Gleek…Better Late Than Never

I have found the best TV Show and it’s over.  I’ve wanted to watch Glee for years but it went against other shows I watched so I never got on the Gleek bus.  Enter…NETFLIX.  The greatest thing about Netflix is the fact one can watch an entire series from beginning to end.  YAY!


I love this show!  The drama of High School mixed with singing and dancing.  It’s like a cool version of FAME.  It reminded me of another show I loved.  Freaks and Geeks was a great show that only saw one season but what a great season.


It reminded me so much of my first two years of High School.  It was 1979-80 and I was a freshman.  It was a time to find where you belonged in a sea of other kids looking for their place as well.  It was the best part of high school.  It can be hard but we all survived even if we hated the experience.  Then I remember the moment that I realized it was all coming to an end.  I was standing on the back stairwell and I looked down the stairs behind me and it was then I had no idea what to expect from life.


I survived it all.  I survived what life had thrown at me (so far).  I can look back fondly and smile.  Reuniting with old class mates and sharing stories like it was yesterday.  Yeah, I like smiling.

Also, I realized both of these shows took place at McKinley High School, lol.


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