The Theremin’s Making A Comeback

The Theremin’s making a comeback and it only took 50 years.  Bean and I have some odd conversation…like this one.

Me (singing):  Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…nobody knows my…(not singing)…Oh this would be so much better if I had that Star Trek instrument that Sheldon has.
Bean:  What’s that called again?
Me:  It’s a Xenophon or a xylophone or something like that…what’s it called again.
Bean:  When we don’t know something we look it up. (click, click, click of the keys).
Me:  Oh you are looking it up?
Bean:  Yes see me on the computer…you always do that.
Me:  I do.
Bean:  What did you think it was called.
Me:  I don’t know. Xena-warrior-princess-phone
Bean:  It’s a Theremin.
Me:  Oh yeah…that’s it…a Theremin.
Bean:  I know, I just said that.
Me:  They are cool.

Sometimes I just don’t make any sense at all but I think she still loves me anyway 🙂

Later Bean and I discussed maybe getting a theremin.

I looked it up and then I saw you can get a How To Play The Theremin DVD for only 24.95.  Then  I really thought about it and I thought I would easily tired of it.  So I decided to play with my batman stuff instead.


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