The Regeneration Project

The Regeneration Project began with a video I saw on Facebook of a woman who was regrowing Celery.  I thought…I should try that.  I eventually did and this page is dedicated to my experiment of regenerating food from food.

Next week I’m going to put some of these items in the ground.  Wahoo!

The celery was fun but I wanted to branch out a little.  I started a Pineapple 1.0 and a Garlic 1.0 and 2.0.

This broke into Celery 2.0.  Celery 2.0 is still in a container with water.  It’s roots are only beginning to sprout.  I am going to leave this one in the water a little longer than I did Celery 1.0 after the roots come in strongly.  Just to see how it does.

Below is my first attempt at regeneration.  I call this Celery 1.0.  First I grew it in water until it sprouted roots.  I then transferred Celery 1.0 to a small container with enriched soil.