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Women of History: Katherine Johnson

I was reading an article about the women who are portrayed in the movie “Hidden Figures”.  It made me sad.  In our patriarchal society it still exists that women are considered inferior.  Katherine Johnson is and was brilliant.  The vast public hasn’t heard of her until now because of the movie.


Katherine Johnson and her peers were known as “Human Computers”.  She graduated college at the age of 18 when other African-Americans rarely went beyond the grade school level.  She lived in the segregate South.  She defied all odds.  She is amazing as she is brilliant!

To think of how many women have contributed to major moments in history only to be a small footnote.  It seems ridiculous to me in the 21st Century.

The more you know…


Today we celebrate a great man of History, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

BEE369 Minister Martin Luther King, Jr. preaching at an event

He was a man of action, a man of thought and deed and a man who had the gift of being able to speak to all people.  He will always be known as the man who made America understand Civil Rights for all people.

We know the story of his life and his death but to his family he was Husband and Father.  They shared him with the world in life, death and grief.  Today I remember his family who lost so much that day in April.  The world lost a leader but nothing will ever be more than losing family.


It is on this day we try to remember as Americans that we are all in this together.  It doesn’t matter what color, religion or ideology.  We are of the human race.  We are responsible for the well-being of not only ourselves and our family but of those of our community.

His message might fall on deaf ears but it’s a message we should never stop believing in or sharing.  All men are created equal.  The least of you are my brother and as a community we should hold onto these messages during dark times.

Lost Another TV Icon

Van Williams died at the age of 82 on November 29th.  He was best known as The Green Hornet.  I loved that show.


I was really little when it was on in the 60’s but it’s one of my favorites.


I think it was his car that made me love this show.  Van brought humor to the action packed show.


Earlier in his career he was known for being Troy Donahue’s side kick on Surfside 6.  Who doesn’t love a good beach show?  He was part of the early glamour studs in TV and Movies.

It’s hard losing these wonderful actors/actresses.  It’s like a piece of my childhood goes with them.  RIP Mr. Van Williams!

Lost Three In A Row

It’s been a sad week in the news.  Florence Henderson (aka, Carol Brady of the Brady Bunch) died at the age of 84.


Fidel Castro, former dictator of Cuba died at the age of 90.


Some say it ushers in the end of a very dark past for Cuba.  His brother has been running the country since he fell ill.  Some cried, some cheered.  Fidel Castro left behind many feelings in his former people.


James Delligatti died at the age of 98 in Pennsylvania.  He is best known for inventing the Big Mac in 1967.  A tasty hamburger for sure.  I think it is the special sauce.  Either way Mr. Delligatti left his mark on the world of McDonald’s and the world in general.

RIP all.

Anna Marie Duke (Patty Duke) Died Today

When I was a kid I loved to watch The Patty Duke Show re-runs on TV.  The theme song was so much fun.  Patty and Cathy kept me entertained.

Today Patty Duke died.  She had a troubled life but fought her way back.  I read her Autobiography years ago and was shocked by all she went through.

RIP Anna Marie Duke.


Meet Cathy, who’s lived most everywhere,
From Zanzibar to Barclay Square.
But Patty’s only seen the sight.
A girl can see from Brooklyn Heights —
What a crazy pair!

But they’re cousins,
Identical cousins all the way.
One pair of matching bookends,
Different as night and day.

Where Cathy adores a minuet,
The Ballet Russes, and crepe suzette,
Our Patty loves to rock and roll,
A hot dog makes her lose control —
What a wild duet!

Still, they’re cousins,
Identical cousins and you’ll find,
They laugh alike, they walk alike,
At times they even talk alike —

You can lose your mind,
When cousins are two of a kind.

Kazimierz Smoleń Remembered Always

Today Auschwitz was freed.

The atrocities that were revealed to have happened shortly after the liberation of thousands of Jews of Europe shocked the civilized world.  How could anyone do to another person what the German Hierarchy had done to the Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, Elderly, Sick and mentally/physically infirm people?  Singled out above all were the Jewish of Europe.


Kazimierz Smoleń survived the death camp and spent the rest of his life making sure that people didn’t forget what happened during World War II.

To survive was an amazing feat in itself but he lived to be 92 years old (we lost him in 2012).  A chance at a second lifetime.  I say a second lifetime because Kazimierz Smoleń didn’t know if he would live through the death camp.  He dedicated himself to sharing with the world.  Bringing out the harsh realities from the shadows and into the light with the hope of ending this type of darkness that live in men’s hearts.

