My Panties Are In A Twist

I was reading that The Crown is re-casting the leads to different actors.  Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby were perfectly cast as the Queen, Prince Phillip and Princes Margaret so why in heaven would anyone mess with that?

Aging the characters isn’t a good enough excuse.  Have the producers ever heard of makeup?  I’m really having a snit over all of this and I know it’s stupid but seriously why mess with what works?  Not sure I will continue watching this Netflix original.  I feel as though this will mess with continuity and really…not interested in that!


2018 Winter Olympics

I do not know why but this year I’m not as excited about the Winter Olympics.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve watched the Curling Matches but other than that I’m just not feeling it!

This saddens me because I usually love them.  I wish I knew what was different this year?

I watched some of Shaun White’s competition last night but found myself switching the channel to TBS and Big Bang Re-Runs 😦   Shaun White won the gold and I went to bed.  Maybe tonight will be better?

Gleek…Better Late Than Never

I have found the best TV Show and it’s over.  I’ve wanted to watch Glee for years but it went against other shows I watched so I never got on the Gleek bus.  Enter…NETFLIX.  The greatest thing about Netflix is the fact one can watch an entire series from beginning to end.  YAY!


I love this show!  The drama of High School mixed with singing and dancing.  It’s like a cool version of FAME.  It reminded me of another show I loved.  Freaks and Geeks was a great show that only saw one season but what a great season.


It reminded me so much of my first two years of High School.  It was 1979-80 and I was a freshman.  It was a time to find where you belonged in a sea of other kids looking for their place as well.  It was the best part of high school.  It can be hard but we all survived even if we hated the experience.  Then I remember the moment that I realized it was all coming to an end.  I was standing on the back stairwell and I looked down the stairs behind me and it was then I had no idea what to expect from life.


I survived it all.  I survived what life had thrown at me (so far).  I can look back fondly and smile.  Reuniting with old class mates and sharing stories like it was yesterday.  Yeah, I like smiling.

Also, I realized both of these shows took place at McKinley High School, lol.

The Theremin’s Making A Comeback

The Theremin’s making a comeback and it only took 50 years.  Bean and I have some odd conversation…like this one.

Me (singing):  Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…nobody knows my…(not singing)…Oh this would be so much better if I had that Star Trek instrument that Sheldon has.
Bean:  What’s that called again?
Me:  It’s a Xenophon or a xylophone or something like that…what’s it called again.
Bean:  When we don’t know something we look it up. (click, click, click of the keys).
Me:  Oh you are looking it up?
Bean:  Yes see me on the computer…you always do that.
Me:  I do.
Bean:  What did you think it was called.
Me:  I don’t know. Xena-warrior-princess-phone
Bean:  It’s a Theremin.
Me:  Oh yeah…that’s it…a Theremin.
Bean:  I know, I just said that.
Me:  They are cool.

Sometimes I just don’t make any sense at all but I think she still loves me anyway 🙂

Later Bean and I discussed maybe getting a theremin.

I looked it up and then I saw you can get a How To Play The Theremin DVD for only 24.95.  Then  I really thought about it and I thought I would easily tired of it.  So I decided to play with my batman stuff instead.


We have been watching all of the seasons of the show Dexter recently.  We just finished Season 4 which left me a little disturbed.  It must have also apparently made my wife a little uneasy as you can tell by our recent conversation.

Wife:  “Are you a Serial Killer?”
Me:  “Why do you ask?”
Wife:  “Just wondering…are you a Serial Killer?”
Me:  “No I am not a Serial Killer.  I could never be a killer…there really is no way of getting away with murder these days with Forensics being as good as they are now.”
Wife:  “Oh…Are you sure you aren’t a Serial Killer?”
Me:  “I’m sure I’m not a Serial Killer.”

Really I’m a lover not a fighter or in this instance…a Serial Killer.

DWTS…It’s Not Fun Anymore!

