Lost Another TV Icon

Van Williams died at the age of 82 on November 29th.  He was best known as The Green Hornet.  I loved that show.


I was really little when it was on in the 60’s but it’s one of my favorites.


I think it was his car that made me love this show.  Van brought humor to the action packed show.


Earlier in his career he was known for being Troy Donahue’s side kick on Surfside 6.  Who doesn’t love a good beach show?  He was part of the early glamour studs in TV and Movies.

It’s hard losing these wonderful actors/actresses.  It’s like a piece of my childhood goes with them.  RIP Mr. Van Williams!


The People of Lahaska

I like to take lots of pictures and one of my favorite subjects to photograph are people of the general public.  While at Peddler’s Village this weekend I did just that with some interesting captures.

IMG_1398 (300x400)

IMG_1318 (300x400)

Going to read but got lost in the beautiful weather and all of the wonderful sights.

IMG_1294 (400x300)

Taking time to chat.

IMG_1284 (400x300)

This older dog was too cute!

IMG_1325 (400x300)

I love hats and was very jealous of this girls hat.  It was awesome!

IMG_1313 (400x300)

Families enjoying the pre-autumnal day!

IMG_1342 (300x400)

Enjoying the beautiful wonders around us all.  It was perfection!  If this is how summer ends I can’t wait to see how autumn begins 🙂

Oh…And What Else Did They Say?

Every once in a while I hear the funniest stuff.  Sometimes it is someone I know or other times a complete stranger.  I try to write them down so I can’t forget them.  Here are a couple…

Big Tuna talking to his iPhone:  Screw you Siri!
Siri:  Please.

Me talking to WW about ringtones on her phone.
What’s my Ringtone?
WW:  Lazy…
Bean:  HA HA HA HA
Me:  That’s harsh.

While watching Chopped:

Jeffrey:  I find this dessert too sweet.
Alex:  I find it sweet too.
Me:  It’s the dessert round you idiots!!!!

Tom:  Are they the Pep Boys?
Me:  No that’s Edgar Allen Poe, James Joyce and a Nun.

Over heard at Denny’s:
Little boy to his father:  I’m a vegetarian…I want some ham.

Over heard at Peddler’s Village:
Pretentious Lady:  Do you sell sunglasses for dogs?

An African-American guy I know:
Charles:  I’m blushing like a chocolate covered strawberry.

Old and New…Side by Side

We were getting into the car to leave our little adventure this weekend at the same time the car beside us was also leaving….then we noticed this…

Grand Dad uses an actual paper map to get from point A to point B.

Here’s our map.  If the power goes out we are screwed, lol.

UPDATED:  This was my 666 post…Happy pre-Halloween everyone!

Zombie Apocalypse: Homeland Security Edition

I knew it…I knew it!  Well I think The Bloggess knew it before any of us did but only because she has zombie super powers.  Now the Department of Homeland Security is urging our citizens to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!

The CDC started the Zombie Pandemic to get people to look at their ads.  Preparedness for Zombie Apocalypse have many similar aspects to Natural Disaster Preparedness so they just used one to attract attention for the other.  Marketing genius I say.  It’s safe to say I’m more frightened by Zombies eating my brains than flood.

The Bloggess…SuperStar Edition

Jenny Lawson is a hoot.  This much we all know.  Her book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” is a Best Seller and totally funny!  She has wit and grace and a cool dead animal collection.  A short while ago my wife and I were going to the Movie Tavern to see “Ted”.  Side Note: Great movie…very offensive…totally hysterical.  Having never been to this place before and it being about 30 minutes from our home we tried to put it into the GPS.  It couldn’t find the location.  It told us it didn’t exist.  Well I took off and found the place anyway.  When we were leaving to go to the bookstore that was in the same complex my wife turned on the GPS just for fun.  And funny it was…Betina (My GPS voice) told us were were no where.  Really in the middle of no where, lol.  We both laughed.

Then we got to the bookstore.  The Bloggess’ book was featured in the window.

She’s a SuperStar in all of the world and now she is a SuperStar in the middle of no where.  That my friends is FRIGGING AWESOME!

It’s Funny Because Its True – Volume 2

It’s Funny Because Its True comes from the Wildwood Area of New Jersey.  I take a lot of pictures of random things I also collect words.  Sometimes these words are fun or even profound in thought.

We went out for ice cream and the lady in the booth next to us said this to the little boy sitting next to her:

Woman:  “You see the money in his wallet?”
Child:  “Yep”
Woman:  “That’s my money.”
Woman:  “And my money, that’s my money too.  You will learn all about this once you get married.”

The lad didn’t understand nor did he care but the point is it is true and one day he too will embrace the reality, lol.  Good Luck little vacation dude!