Our world is plagued by people like Hitler, Goebbels and Mengele.  We have daesh who propose they are keeping the word of their God, they are NOT.  The warlords in Africa who wipe out entire villages of people like locusts in a wheat field.  These groups kill for made up reasons justified by themselves as the right thing.  Hitler and his henchmen had that same ideas.  Now in the Middle East we have shells of cities because of daesh.

Kazimierz Smoleń lived and died trying to change the world in a good and positive way.  Let us all believe what he believed.  That goodness does exists.  That the evil in this world perpetrated by selfish, ego driven, imbecilic morons will not last much longer.  That the people who are victims of these destructive idiots will find the salvation that Mr. Kazimierz Smoleń found that day when Auschwitz was freed.

Kazimierz Smoleń I will always remember you and your bravery in the face of evil!

Jonas…Not the Brothers

So Jonas came into our lives on Friday evening and left his white fluff all off the place.

When faced with these types of natural shut ins I of course stuffed my face and binge watched Netflix.  Unlike this poor bloke.


Snow or no snow these guys are always at their posts.  This friend is what dedication looks like!


I dug out some space for the dogs to roam around.  Neither dog was happy with the snow.  It was wet and cold and lets face it…my dogs are princesses.

We dug out on Sunday and headed back to work on Monday.  It was a lot like that time I didn’t win the Powerball.

Paws for the Cause

This past weekend we did the Paws for the Cause walk for Fox Chase Cancer Center.  It was cold and windy but it was also fun.

20151018_101947 (300x400)

Tara wore her Spock costume.  I really didn’t think she would keep the wig/ears on but she did the whole time.

20151018_110049 (300x400)

She also interacted well with all of the other dogs.

20151018_110013 (300x400)

I am so proud of my little Science Officer.  She was a really good sport!  I wonder what other costumes I have for Halloween!

Reality…No Thank You

I read the news too much.   I think that the world is all screwy and I’m not a fan of crazy people.  What I like are pictures of Dogs.  I like to read.  But I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t read the news.

281A934D00000578-3059294-image-m-14_1430233425252I like Star Trek…but not the pilot episode.  It was wicked creepy.  The Vulcans are cool because they have pointed ears.  I’m all about things with pointed ears.  You know like Elves, Stitch, Zelfs and that girl on the eye drop commercial.  I’m fairly certain she is an elf.  I watched the movie The Santa Clause with Tim Allen…they were all over that movie.

So today I’m rambling.  No I do not have a head injury.  I’m just annoyed by the news and can’t direct my angst properly.

Oh well.  I think I will just read my book and have a water because that’s just how I roll in the Shire.

Kentucky…Grow Up Already! – UPDATED

UPDATE:  Kim Davis is in jail on contempt charges and her clerks are issuing the marriage licenses.

So we all know about Kim Davis and her desire to continue her 15 mins. of fame.  It’s getting really old.  I pity her really.  She think that she has the moral high ground.  That her religious conviction will save her in the end.  Sadly this isn’t really true.

She’s been married 4 times.  Apparently she’s okay with God though because she was “saved” with the fourth try.  How convenient for you to be judged by God on only a portion of your life.  Religion is funny like that.

Here is the reality of Miss Kim’s situation.  If she continues to refuse to do her elected duties (this is why she can’t be fired) then she will face contempt charges.  Someone else will do her work while she sits in jail until she decides to do her elected job.  Then she will have to answer yes to the question on any future job applications…have you ever been arrested or jailed.  Who knows maybe the fine folks of her county will want to be on the wrong side of the law and re-elect her in the future?

Either way Liberty Council will move on to another poor schlub who’s life will be ultimately wrecked because they think they are right and everyone else is wrong.  Kim Davis will be just a footnote in history.  Under her picture will be Anti-Gay Clerk.  She will be the Darth Vader of Kentucky in 10 years.  Good for you Kim Davis.

Gays can marry.  Black and Whites can marry.  Blacks have the right to vote.  And it’s time for people like Kim Davis to realize that Jesus was a Jew and you probably won’t be saved in the end because you are a judgmental hypocrite.  Good luck though.

UPDATE:  The world didn’t end nor did any straight marriages implode because gays could marry legally.  Funny thing that nothing bad happened.