How Many Millions Makes Golf Expensive?

So the Presidential King of Lies has been exposed again.  Yes, his supporters love when he lies to them so they do not care but I do.  As a taxpayer I care how much Profit-Golf the President plays.  First the number is approximately $102 million with only 2 years of being President down.  Second every time he goes to his “Southern White House” as he likes to call it we get to pay HIM.  So not only has he played more golf than the last several Presidents he makes a profit over and over when he goes to his clubs.

I’m wondering why his supporters are so STUPID!  They chant at his ego-rallies and fuel on his incoherent tirades.  “Lock Them Up”, is the new/old one.  I challenge any of them to name two people other than Mueller.  Who exactly is “them”?

It’s like truth is non-existent any more.  Lie to us we love it.  Unless it’s by a woman or a person of color then they are devils.

William Barr is the President’s Stooge.  He will destroy the rule of law to save the President’s hide.  Mr. Barr is anti-democracy and yeah authoritarianism.  That my friends is not what America was founded on.


The reality of the Mueller Report is Mr. Trump did everything to obstruct not only the investigation into Russia tampering with our elections but his involvement with Russia before he ran for President.  He is the biggest LIAR ever to be President in the USA.  That’s saying a lot considering Nixon was President.

If he had nothing to hide there would be no reason to have multiple injunctions for things like his tax returns to his former employees giving testimony by subpoena to Congress.  What don’t you want the morons who follow you to know?  You are an agent of Russia?  You laundered money for the Russian Mob for decades?  Hmm…what could it be?

The truth is Mueller did indict people.  People went to jail…Waving to Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.  So there was 100% credibility into the Mueller investigation.  Unlike the prolonged investigation into Hillary Clinton that produced….Zero.  Not one indictment.  It cost way less than Trumps For Profit Golfing trips but still.

His base worships him.  They say they are people of Christ.  He lies to you and breaks God’s Commandments over and over and over again.  What kind of Fracking Christianity do you follow?

China will never come back to the US and re-engage it’s farming contracts to the level before Tariff Man came to town.  For a guy calling everyone out as Socialists (how dare they want Healthcare), he is all about subsidizing the Farming Community for votes.  Weird right?

I need to end my Diatribe but before I do…Would someone, for the love of God, Drug Test Ben Carson?!?

Oreos?  Really Ben…you are the most stupid doctor I’ve ever seen 😦


Trumplicans Are Liars and Hate Women

So this week we had many States declare an all out war on Women’s Reproductive Rights by abolishing or limiting Abortion.  Alabama was particularly idiotic.

“Speaking on the Senate floor, Chambliss repeatedly referred to a “window” of time between conception and when a woman knows for certain that she’s pregnant. The state senator said he believed that time was between about seven and 10 days.  “She has to take a pregnancy test, she has to do something to know whether she’s pregnant or not,” he said.
“You can’t know that immediately, it takes some time for all those chromosomes and all that.”
It really does help if you understand how and where babies come from before you create legislation regarding their existence.  So in Alabama you can go to a doctor in the first 7-10 days to have an abortion for an embryo that may or may not exist.  How Schrödinger’s Cat of Mr. Chambliss.  Do you have a headache yet.  Well it gets better…
In Alabama’s new law embryos created in a fertility clinic are not included.  As explained by Mr. Chambliss…they aren’t in a woman’s body.  But it’s not a war on women’s right or control of their bodies via “The Handmaid’s Tale”.  Also not included is dispensation for cases of RAPE or INCEST.   I would be shocked by all of the above but Alabama is always in the bottom of the barrel for Education, Health Status, and oh just everything.  It’s a place where they constantly tell people “Donald Trump is President Get Over it!” but can’t seem to get over the fact that The Civil War is over…they lost and blacks and women have rights even if THEY don’t think so.

