The Girl In The Bubble House

Because of my illness the extreme heat has been holding me hostage in my house.  Granite, not a bad place to be held captive.  I’ve got TV, Computer, Facebook, Angry Birds and the book IT that seems to be taking forever to read even though I’m on page 300, lol.

I’ve spent this time annoying the dogs…like a lot.  Now that the heatwave has snapped and it’s in the high 70’s I got outside.

Today I went to the eye doctor and had my pupils blown up for this picture, lol.    It kind of looks like I’ve had a stroke in this picture.  I assure I haven’t,  I just don’t photograph well 🙂  It’s supposed to rain until tomorrow so hopefully that will further cool things down.  For a bit there I felt like I was living on Mars…it’s hot there too, lol.


Everything Is Blurry

It’s okay that I’ve been suffering with extreme eye strain, right?  I’m not alarmed because I’ve got an eye doctor’s appointment at the end of the month.  It’s been a cross between using the computer and reading small print.  It’s rather annoying.

I’ve taken on reading “IT” by Stephen King this summer.  I hate clowns more than I hate mosquitoes so that should say something about me.  It’s been a really good read but the print is small.  The book’s size is also overwhelming, 1098 pages.  Add it that I’ve been having nightmares from it makes this challenging on another level.  I can’t read it before bed.  Yup, it’s freaking me out that much.

My bedtime reading is Eileen Fulton’s “As My World Still Turns”.  I miss the old guard soaps that used to grace the airwaves.  There are only 4 left on the television anymore and that saddens me 😦

I miss Erica and Jackson from All My Children and Lucinda and Kim and Bob from As The World Turns and of course I miss Reva from Guiding Light.  So I picked this non-scary book to get me through my night time reading.

It’s been filled with anecdotes of Ms. Fulton’s rise to fame on As The World Turns as Lisa, the one time bad girl who became a friend to all.  No nightmares from this story.

IT is really good and I don’t like putting it down.  Not just because my paperback version has Tim Curry as Pennywise on the cover but because it’s a good read.  I also think knowing very little about the story has been good as well.

Everyone knows about Georgie and is floating boat but that’s pretty much the only party of the story I knew about.  I will never see the movies.  I do not like scary movies.  Even though I’ve seen some of them in my day I’m not particularly fond of them.

I looked at the pile of books at my bedside and beside my spot on the sofa and I’m overwhelmed by how many books I need to catch up on.  The pressure sometimes parallelizes me but I’m motoring on with high hopes!

My reading isn’t helping the eye strain blurriness at all.  Again, I motor on.

The summer has been so humid.  You would think I would be read more just to stay inside in the air conditioning, lol.  Oh well, Back to the grind.  Wish me luck!

The Problem with Binge Watching

I love the concept of binge watching.  I do not however like to binge watch shows.  I cut the cord with classic cable but still stream entertainment from Prime and Netflix.  What can I say…I’m from the generation raised on TV that started with Saturday morning cartoons and grew from there.

I love the static it creates in my head. Even when I’m not invested in what I’m watching I like to have it on in the background.  To be an adult means you can watch whatever you want and melt your brain and all those weird things my Mom told me growing up.  Reading was better of course but being a dyslexic child I hated reading.  TV didn’t give me that kind of frustration that books did.  However it created other problems.  It was an addiction.  I can’t live without it.

Now they have binge watching.  That’s just pure evil genius.  I can pay for a service that lets me watch, commercial free, television shows and movies.  OMG!  This is heaven, right?

Well, no, it’s not heaven really.  It just compounded an already glaring problem.   I watch a lot of TV and get very little done.  Case in point.  I’ve been binge watching 6 seasons (23/24 episodes per season) of ‘Crossing Jordan’.  It’s a show much like my favorite go to show ‘Bones’.  It started out great.  I liked the premise and the characters but after season 2 they dumped Jordan’s Dad and the story of her 1/2 brother and well I continued to watch anyway.  It was the characters that kept me watching.  It was case after case with little background story line.  What I’m trying to say is it got boring.  I got through five season because I felt that at any moment things would get better.  They had to, didn’t they?

No they did not have too.  In fact, I skipped most of season six.   It was time to end this grueling facade I actually liked this show and just watch the last episode.  The big send off.  It was dumb but at least they all lived.

