s kind of bummer.  No snow days from work.  No playing in the snow with the dogs.

No beautiful Snow pictures 😦

Today it will reach a high of 60 degrees…in February.  I’m not complaining that my heating bill isn’t enormous but I miss the fluffy white stuff.  Probably mostly for the pictures, lol.

The Roaring 20’s?

I’ve been extremely agitated by the random news stories about the Economy.  If we are to believe the Government, it’s all sunshine and rainbows.  Nothing to worry about and nothing to see here.  The Fed just dropped another almost $57 Billion dollars into the market.  They’ve been doing this throughout 2019.  If the markets and economy was really so strong, why the infusion of wealth into them?

This from Goldman Sachs 2020:
“Overall, the changes underlying the Great Moderation appear intact, and we see the economy as structurally less recession-prone today,” Goldman economists Jan Hatzius and David Mericle.


Just before the Great Depression 1929:
“Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau”… Yale Economist Irving Fisher, October 16th 1929.


Then today I read an article that Goldman Sachs believes our Economy is recession proof.  That’s the sort of thing we heard back in 2008 “banks are too big too fail”.  The Revenues from Taxation in America are at an all time low.  We are still in an 18 year war with two fronts, 3 if you include Syria.  Unemployment levels are about to become a problem.  Though at record lows that leads to this thought:  What happens when there aren’t enough people working to fuel the Economy?  It will happen.  It’s common sense really.  The Boomer Generation is aging out of the work force.  The Millennial Generation doesn’t have enough people to take care of the aging Boomers.  We are lop-sided.

Not to worry though, America is doing great…on the surface.

The Girl In The Bubble House

Because of my illness the extreme heat has been holding me hostage in my house.  Granite, not a bad place to be held captive.  I’ve got TV, Computer, Facebook, Angry Birds and the book IT that seems to be taking forever to read even though I’m on page 300, lol.

I’ve spent this time annoying the dogs…like a lot.  Now that the heatwave has snapped and it’s in the high 70’s I got outside.

Today I went to the eye doctor and had my pupils blown up for this picture, lol.    It kind of looks like I’ve had a stroke in this picture.  I assure I haven’t,  I just don’t photograph well 🙂  It’s supposed to rain until tomorrow so hopefully that will further cool things down.  For a bit there I felt like I was living on Mars…it’s hot there too, lol.


Area 51: Save The Aliens

Apparently 1 million people are planning on storming the AREA 51 base in New Mexico.  I can only assume it’s to free the aliens.  I saw Independence Day so I totally understand.

I’m a big fan of Aliens but I wonder why in all of the Galaxies they would waste their time on coming to the US.  Humans are really stupid.   Why not seek out a race of beings that don’t start every stupid thing they do with…hold my beer.

I’ve always wanted an alien.  So last vacation I found this alien in Cape May.  Richie the V is fun.  Not like those Independence Day aliens.  Oh and he’s not real, he’s a toy.  I’m an over grown child so, you know, I like toys.

If I were an Alien I would skip this planet and head to one where the inhabitants weren’t so stupid, js.

In the mean time…let’s save the Aliens of AREA: 51!

Trump’s Fourth of July Parade

So the President who dodged the draft over and over wants a military parade to show the world our military prowess.  Why do all of these pathetic men need to show force as though it’s patriotic.  What makes this pPresident particularly stupid is he dodged the draft during the Vietnam war.  He came out publicly and sad he never agreed with the Vietnam war.   Now he wants to show his manciples (my new made up word for his man+disciples).  And now he wants it with more tanks.

This fiasco is going to cost American’s about or more than his golf outings since becoming President.   If you don’t like being compared to Hitler all of the time then STOP acting like Hitler all of the time.  People in cages without due process, hanging out with and praising other despots and attacking the press and anyone one who doesn’t worship you particularly.    These are all ideals held by Hitler for Hitler.  His people blindly worshiped him and looked the other way when he ruined the country and the world.

When will Americans wake up.  Let’s face it he’s a big disappointment.  Seriously though, was the G20 Summit the best day for “Take your daughter to work day”?  She made America look like they thought they were at the Mensa Conference for INBREEDS!

Because of his fragile ego, Trump’s staff had the USS John McCain moved because just the name upset his fragile ego.  How much did that cost American Taxpayers?!?

This parade isn’t about American Patriotism but what Donald Trump wants the world to see.  He wants them to quake in there boots once the behold the spectacle of military glory on Pennsylvania Avenue.  We are living in the age of the Twitter President.  The look at me, look at me, view the world has of the USA.  In the 2020 election,  we need to think less Reality TV show President and more who will do OUR business.  This is OUR Country.  This is BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE America.  It’s time to stand up and say BS to the billionaires who tell you that the rich will share and trickle down their profits to you.  They will NEVER share their wealth, not ever.  They try to screw each other out of their wealth why would you think they would share with you.  Stop believing the lies of the rich.

We don’t need to have a parade of tanks going down Pennsylvania Avenue (that will destroy the road by the way) to make us feel Pride in America.  We need a real leader to look up too.  A leader who we are not ashamed of or embarrassed to represent WE THE PEOPLE.  We need a first family who doesn’t see a profit model in every Executive decision.  It would be nice not to have to pay for grown children to conduct private business on THE PEOPLE’S dime.

Imagine a better America than the one being run by a family of white trash rich people.



Immigration Crisis

Let’s all acknowledge that most of the crisis’ in the last 2 years have been created by Trump and his gang of Grifters in the White House.  The Immigration Crisis is brought to you by the man who couldn’t get a date if his life depended on it, Stephen Miller.  Trump is a mindless boob who will think you his bestie and will give you anything you want as long as you worship and adore him completely.  You know, whore your self for your own agenda.

First they crippled the Judicial processing of immigrants across the border.  They then sent ICE to raid companies all across the nation.  They secured facilities like an abandoned Walmart to house the surplus of unprocessed immigrants.  Then the numbers swelled.  They engaged more for profit centers.  The media and even members of Congress were turned away from these centers when they came to investigate the conditions.  Children were separated from their parents and held in “juvenile centers”.  There some were sexually abused by the for profit center’s staff.

Fast forward to this week.  Investigators finally evaluated the conditions.  They were appalling.  Children sleeping on cold floors with foil blankets.  No sanitary assistance and barely fed.  Murderers are treated better in not for profit facilities.  These are children.  If the children are treated this way how are the adults being treated?


This is how the Trumplican Party conducts business.  For profit and coldly obtuse.  It’s the Trump way.  The Trump way is to create a crisis and them supposedly fix the crisis and then take a pat on the back for the great fix.   Only, that hasn’t happened with the illegal immigration crisis created by Trump and his evil minions.  Trumplican accept no responsibility for the horrible inhumane treatment of their foreign prisoners.   Although our Constitution provides due process it is ignored by Trump and McConnell and their band of blindly submissive Trumplicans in Congress.  This isn’t America.

Hey Trumplican followers.  Did you know that ICE and their lackeys have been dropping these supposed MS-13 Loving illegals in border towns all over America?  Did you know that New Mexico, Arizona and Texas are overwhelmed with “illegals” that were dropped in their towns by the Trump administration.   Hmm,  if they are so scary and so connected with MS-13 why in the heck would you put your supporters and Trump lovers at risk?

Trump has created Profitable Detention Centers where he holds foreign nationals hostage.  Shouldn’t they be considered Political Hostages?  If another country did that the world would be more outraged.  Why aren’t more Americans more outraged?