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Goodbye Adam West

This weekend Adam West passed on and with his passing he took the best part of television with him…The Caped Crusader!

It was West’s rendition of Batman that made me want to be Batman when I was a child.  Alas, I only got to be Batman on Halloween but it was a start to a life love of the 1966 version of Batman that I held all other incarnations too.

Who could forget Shark Repellent?

Or the Bat-tusi?

He was 100% West!  The best Batman ever has died 😦

The Queen Rocks it and I Love Squirrels

Okay first…we went from 58 degrees yesterday to in the teens (wind chill) today.  WTH winter…give it up already!

Secondly…Well done your Majesty!  Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval for gays and lesbians to marry in Scotland!  Brits should also be engaging in marital bliss soon as well!  It’s brilliant…Cheers!

Thirdly…I took some more pictures of my Squirrel Minions that live outside my house.

IMG_8811 (400x300)
IMG_8812 (300x400)
IMG_8821 (400x300)

I just can’t help myself I love squir…Hey did you know that Batman is the coolest of the Super Heroes?

I Live In The Bat Universe

Batman has been my favorite super hero since I was a child.  Since I am still a child mentally he’s still my favorite and it’s cool because my love of all things Batty is supported by my wife.  She thinks it’s cute 😉  So when she brought home a special treat for the Bat Dog it made total sense and I was totally stoked.

Bat Dog meets Bat Bone...Let the games begin.

Bat Dog meets Bat Bone…Let the games begin.

I really believe you can not have too many Bat accessories.



My brother even indulged my love of the Batman and gave me his own personal 1966 Life Magazine cover that he had framed of Adam West’s Batman!  I was all teary eyed when he gave it to me.  2 is awesome like that!  I have it hanging in my office.


I even own a bat signal (compliments of the Mrs.).  I’m obsessed and I like it!  I think that is why I subliminally got a Boston Terrier.  They kind of look like bats sometimes, lol.  Well I’m off to do some super secret Bat Stuff.

Did You Ever Get the Feeling You Were Being Watched?


I looked up and there was Batman hovering over me…it freaked me out at first.  I can’t lie it was terrifying, lol.

Creepy Is The New Cool

I hate spiders!!!   Ever since the Great Mormon Spider Attack of 2010 I’ve been even jumpier.  They terrify me and I have not idea why because I’m 1 million times taller.  In a strange twist I like spider webs.  They are like insect art.  I don’t mind watching spiders make webs but like our graffiti artists they need to move on when they are done.

This giant arachnid has been in this same area for about a week and a half.  For various reasons it’s had to rebuild.    A lot like Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web it has spun some beautiful art.

Tell me this picture of my neighbor’s cat doesn’t scream HALLOWEEN!

I watched one of my neighbors who saw the spider in its previous location…turn around and go in a different door, lol.  See I’m not the only one!

This little ditty has nothing to do with spiders but it was way cool…

Dad is that you????

Reliving My Childhood…Please Look Away

When I was little I wanted to be Batman.  I think I was 8 years old when I got my first Batman costume.  It had the Batman mask (that smelled funny on the inside from wearing it so much), the jumper with painted on utility belt was the bomb but what made the outfit was the cape.  Halloween was long over but I still wore my Batman costume to bed every night (my Mom was cool like that!).  I was BATMAN!

This isn't me...it's some random Batchild from the 70's. But this was the costume 🙂

I may have mentioned this once or one hundred times to Bean.  Because of this it has led to conversations like this one…

Me:  “She’s in my spot.”
Bean:  “She’s a tiny dog and your Batman…”
Me:  “That’s right!!!” (as I triumphantly reclaim my spot on the sofa)

And then it happened….

Bean gave me an early gift….

I Am Batman

I really am Batman!!!  Yeah for me.  Also I’m actually a 10-year-old trapped in an adult body.  To think…she married me anyway…double yeah for me!!!

I’m Batman

I have only a few vivid memories of my childhood.  I’m not sure why I chose to black out certain portions of my everyday life as a child but I did…who knows maybe it will come back.  The one thing I remember is that when I was a kid all I wanted was to be Batman.  But you are a girl you say?  I say so what!

When I was 8 or 9 I remember my Mom letting me pick out my Halloween costume and I chose Batman.  She didn’t really care as long as I liked it.   It had a plastic mask, the frock with Batman’s outfit printed on the front that tied in the back.  The best part was it had a cape.  I can still recall that horrible bad breath with sweat smell that used to collect on the inside of the plastic pull down mask.  No matter how repugnant that smell was it still brings me back to a time when things were cool…I was Batman.

I'm Batman

You know…I kind of secretly wish I was Batman again…yeah that would be awesome!

Did You Hit Your Head?

I must have because last week was a blur!  Christmas wasn’t without its trials, let me tell ya.  First Wii is awesome…but you know what is sucktacular?  Wii-njuries…that is an injury sustained while playing Wii.  In my case the Wii-njury came from Wii Resorts.  I was not to be kept down though…I rebounded like a trooper and snapped back with some Wii Archery.  Yes my aim is that good and I was revered by all or just the two people in the room with me at the time.

This Christmas I was not unlike the Magi wondering to and fro.  Mostly I was fro but I did it fro-ing while bopping to awesome Christmas song so it and I were cool!  It was really good to see all the people I saw.  I ate food everywhere I went and let’s just say Nae Nae’s mozzarella sticks are FabUlous!  The weekend was so packed with festivities that I took off Monday too.  Thank goodness because I was down to the last resort undies and the sweats with the hole in them.  So with Laundry done and naps taken I went back to work this week refreshed and smelling much better than Sunday.

I also managed to see two movies this weekend.  Sherlock Holmes was very good and action packed.  It’s Complicated was sweet and the old guy behind me liked the sexual innuendo jokes because he couldn’t stop laughing.

So to sum up my Christmas weekend.  I was more busy than the entire year combined.  Holy Crap Batman!