The Face of Apathy

So upon further reading I came across this little ditty from Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey, she acknowledge that the law is severe but feels that’s okay because it isn’t enforceable.  Hey Kay, did you get that little gem from Mr. Grassley of Iowa?  He said don’t worry about Obamacare/pre-existing conditions because it’s not going away.  All the while Mr. Grassley has been working ferociously behind the scenes to strip ACA clean to the bone with NO replacement to help terrified Americans.   And while Ms. Ivey really believes that no one will enforce her backward destruction of Women’s Rights it has been the mission of every White Male Politician stumping for Jesus to subjugate the women of our Country…one law at a time.  She is simply obtuse!
In Alabama, a rapist will get 5 to 15 years for destroying a woman and possible impregnating her.  The woman who chooses an abortion will get 99 years if  it is an in-State abortion and 10 years if she has it in another state and comes back.  Which means you now live in NAZI territory where neighbors inform on other neighbors.  Don’t think it could happen?  The Trump Administration is holding foreign nationals in sub-par for profit detention centers/prisons with NO due process.  That’s what my Father fought against in Europe in WWII.
The Trumplicans believe the biggest threat to America is educated women.  It’s time for a Woman President.  Joe Biden is just another creepy white guy with a great smile.  Trump is man-child who can’t read and sets America’s policy on Twitter while taking his morning dump.
And for all those people like Mike Pence who want us all to live by the Christian Values of the Evangelical Bible, that’s the same as Sharia law.  You are too stupid and controlled to know the difference.  Also, I’m not that kind of Christian and you aren’t either you lobster loving, polyester wearing, adulterous loving (Trump) morons!
End of diatribe.
Now go and do something good for the world.  Be the person who understands the difference between right and wrong and be kind to others like no one is watching.

Republican Version of the Carter Administration


So Mr. Trump is mad again.  This time at China and in his “SELF PROCLAIMED” title of Tariff Man has decide to change the dialogue from The Mueller Report to destroying the financial status of the United States.  You know because he’s a super awesome, stable genius business guru.  Spoiler Alert:  He is not Stable, A Genius or A Good Businessman.

Jimmy Carter was a man elected in a time of resistance to government too.  He had limited expertise being the Governor of Georgia.  People liked him because he was a farmer/governor who worked outside the Beltway.  It’s was what America wanted.  Someone different, a peoples candidate to lead the masses.  It was economically a disaster.  The Beltway Elite in Washington froze him out.  The Recession crippled our country as well as the oil embargo because of the regime change in Iran.  Things didn’t go well for President Carter.  Mr. Reagan sold everyone a bill of goods too.  He saved us from the recession.  He did it by robbing from Social Security.  The grand idea of a little pain in the future to save us today.  That wasn’t what happened.

Mr. Trump thinks the Government just prints money and can pay for all of his missteps.  It can’t do it for very much longer.  We are $22 trillion dollars in debt right now.  Some from ACA (which saved millions of lives), The Recession of 2008 (Banks really are not too big to Fail), a 2 front war in the Middle East (3 if you count Syria) and my favorite a $1.5 trillion dollar tax windfall for all the wealthy in our country.  To sum up…very little money coming….tremendous amounts of debt has money going out!

Mr. Trump’s favorite thing to do is create financial discourse to change the dialogue.  Right now the Stock Market is showing a loss of 584 pts. because of Mr. Trump’s awesomeness in business.  He clearly doesn’t understand how the stock market works, or farming’s relationship to the stock market or that rage tweeting as World Leader is the dumbest of things a World Leader can do.  But here we are.  How anyone with a thinking brain can seriously support this tart who doesn’t know anything about anything is beyond me.

2020 can’t come fast enough.  Perhaps we will see a new enlightenment in America.  One were anger, rage, stupidity and violence isn’t the mainstay of everyday.  When all is said and done and Mr. Trump doesn’t get to stay beyond his 4 or 8 years the truth will be laid bare for the world to see.  He won’t have the power to stop it.  Until then, I pray that Mr. Trump’s destruction of America doesn’t get that chance to bloom.

Be kind out there.

It’s Like Watergate All Over…But With Bigger Scarier Liars

Yesterday the Attorney General of the United States answers questions in front of the Republican controlled Senate.  The Russia/Obstruction of Justice Probe aka The Mueller Report is worse than Watergate.   Why do American’s who support Trump not see that he is a man who puts himself above all others, including the LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Mr. Barr lied the first time around to Congress.  His testimony is a matter of record.  Yet he struggled for the right verbiage to make his lies seem not so bad.  This man is the highest level of Law Enforcement in the U.S.  Are you scared yet?  If you aren’t…you are in for a rude awakening once the days of Trumptonian Politics are over.

