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FOS Project: John & Molly’s

This weekend we were took time to visit Air Victory Museum.  It was fun.  it’s a small Museum in Lumberton, NJ.  Totally worth the visit.

After our visit I used Trip Advisor to find a good place to have lunch.  John and Molly’s was rate #1 for the area.



It didn’t disappoint.  The portions were huge.  The food was good and best of all they had French Onion Soup on the menu.

This FOS was super tasty.  I’m always excited when I see a place has prime rib on the menu because they tend to have the best FOS.  This soup was super awesome!  I was prepared to move it to the #1 FOS I’ve ever had.  I now think it’s tied for # with the Rio Station in Wildwood, NJ.

Check out John & Molly’s for some tasty foods!

Memorial Day – Remembering

Memorial Day isn’t really a day about parades and picnics.  It’s about remembering those service persons who fought for the idea of freedom and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  People like SSG Larry S. Pierce.

SSG Pierce was awarded the CMH.  He was only 24 when he lost his life to protect his fellow soldiers.  Thank you SSG Pierce and his family.  America owes you a debt of gratitude.

In my town the local Post sponsors a parade, picnic and Memorial which includes reading the list of fallen from Our Town.  Remembering our heroes.

I’m proud of Our Town.

French Onion Soup Project – Volume #6

We went to a local place over the weekend for some tasty treats.  MaGerk’s is a pub like atmosphere with Draft beers but also offers a Seafood Steampot.  I highly recommend the Cheese Steak Nachos!

French Onion Soup was on the menu so of course I must take the challenge and get it.  It was very good.

IMG_5150 (300x400)

It wasn’t too salty and the cheese was perfect.  I’m not a fan of Sharp Provolone cheese on my FOS and was very happy this fair didn’t have any of that.  The cheese was perfectly melted and the bread in the broth was just the right amount.  There is nothing worse than breaking through the cheese to find one wet piece of bread and no broth.  Kudos Chef at MaGerk’s.  You’ve done a fine job!

On the FOSP meter I give it a solid 4+’s

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland Trip Part II

On our whirlwind trip to Cleveland, Ohio we hit as many of the major events as possible.  We did the whole drive around the city.  This included University Circle where a lot of the Museums are located.  Very neat!


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must if you are doing the Tourist Thing.  The building is unique and sits on the bank of Lake Erie.  The views are stunning.  It also is filled with tons of Music History!


I can’t say why I was moved by seeing Michael Jackson’s glove but it happened.  I guess growing up with Michael in the 70’s and 80’s left and impression on me.


So many cool things to take your picture with that I took like 300 pictures, lol.


A wealth of Rock and Roll history everywhere you turn.  There are movies and music kiosks to make the trip more interactive.  While we were there Bands made up of teenagers were playing in the lobby as part of the School of Rock.  It is totally worth the trip.  The entrance price is a little steep but there will be hours of entertainment waiting for you inside!

A Visit To Ralphie’s House aka The Christmas Story House

This past weekend I had a big birthday.  One of those kinds of Birthday’s that you do something expensive.  I had my choice of what I wanted to do.  ‘A party?’…No thank you.  ‘A Trip?’…yes a trip might be nice.  ‘Hawaii?’…no I was just at the beach.  ‘You like Disney World’.  Yes I do, but I’ve been there many times (although it is a Magical place I will return too).  ‘Where would you like to go?’ my wife asked me.  I got on Trip Advisor and that’s when it hit me, Ralphie’s House!!!  She said, ‘Are you sure?’.  Yes I was sure so she packed me in the car and off we went to the land of Drew Carey….CLEVELAND!


The Christmas Story House is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was so much FUN.  Frank Smith, our tour guide, was filled with one story after another about the making of the film, the cast and the neighborhood.  He had us laughing and smiling the whole time.


There whole house was refurbished to the 1940’s look after it was purchased by Mega Fan Brian Jones.  He and his wife made this a really awesome place to visit.  Fun and exciting and well…FUN!