Last night I watched DWTS until I just couldn’t stand it any longer.  Then I watched something else.  Maksim Chmerkovskiy got into words with Len Goodman.  Len, Carrie Ann and Bruno all need to take a reality check.  Maks was right, he should have said what he said and the judges should just suck it up!

This season the judges have been rude, mean and above all else clueless.  Season Eleven was shaping up to be the most promising season of all of them combine for me.  This season the cast wasn’t laden with celebrities who have previous dance training.  I remember in 2010 when Nicole Scherzinger won.  I stopped watching after a little while because it was obvious who was going to win.  For me that is in no way fun to watch.  She wasn’t going to grow into it say…like…Kirsty Ally.  No she was a dancer.  Not formal ballroom but she has had choreography training for her videos and such.

This year the judges expectation of having the 3 people who just are perfect and fun and beautiful defied the reality of what we all were watching.  They gave us a band of misfits who are entertaining to watch…hello Carson Kressly!  You were a hoot!

Len was mean to Hope.  She’s a girl who plays SOCCER…she is not a dancer.  Her routines have been entertaining enough and she didn’t fall or make an ass of herself but while being judged Len with his snickered expression would dump on her.  In essence saying WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE!  He as much said that to Chaz Bono by saying there is only so far personality and public support will take you.

Bruno needs to sit his ass down and stop with the over the top inappropriate comments.  To quote a friend of mine…he’s acting the fool!  I guess the only judge I do not have a problem with is Carrie Ann.

Don’t get me wrong the judges do not need to have a lovefest with the dancers or the celebrities.  Constructive critism is always a good thing.  Instead Len is mean and sometimes surly because he’s been doing this for 50 years or some garbage.

Maks…you were correct last night.  You said this is an entertainment show.  When Len is being Len I’m not entertained.  I’m annoyed.  When I’m annoyed I won’t watch.  Maks wants me to be entertained not annoyed.  He wants to protect his celebrity partner from the harshness of Len and Bruno.   That is his job and he’s good at it.

Maybe we need a week of guest judges.  Just saying!

DWTS: The One Where Cher Is FABULOUS!

I wonder if I watched DWTS last night because I love the show so much or because Cher was going to be in the audience?  Okay both I guess.  So here is my break down of the show.

First…why do the judges love Rob Kardashian so much?  Yes he’s slowly improving but not enough to make him Super Rob.

The music choices were as challenging as a Chopped Mystery Basket with Squid Ink as one of its ingredients.  Here are my notes.

  • Ricki Lake/Derek – This girl can dance!  She’s my pick for the big dance.  Ricki is lucky because Derek is a perfectionist/genius.  Their song to dance to was the theme to Psycho and their dance was the tango.  It was AMAZING!!!  Unlike some of the oddities we witnessed earlier in the evening it was a masterpiece!  Well done!
  • Carsen Kressley I love you and your boyish charm.  Don’t ever stop being fabulous.  Your rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean was comical and delightful…I just couldn’t figure out what dance you were actually doing.  I give you a 10 on entertainment and a 7 for the actual dancing.
  • Chaz sweetie…you have heart but are sorely lacking in any rhythm.  On a side note…you have tiny feet and it makes me giggle like a school girl.
  • Poor Hope Solo…she has potential…she needs to just give in to Maks and let him drive the truck.
  • Nancy Grace you were robbed and beat up by the Judges.  Your performance was amazing.  I’ve been shocked by you each week.  I may not like your show but I like your dancing 🙂
  • Chynna…sweet Chynna…get out of your head…think like a Baldwin.  A twinkle of the eye, a skip in your step let the dance fairy guide you.
  • David Arquette…your daughter is cute and your ex-wife is cute.  That’s all I have for David Arquette.  Oh and hey did you see his sister Patricia cheering for him…I really liked her show Medium.
  • JR…I love you.  Your dance was fun and I loved it like I love you.  This is my lovefest!

All and all it was a groovy good time made all the better by her awesomeness Miss Cher.

p.s. 2-Broke Girls is hysterical and if it gets canceled I’m never watching CBS again…well except for NCIS!