I also went through this with the show Drop Dead Diva.  I loved the first couple of seasons then it ceased to hold my attention.  Again, after five season I just stopped watching.  I just didn’t care what happened next.  Supernatural has a large fan base that love the show.  I stopped watching after the second season of redressing the same story lines.  Over and over it was the same creepy stuff but I never liked the lead characters.  I moved on.

I’m beyond the middle age point in my life and just can’t continue to waste my time on crappy shows anymore.  The frustration levels I am experiencing over this whole Crossing Jordan mess.  I had to watch Murder, She Wrote episodes to cleanse my mind of what I call The CJ Incident of 2019.

On a good note.  I’m trying to read more.  Just finished another book.  I will never be a fast reader because of my dyslexia but what dyslexia can’t rob me of is my imagination.  Books leave the imagery up to the reader.  I like that very much.

TV will always be a part of my life because I find it comforting.  I just hope to find it less annoying than it is now, lol.

Happy New Year

2018 has been rough going so far.  I’m just hoping that things will only get better as the year moves on.

I have so many year long goals for myself.  I believe they are all attainable but really…who knows, lol.

One of my big goals is to read more than I did last year (borrowed this from the wife).  This is definitely doable because I only read 17 books last year.  They were mostly Murder, She Wrote books because, you know, I’m obsessed.  This year I’ve started with the Murder, She Wrote theme again.  I got two MSWish books for Christmas so of course I had to start with them.  First one was the Autobiography of Peter Fischer who was Executive Producer/writer for the show.  Found out some interesting little ditties about Hollywood and Television on the 70’s and 80’s.  I’m following that up with another MSW Mysteries book.  Believe it or not I did receive other books for Christmas, lol.

Another resolution is to lose weight, you know, like everyone else, lol.

I really want to live in the moment and not stress about everything too.  Not sure that one will happen because, let’s face it, I’m a Virgo.  It’s in our nature to worry.  I’ve decided to leave some of my life decision to the Magic 8-Ball.  It never stresses 🙂

I hope you are having a good 2018 Internet.

Waiting on the New Year

It’s almost 2018.  I can’t believe it.

I remember being a child and talking with my friends.  I said,  ‘When it’s 1983 I will be graduating High School.’  That was 34 years ago.  I remember thinking 1983 was so far into the future.  Heck, in High School we were reading George Orwell’s 1984 and that was only a year away.  I watch The Goldbergs now and I wonder how the time drifted away from me.  I also wonder when did it get a hyper drive? I’m also shocked how many of the outfits they wear on that show that I once owned!

My Mom used to say to me…”Don’t wish your life away.  It goes by fast enough.”  I thought she didn’t know what she was talking about.  The woman was completely wise…like Obie-Wan Kenobi, but a woman and instead of the force she used common sense.  I appears that common sense doesn’t really exist anymore.

The older I get the more faith I lose in humanity.  I look around at my fellow travelers to the grave and ask myself…’Wow, the world has hit rock bottom”.  I know I should keep the faith but really it’s difficult.  My fellow citizens elected a washed up reality TV Star who’s ego far out reaches his intelligence.  The fate of America is now in the hands of a man who told us how much he would work for us but has had 111 days off so far and he hasn’t been on the job a year yet.  Okay…I do realize a lot of those days were weekends but I didn’t realize that being President was so easy.  Cool…I know have a career goal.

I’ve found White People are kind of freakishly frightened.  I’m white but I’m not afraid of non-white people.  My Parents didn’t raise me that way.  I’m okay with Happy Holidays and I’m a Christian.  I’ve been called a liberal by angry friends.  I’m not.  I believe in fiscal responsibility.  I haven’t seen this from Republicans in a really, really long time.

Good stuff did happen to me this year.  I am very thankful for each and every moment that has enriched my life.  In 2018, my only wish is that those who use fear to promote war fall into a black hole.  It’s time to face the monster we’ve created by our apathy.

Perhaps 2018 will surprise me and be good for people everywhere.  I’m just not that naive.

My personal wish for 2018 is to have better grammar.  Miracles can happen…or not!

Happy New Year…I guess.

I Need To Read More!