“Mr. Barr, the American people know you are no different from Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway, or any of the other people who sacrifice their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the oval office.  […] A lot of respected nonpartisan legal experts and elected officials were surprised by your efforts to protect the president. But I wasn’t surprised. You did exactly what I thought you’d do, that’s why I voted against your confirmation. I expected you would try to protect the president. And indeed, you did.” ~~Sen. Mazie Hirono, May 1, 2019

Like so many who side with Trump they are the ones who put their careers and reputations on the line for a man who demands loyalty from others but extends no loyalty back.  He is a man of NO CHARACTER.  Trump was bred that way by generations of cowardice men pretending they better than everyone else, which of course, they certainly are NOT!  The most ridiculous of all of the Trump Supporters in the Senate would be Lindsay Graham.  He has become a hysterical shrieking obsequious little man.  He is telling us, matter of factually, that the Mueller Investigation/Report are over.  You know, because he said so.  Everyone should be laughing at that.   I think when someone glossed over the discussion of the Mueller Report to dive right into HRC’s emails again didn’t realize they just validated the need for them to delve deeper into the Report and get to the heart of the redactions.

Oh, and for the record,  Mr. Trump and his associates (some who at one time had NO security clearances, hi Jared) have been using unsecured emails, computers and cell phones since day one of his Presidency.  This was all verified by President Trump himself.  So before you go back to Mrs. Clinton and her fictitious crimes against humanity.  Let’s focus on the crimes of the CURRENT administration.  The list gets longer and longer by the day.

Mr. Barr should receive a subpoena to testify in front of the House and if he refuses to show up then arrest him.  Being AG doesn’t put him above the Law.  Being President doesn’t put Mr. Trump above the Law either.  It’s time to bring justice back to the Justice Department before we do turn into a Fascist State.

Another Day….Another Shooting

Another attempted slaughter in a house of worship by a pathetic weak and ridiculous person in San Diego this weekend.  The slaughter was interrupted by a jammed weapon and the quick action of , Oscar Stewart, retired Army and others.  In the end Lori Gilbert-Kaye was left dead with many others injured which included a child.

This was an anti-Semitic attack brought on by the manipulation of the weakest of our population.  Ineffectual white men who feel victimized by society.  They’ve been programmed by Fox News, the NRA and The Russian Infiltrators in America to believe they are being destroyed and taken over.  Of course, this is simply not true but the weakest of minds will believe anything.  Just look at our President.  The weakest of all white (or orange) men in America.  Easily manipulated and easily controlled by people who make him feel they were all his ideas.  Not to worry…he issued his standard “Thoughts and Prayers” via tweet.  Like I said WEAK!

“Anti-Semitic violence grows out of white nationalism & the myth of white genocide that was sown to split black & Jewish people from building relationships for equality. White nationalism is not just anti-Jew, Muslim & black & brown. It’s anti-democracy itself.” ~ Rev. Dr. Barber, Tweet.

So the crazies of America go out and make war on the Jews, Blacks, Muslims and Immigrants (only the brown ones) to prove their point valid.  It is NOT valid.  Just look at the militias on the border.  These are self-appointed bands of “army” who take it upon themselves to do their self-proclaimed idea of Justice.  They are not sanctioned by the American Government or States but act as though they are sanctioned.  They are bands of crazy people with guns.  They are mostly white men.

There is no way to stop the slaughter of our citizenry without some kind of common sense gun Legislation.  It’s easier for me to purchase a gun than it is to get a driver’s license.  Heck, it’s more difficult to get a fishing license in America.

American’s should have cared when 6 year olds were mowed down by a mentally ill white youth at Sandy Hook Elementary.  All we got were “Thoughts and Prayers”.  Enough of that crap!   How about we realize that we have a DOMESTIC TERRORIST problem in America.  It consists of self perceived white males with mental health issues being able to casually purchase weapons of mass destruction.

