DWTS: The One Where Cher Is FABULOUS!

I wonder if I watched DWTS last night because I love the show so much or because Cher was going to be in the audience?  Okay both I guess.  So here is my break down of the show.

First…why do the judges love Rob Kardashian so much?  Yes he’s slowly improving but not enough to make him Super Rob.

The music choices were as challenging as a Chopped Mystery Basket with Squid Ink as one of its ingredients.  Here are my notes.

  • Ricki Lake/Derek – This girl can dance!  She’s my pick for the big dance.  Ricki is lucky because Derek is a perfectionist/genius.  Their song to dance to was the theme to Psycho and their dance was the tango.  It was AMAZING!!!  Unlike some of the oddities we witnessed earlier in the evening it was a masterpiece!  Well done!
  • Carsen Kressley I love you and your boyish charm.  Don’t ever stop being fabulous.  Your rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean was comical and delightful…I just couldn’t figure out what dance you were actually doing.  I give you a 10 on entertainment and a 7 for the actual dancing.
  • Chaz sweetie…you have heart but are sorely lacking in any rhythm.  On a side note…you have tiny feet and it makes me giggle like a school girl.
  • Poor Hope Solo…she has potential…she needs to just give in to Maks and let him drive the truck.
  • Nancy Grace you were robbed and beat up by the Judges.  Your performance was amazing.  I’ve been shocked by you each week.  I may not like your show but I like your dancing 🙂
  • Chynna…sweet Chynna…get out of your head…think like a Baldwin.  A twinkle of the eye, a skip in your step let the dance fairy guide you.
  • David Arquette…your daughter is cute and your ex-wife is cute.  That’s all I have for David Arquette.  Oh and hey did you see his sister Patricia cheering for him…I really liked her show Medium.
  • JR…I love you.  Your dance was fun and I loved it like I love you.  This is my lovefest!

All and all it was a groovy good time made all the better by her awesomeness Miss Cher.

p.s. 2-Broke Girls is hysterical and if it gets canceled I’m never watching CBS again…well except for NCIS!


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