There wasn’t anything that I didn’t experience in this house.  The Lamp in the window (you can touch practically everything).  The Red Ryder BB Gun, sit on the sofa while holding a ‘blue ball’ or stand by the Christmas tree and get your picture taken.


I even got under the sink where Randy waited for Daddy to come home and kill Ralphie, lol.


I’m making this face because Mrs. Schwartz is yelling at me on the phone.  When we were out in the back yard I could hear a train whistle of in the yonder…just like in the movie!

If you are in Cleveland, around Cleveland or thinking of something to do…go to Cleveland and see Ralphie’s House.  Tell Frank I said Hi!!!


On Saturday, the Wife and I headed to the beach just for fun.  It wasn’t really a good weekend for the beach due to all the rain but just to be that close to the ocean is amazing in its own.  I was taking random pictures (because I’m always taking random pictures) and The Mrs. stuck her hand up in front of the camera.  This is the cool picture that happened:

IMG_2240 (400x300)

Sometimes the most awesome moments happen at the beach!  I can’t wait to go back!

Rainy Days and Garden Festivals

IMG_0201 (400x300)

Every year we attend the local Garden Festival.  It’s a wonderful time to take a stroll, run into old friends and make new ones.  It’s also when the May Day Dancers come out and give a performance to remind us of the old world customs.

IMG_0199 (300x400)

People bring their dogs out for a walk down the main strip but this year I saw a pet rabbit for the first time.  This is Baby.  She was so relaxed around all those dogs.  That is one chill rabbit!

IMG_0229 (400x300)

Everyone was chill…even this dog who people watched while his humans ate lunch.

IMG_0234 (400x300)

Even though it rained while we were there (it later cleared up of course) it was a relaxing and enjoyed experience.  I always look forward to strolling The Hill.

More On The Weather

Not much has been happening around here this winter.  It’s just too dang cold, snowy or icy outside to partake in major outdoor activities.  I have been taking pictures though. We didn’t get a Nor’Easter this weekend instead it snowed another 3″ of snow last night and some more is expected later in the week.  It should lead to even more photos.  So here are some of what I have recorded.

This is what happens when it’s very, very cold and cars drive through a puddle.  It becomes art 🙂

IMG_8187 (400x300)

Bean actually took these photos…I was driving the car and she’s not a fan of me driving and using the camera at the same time, lol.

IMG_8188 (400x300)

I was visiting a friend over the weekend when I fell in love with these two snowmen.

IMG_8215 (400x300)

Okay the Snowman across the street was a little creepy.  But still fun!

IMG_8216 (400x300)

There was a pink sunrise event yesterday morning.  It was beautiful!

IMG_8380 (400x300)
IMG_8381 (400x300)

This morning after the storm it was hazy and cold.

IMG_8385 (400x300)

It just reminded me that I was spoiled over the last few winters with little snow and mild temps.  Mother Nature sure likes to hand out wake-up calls!

I Swelled Up and Read Some More

This weekend brought it’s challenges.  RA ruled the day and I was sad about that.  I also found that articulating myself isn’t my strong suit.

I don’t like to burden those around me with my RA because nothing can be done once a flare is in full progress and I do not like to burden anyone with my RA crap.  I find it tedious that I have to go through it.   My poor wife was lucky to have a front row seat to my RA induced melt down.  She’s a trooper though and weathered the storm with me.

Its been a stressful couple of weeks and the weather in my part of town has been snowy and filled with lots of barometric pressure.  Add all of this together and it equals a weekend of swelled joints, excruciating pain and debilitating sadness.  I think I’m suffering in silence but the atmosphere I created was louder than the drumline at half time.

It was a bad weekend for me but I learned some stuff.  If I articulate myself better and ask for help things aren’t so bad.  Now I just have to remember that for the next time!

The upside of laying around resting all weekend is that I finished reading 3 books.  Yeah for quiet time!

Duct Tape Saves The World

…or just this guy.


I stand corrected…duct tape can fix everything!