The Road Most Traveled Is Also Beautiful!

Autumn seems to be zinging by and I had a fear I’d miss it.  Today I went out at lunchtime to catch some of the color.

SAM_4905 (400x300)

SAM_4916 (400x300)

So many colors.  It’s amazing to watch.  I could sit on the bench for hours!

SAM_4899 (400x300)

SAM_4917 (400x300)

The whole season races by and I’m always trying to catch a glimpse whenever I can.  It is hard to believe that this weekend is Halloween.

SAM_4925 (400x300)

Time really needs to slow down.  In the mean time I’m going to keep enjoying the show nature has laid out for us!



We Only Got 86,400 Seconds In A Day

I was listening to music today and most times when I do this it makes me think of other things.  Yes, I have the attention span of a squirrel…which explains why I like squirrels.  Today it was that life is kind of short even if the numbers look big.  Kris Allen sang about only having 86,400 seconds in a day and in Rent’s Seasons of Love there are 525,600 minutes.  It seems like a lot but it’s not really.


Then my brain got tired of thinking about such deep things.

I Heart You Alan!

I Heart You Alan!

Then I thought about how much squirrels remind me of Prairie Dogs and how much I heart them.

Me and ALAN!

Me and ALAN!


Sometimes I let them drive my car…you know for fun 🙂

DSCN5500 (400x300)
Wait…what was I talking about?  Oh right…I sure do love ice cream with sprinkles 🙂


Brown Boots Girl Now With More Twirl

Yesterday I when I came into work the brown boot girl was there in her usual spot.  Only instead of just standing there waiting like she does every morning this morning she was spinning in circles around a pole.  I also noticed she wasn’t wearing her brown boots.  Perhaps they are her serious shoes.  I say Twirl…Twirl until you you are 1/2 drunk on Twirl giddiness!!


Okay now the Canadian government is only going to evaluate the same-sex marriage predicament that they made for themselves last week.  I guess once every legal mind in Canada erupted at once with outrage the government needs to now rethink blurting out stupidity before they actually blurt in the future.  O Canada!

Weirdness I’ve Photographed…Why?

Well that’s because ‘That’s How I Roll’.  I take zillions of pictures (thank goodness for digital) of random stuff.  Bean calls me the Paparazzi.  Here are some random weirdness I’ve taken a picture of for no other reason than why not.

Summer sand…is it art though?

I liked this one because it was like a scene from NCIS…welcome to the crime scene.

This was distrubing…yet very cool.

Animal Farm…or Hungry Goat.

What is up with this scary ass doll?

Hot Chick? Literal...figurative? Freaky...definitely

It’s September Bring on the New Shows

Last night kicked off the new TV Season.  It is September that dictates what and if I will be watching the telly for the rest of the year.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve got my favorites:

  • Chopped (It always makes me hungry…even when one of the secret ingredients is Squid Ink)
  • Pawn Stars
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Storage Wars/Parking Wars (These shows are interchangeable for me…A&E has got the wars)

I’m a big Buffy fan from back in the day.  I named my dog Willow if that’s any indication of how much of a fan I am.  I was also a big fan of Sarah Michelle Geller when she played Kendall on All My Children.  The kid’s got talent.   Last night her new show Ringer premiered on the CW.  I’ve got to say…I wasn’t wowed by the promos but I’m glad I watched last night.

This show is filled with intrigue and mystery.  SMG plays twins and just when you think you have a feel for the characters another twist is revealed.  Loved it, can’t wait for next week.

Next week brings on Season 9 of NCIS…Wahoo!!!