DWTS – 2011 – Week Two

Chaz Bono lives to dance another day.  Yeah for Chaz.  He’s not the best dancer but there are way worse dancers on the show right now that should be eliminated before him.  So yeah for you Chaz.

Best DWTS quote of the week come from Chynna Phillips.

“Sorry Jesus I have to curse.”

It’s okay Chynna…I’m sure Jesus understands.  I think Chynna has what it takes to make the finals but its early on and anything can happen with the public voting.

The bottom two were okay with me this week.  David Arquette is entertaining but he’s not a natural dancer and Elisabetta should stick to the runways.  If found that the most glamorous models they’ve had on the show have limited natural rhythm.  Weird…their profession requires such grace but as I found out from Rob Kardashian there is a difference between WALKING and DANCING.

On to Rob.  The judges loved him…I did not.  He walks when he’s supposed to be dancing.   Right now he looks like a square peg in a round hole.

This week Carson wasn’t so great but he’s fun to watch and it’s too soon for my man to go.  He makes me want to tune in next week just to see what he’ll do next!  I LOVE YOU CARSON!!!

The top of the pack is definitely Hope and Ricki Lake.  Hope had an awful costume and horrible shoes.  Over all she was just okay.  Her outfit did nothing to help her situation.  Bean said she thought if she had been wearing a dress we wouldn’t have noticed the stiffness in her legs so much.  I totally agreed.  She’s dancing with Maks so she should do well.

Ricki’s got Derek so again I’m not too worried I think she’ll just get better each week.  But I’m most excited by JR Martinez!

JR played Brot Monroe on All My Children but beyond that he’s having so much fun with it all.  He’s got a great partner in Karina and I just love him!  I want him to win the trophy!  He’s a soldier who fell into an acting career after the most unthinkable thing happened to him.  He’s one of us who worked hard for a dream and never let life get him down.  Oh and that boy can DANCE!  I don’t care what the judges said about his performance this week…JR was AMAZING!!!

Judge observations this week.  I’m glad that Bruno kept his shirt on because that was just scary stuff!  Len needs a nap because he’s getting cranky and Carrie Ann has been extremely agreeable and happy since she got engaged 🙂


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