The Questions Aren’t Really Difficult

So I’m reading my news feed and come across a town hall meeting featuring Sen. Chuck Grassley.  You might remember him for the misogynistic show called “Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings”.  Well a woman asked the Senator why he voted to repeal ACA (Obamacare) because it jeopardizes her life, in that she would not be able to afford life saving medicines.  She reminds him that he voted to repeal ACA 7 times.  He gets right in her face and says it’s not repealed and it won’t be repealed because they don’t have the votes.  She mentions that there is no replacement if it is repealed.  What are his plans if it is repealed?  Well his big plan is it isn’t repealed and don’t worry about it because it won’t be repealed.  Next question…

This is the 21st Century Trumplican/Republican Party.  As a life long Republican,  I’m like WTF is with these idiots.  It didn’t happen so get over it already is the take away concerning every bad decision they’ve floated or voted on in the last few years.  Specifically once they decided to become the party of Trump.  I have issues with my own Senator…Mr. Toomey.  I write to him and receive form letters rallying the ideology of what has become completely anti-constitutional and anti-American.  Their ideology resembles more the Nazi’s of the 1930’s then it does American Democracy.  If you don’t believe me just look at our immigration policy.  We are currently arresting immigrants who come to the border illegally and dumping them in for profit prisons with no due process.  In simple terms,  we are holding foreign nationals hostage so that Mr. Trump’s friends can profit.  What should be happening is these illegal immigrants should be processed and moved either into the country or sent back immediately.  Mr. Trump has reduced the workforce for immigration to give a reason why the illegals need to be housed in detention camps.  This my friends isn’t very American.  It wasn’t right when we did it to Japanese Citizens in the 1940’s and its equally wrong now.

The Trumplicans only play is to demonize.  whether it is Illegals or Abortion or anything they don’t agree.   They make problems but do not find ways to fix these problems.  They victimize themselves and sell it to their base.  Only problem is I’m a republican, not a Trumplican.  How about answers for the PEOPLE not for the wealthy?  How about any answers for any issue facing America today?

What I see are a lot of men and women who might not get re-elected because of the “Trump Tax Cuts” or Trumplican’s playing fast and loose with Medicare/Medicaid.  The 2020 election will become a referendum on Mr. Trump’s policies of Tweeting and the Trumplicans will be forced to explain all of the miss steps because they did the bidding of a Bully who thinks he is Emperor and not President.

Hey…this will be a fun political season…buckle up!

Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Imagine a world where you can’t drink the water or breathe the air?  You don’t really have to imagine it.  It’s that time.  Regardless if you believe in the concept of Climate Change or not the science is real.  The climate is changing.  If you don’t believe it still and you live in an area ravaged by floods, tornadoes, drought or hurricanes you are what the lay people refer to as an absolute MORON!

Incidents in the globe that came about millions of years ago that killed off the much life in the planet because of the cold are happening again.  Like in the past, certain species will evolve from the changes and others will die off.  What if humans are the ones that die off this time around.

In America today we are run by a President who believes in profits over common sense. He is for fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.  They’ve been proven to be toxic to our very lives but that’s okay.  Who needs clean water and air?  Oh, right, everyone needs clean resources!!!  In Saudi Arabia, they are investing in renewable resources like solar panels and wind turbines.  Even they understand the future while selling us the past.  Our President isn’t aware of reality so he invests in a dying brand.  Not unlike his own businesses that do not diversify he sees only the present and not the longevity of his brand.

Saving the Planet means saving ourselves.  Leaders like Trump do not understand this because they do not value any life other than their own.  It’s rather sad.  We can’t stop the inevitable but we can make adjustments to soften its blow.  This is a very unpopular concept to those who only want to reap the now profits.  Seriously,  you can have a trillion dollars in the bank but when you get pancreatic cancer from the water and air you might not be able to buy your life back.

I was kind of hoping that Ivanka could sit down with her Dad and husband and read them the story of The Lorax.  It is a beautiful story about the destruction of our planet in a what children can understand.  I say this because I’m fairly certain the President can’t read more than 144 characters a day.

So please Ivanka, help out America and read these important stories to your father.  Perhaps he will want to save the planet and not want people to die of cancer.