Flip Flops and a Wet T-Shirt Contest

Bean pointed out to me that perhaps I was a bit to doom and gloom with the whole Meteor post yesterday.  She does wear flip-flops so I shouldn’t worry about that other shoe, lol (um she totally does y’all!).  And what have a learned from yesterdays post…Bean reads my blog 😉  Oh yeah and I shouldn’t be pessimistic anymore.

Flip Flops Grow On Trees...Who Knew

We have only known each other a short time but I do know I want to appreciate her more.  She’s also apparently immune to my dorkiness.  Yeah for me!

I was recently complaining to um…EVERYONE…that we needed some rain here in Philly cause my grass was all dead or brownish mostly deadish.  When we got a couple of showers on Saturday I was all ‘right on man’.  Today I woke up to heavy down pours and I seriously needed an ark or some kind of flotation device because WTF it was coming down like an inch a second!!!!  It’s supposed to do this all day and hello this dork forgot her umbrella in the car.  Maybe I can send Scooter out to get it…he loves me…well for $20 bucks he loves me 😉  So this morning all of my work mates have been enrolled in a wet t-shirt contest and…a…well…it’s kind of freaking me out…A LOT!

p.s.  My Zombie apparently does not walk the red dog in the rain.  I wonder if Zombies like melt in the rain?  Yet another questions for the Bloggess.  I should really just get all my Zombie questions together and get them all answered at once.



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