The One Where Bean Leaves Me

…for a couple of day of vacation.  She probably won’t even care because she’s going away with my roommate Bjorn and right now I think he sucks!  Yes I am a petulant child 😉

I was thinking about what I will do while she’s off to see our fine country and I thought of this list of things I will do while Bean and Bjorn are having fun…without me.  (Damn those nuns could work that guilt thingy…I’ve learned much, lol).

  • Reorganize my closets.  I had a friend over about 8 months ago whom I haven’t seen nor heard from…I figure the closet is the best place to start.
  • alphabetized my stuffed animals.
  • Find the cap to the toothpaste.
  • Teach Mickie not to be an a-hole.
  • Darn my socks.
  • Re-evaluate Einstein’s theory of relativity.  It think he was smoking crack when he came up with that math gem.
  • Take Willow to the groomers
  • Clean my andirons.
  • Practice the Cupid Shuffle…I look like a Spaz right now.
  • Read the Book of Mormon…aka kill all spiders.
  • Think About School a lot.  HA HA HA…that’s just a HTB thing.
  • Practice at Uno so I don’t get my butt kicked so much by Bean.

Really the one thing that tops the list is I’m going to miss her.  She’s kind of awesome squared.



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