I’m Ebenezer Scrooge…Who Knew

This Christmas season is much better for me than I’ve seen in about 7 years.  It is an odd coincidence that it was also on the 7th anniversary of Jacob Marley’s death Scrooge got his joy back too.  This year my life is good.  I’m happy and its due to the fact that Bean wears flip flops.
Christmas hasn’t been fun for me in a long time.  I wallowed and as much as I know that’s not a good thing I did it anyway.  My friends would try to distract me but at the end of the day I went home to my empty home.  The dogs are great company but they can’t say hey butthead stop with the mopey.  All they could do was sit next to me as I sat on the floor and looked at the Christmas tree I forced myself to put up even though I had no Christmas spirit inside at all.
Bean is not a wallower and this is great for me.  So in her pursuit of making Christmas a new fun and happy time she has embarked on ‘Operation Level 9 Girl’.  Let me tell you she’s very good.  I laughed when I put up the tree this year.

She took me to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ in town.  I read this story every Christmas.  I read it from my Dad’s book.  It’s a sentimental journey for me.  This production was well done.  I loved it!  The cast did such an amazing job and the snow flowing in the theater at the end of the performance was wicked cool!
I can honestly say that if I never get another tangible gift it wouldn’t’ matter too me because she gives me a gift every day…she loves me.  The intangibles are the ones that stick with this sentimental girl.  I see an amazing Christmas coming my way this year!



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