Yes…I need to read more.  All the TV Shows are back on with new episodes and I’ve been sucked back into watching.  Also, we recently purchased season 1 & 2 of Blossom.  So when I’m not watching other shows or On-Demand to catch up on Downton Abbey, Ghost Hunters or Chopped I’m watching Blossom (which I’m loving!).  My Reading has kind of come to a halt over the last three weeks.

I started out so well this year.  I read 7 books in just a couple of weeks.  Then I started two books that made me come to a screeching halt.  “I Killed Hemingway” and “Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief” and that is were it got dicey.  I just couldn’t get into either of these books.  The first one I thought would be funny and also I LOATH Hemingway (exception was the Moveable Feast) so the title just popped out at me.  It started out well but then…I don’t know what happened.  The second book…Percy Jackson was recommended in the feign of “If you liked Harry Potter you will like the Percy Jackson series”.  It’s not the same.  The style is completely different.  Where J.K. Rowling grabbed my interest immediately and just held me there I felt the tiniest distraction could take me away from Percy’s story, and it did.

I do not completely give up on books.  I will eventually finish these two (It took me 10 years to finish Contact by Carl Sagan but I did!) but I had to move on.  I went to one of my stand-by authors.  My big three are Tess Gerritsen, Michael Crichton and Kathy Reichs, I go to them when I need a jump-start.  The problem with this method is that there are only a fininte number of titles to read.  I have read almost all of Tess’s books.  I’m down to the last 4 from her early writing.

I started to read “Bloodstream” and like always I am hooked.  I don’t want to stop reading but sleep and work seem to get in the way, lol.  I love how she writes and the characters are engaging.  If you’ve never read Tess I recommend starting with a Rizzoli and Isles book.  I loved “Ice Cold” but you might want to start with “The Surgeon”.  They are very engaging.

Fingers crossed this jump-start will keep me going.  I love to read but with so many distractions lately it seems to go to the wayside and that annoys me most of all!

What are you reading?

What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?!?

I’ve been having trouble getting back into being motivated to read more.  Recently I got a new shiny phone with things called apps and it has hypnotized me.  I’ve read only like 2 books in the last couple of months and this is just shameful.


I’ve been reading Hollywood Wives since January.  It’s not a bad book but it hasn’t exactly captured my attention say like…my new cell phone!  Now I’m reading a mystery in the hopes it will grab me back to the land of literacy and all will be well with my world again.  Fingers crossed y’all!

p.s. The title to the post was rhetorical…I already have a growing list of what’s wrong with me, lol.  But if you feel the urge please feel free to add to it 😉

Dear Senator…I Finally Finished A Book

I finally finished “Dear Senator” and it feels great.  I’m Back!  I would recommend this book to anyone.  What a complex story of family this was and the beautiful grace of Essie Mae Washington-Williams was astounding.


I didn’t know much about Senator Thurmond but her book gives him a degree of humanity that I wasn’t expecting.  She lived an amazing life and had a beautiful family.

Like so many books I read there are sometimes a catalyst that bring it to my attention.  This time it was the sad passing of Mrs. Williams on February 4, 2013.  She was 87 years-old.  I’m glad that she finally got to tell the world her story and her relationship with her father.  Her love and respect for the man who so few got to see really made me understand the secret she kept and why she kept it until after he had passed.

It’s worth the read if you get a chance.

p.s.  I usually put links to more information when talking about people or places but I think for Mrs. Williams a link would be cold and to read her book would give you more a connection to the person she was and her legacy.

Not Reading Enuff!

Lately my attention has been pulled elsewhere and I haven’t been reading at all.  This bothers me because I like the books I’m reading right now but for some reason I have the attention span of a squirrel.

The two books I have going right now are distinctly different.  One is an Autobiography of Essie Mae Washington-Williams daughter of Strom Thurmond.  It’s been very interesting and I hope to have it finished in the next few days.

My second book is Hollywood Wives.  Which is so 80’s and I’m loving it.  Yes it’s considered a “trashy novel” by some but I always feel that perhaps it is a book like this to just block out a bad day.  It’s not deep or meaningful but it is a well written book with saucy and engaging characters and that works for me.

Wish me luck with my goal!  It’s time to be less squirrel-like and more serious!