People Hate You For A Reason

So that “hunter” killed Cecil the Lion for his head and skin.  First…eww.  Second, you really aren’t a hunter when you have people guide you to the watering hole or lure an animal to you.  That’s more trapping than hunting and frankly all you do is kill so hunter no…killer yes, you are a killer.

We all know the loser’s name who killed Cecil and he’s getting his because of the justified outcry of anger he will probably lose his practice.  This will make it harder for this fool to kill again.

Unfortunately this isn’t the only idiot who kills for what is considered sport.  It’s not really a sport by the way.  The two idiot Trump brothers went on a similar hunt more than once and killed majestic animals because it was cool?  They were bored? It is more likely that it is only because they have more money than brains.

1920113_10152251934265169_1192418682_nSo rich folks with too much money and not enough brains why don’t you do something positive for these African Nations with your money.  You could start a school…raise crops…feed the poor and like not kill anything.

Also if you are bored…take up knitting at least you would produce something good for yourself and others. If you want to really impress people you could spin your own wool.  That actually takes skill…and time.

Stop being losers…the world had to many stupid people as it is!

That is all.


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