Enjoying My Puppies

We finally got a break from the rain and the mosquitoes to enjoy some Deck Living.

I enjoy just sitting on the Deck with the girls and let the serenity of our little garden take over 🙂


Oh Halloween…I Miss You Already

The First.  Everything is the First in our new home.  This time it was the first Halloween.

We didn’t get many Trick-or-Treaters but I managed to have a great time.

There he goes our first Trick-or-Treater.  He was a little guy dressed as Batman.  His Dad was enjoying the Trick-or-Treating too.   He was so cute!  Batman, by the way, is the best Halloween Costume ever!

It was pretty cold outside and the moon shone crisp in the evening sky.  In short, it was perfect!  Next on our Holiday Hit Parade is Thanksgiving.  This weekend I will switch out the decorations.  I can’t wait.  To have our own home is beyond thrilling for me.  I’m like a lucky Trick-or-Treater who just got the full size candy bar!

Life is good 🙂

I Live In The Bat Universe

Batman has been my favorite super hero since I was a child.  Since I am still a child mentally he’s still my favorite and it’s cool because my love of all things Batty is supported by my wife.  She thinks it’s cute 😉  So when she brought home a special treat for the Bat Dog it made total sense and I was totally stoked.

Bat Dog meets Bat Bone...Let the games begin.

Bat Dog meets Bat Bone…Let the games begin.

I really believe you can not have too many Bat accessories.



My brother even indulged my love of the Batman and gave me his own personal 1966 Life Magazine cover that he had framed of Adam West’s Batman!  I was all teary eyed when he gave it to me.  2 is awesome like that!  I have it hanging in my office.


I even own a bat signal (compliments of the Mrs.).  I’m obsessed and I like it!  I think that is why I subliminally got a Boston Terrier.  They kind of look like bats sometimes, lol.  Well I’m off to do some super secret Bat Stuff.

Drunks Want Geeks To Join Their Cause

Okay at least that’s what I’m getting from the story in Philadelphia about the Beer Week party wanting to join forces with the Comic-Con weekend.  They share a weekend every year and wouldn’t it be awesome and fun if they just merged the two events into one big event?  Um no…no it wouldn’t.

First off as a self-declared Geek I’m not a big drinker.  Don’t get me wrong I appreciated a good beer.  I love beer in fact but what I don’t like is getting drunk and having a hangover.  There is no fun in that for me.

What I envision from the merge is a bunch of Drunken A-holes picking on my fellow Geeks who dress up in costume for a good time at the Con.  I love these people and I love that they get dressed up and in some cases take a bus or a train to the event and ride out the stares and the snickers so that they can just cut loose Comic-Con style with their peeps!  Lets add drunken fools into a mixture of my people.  You know, because drunks are always sweet in demeanor and never are mean or mean-spirited while under the influence of their drink or their drunken peers.

This too me is a recipe for disaster.  The one’s pushing this merger aren’t the Comic-Con people it is the Beer Week group. They would like to increase their numbers using the people who attended the Comic-Con.

“It would be a lot of fun,” says Philly Beer Week Executive Director Don Russell, who has his own alter ego — a local beer superhero known as Joe Sixpack. “I think we could really come up with some really killer beer-drinking event with comic book fans.”

Seriously I’m supposed to just take Don Russell’s word he dresses up as Joe six-pack (He doesn’t actually say anything about dressing up in the article just that he has an alter ego.)?  I have dressed up in a Batman Costume for all the world to see.  I’m proud of my outfit.  My hood is a little too big but I can work with it.  So Don here’s my picture…where is yours????

I Am Batman

I Am Batman

To conclude I dress up like superheros, play with action figures, collect comic books and live the dream all without doing a pub crawl.  BOOM!

My Dutch Weekend

On Saturday Bean took me to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster Pennsylvania for some groovy Amish fun!

IMG_8140 (400x300)

We met up with BIL1 and SIL1 and Shorty Mama.  It was raining when we got there which was pretty cool.  It kept the Saturday crowds down.  It only rained for a short time though and we were all over the magical park!

IMG_8114 (300x400)

I made new friends.  This is Merlin.  He’s quite the dancer and having magical powers is pretty cool too. He liked my abs and asked how I keep them looking awesome.  I told him my secret…eating donuts.  Whenever we saw each other in the park we were all about the High-Fives!  BOOM!

IMG_8115 (400x300)

I got to ride a train….

IMG_8117 (300x400)

I met Wilfred Brimley‘s younger brother…

IMG_8151 (300x400)

Got my picture taken with Bessy the Cow…

IMG_8191 (300x400)

Rode the rides…

IMG_8201 (400x300)

IMG_8236 (400x300)

and of course…stuck my head in things…

DSCN5570 (247x400)

IMG_8186 (300x400)

IMG_8265 (400x300)

The rain let up and as you can see we did every square inch of the park…crowd free!  Wahoo!  Lancaster is a neat town where old world meets crazy people with cell phones!  It’s just the right mix there so go visit…go…like now…get going!  Or not…it’s totally up to you!

I Got To Be Green Lantern…Shh…Don’t Tell Anyone

This Valentine’s Day my beautiful and super duper awesome wife gave me a Green Lantern shirt.  I’ve secretly wanted one for some time.  Now I have one of my very own.  What is doubly awesome is for Christmas my beautiful and super duper awesome wife gave me the Green Lanteren (Alan Scott).  Alan Scott came with the green lantern and a green lantern ring that I wore for about three days after Christmas.


In brightest day, in blackest night,No evil shall escape my sight.Let those who worship evil’s might,Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!!!

Now I have the shirt and, the mask and the ring.  Last step in becoming a full fledge Green Lantern is to get the Lantern.  But since it cost $149 I think if I had a picture of it to hold up that would work too.