The Rainbow Soapbox

I’m getting on my soapbox about Gay Marriage again.  What in the heck is wrong with people?  First, let us just get this out in the open.  The people against GM are against it because of religious reasons.  They fear my soul will be condemned to hell for eternity.  That is what they believe…this is not what I believe.  I grew up in a religion that used God for all of the evil acts that were committed in His name.  These murderous acts were not really committed for God but for man…usually one man…the guy in power at the time whether he be King or Pope.  It was about wealth and power and nothing more.  But they were never the folks who died for God’s Will…it was some dude who like glory and to be glorified to the Lord was like a get out of jail free card in Monopoly.
Moving on…Yesterday the DOMA folks were delivered a blow.  The gay judge who struck down Prop 8 in California was then attacked by the DOMA people because being gay he had a vested interest in the outcome.  It was rather presumptuous that they just assume this Judge even wanted to marry.  This judge did not marry when the window was open but now because some person says so he does?  Anyway, the law is the law and when that law is discriminating against it’s people it should be shot down.
I read some comments over the last few days to several news stories about the miscellaneous Gay things in the news and I’m always amazed by those who quote the Bible…say they know the Bible’s intention and then call it God’s word so it must be followed.  First…God did not write the Bible…man did.  Second, those canons were to guide people who lived 2,000 years ago.  Thirdly, these same people who quote all the “homosexuality” verses of the Bible seem to ignore all of the other canons that specify things like stoning, raping, killing children, owning slaves, eating shellfish, eating pork and well you get the idea.  According to the Bible these offenses are just as serious offenses against God as man lying with man.  Yet they are vastly ignored as a whole by the “followers of the word of God”.
So as I step off my Rainbow colored soapbox I say…save your own soul first and leave me to worry about my own soul.  And while you chose to be selfish, petty and mean…I chose to love with a full happy heart.

Now if you excuse me…according to the DOMA’s I should be off trying to marry my dog even though she’s not my type…you know Human, LOL.



  1. I really, seriously don;t know why people get their undies in such a bunch over this issue. It’s not like gay folks go out trying to convert people. And those who think so are just ignorant beyond belief.

    My hubs was an almost militantly heterosexual when we met. Over the years though he’s met a lot of my gay friends and as he’s become more knowledgeable, he’s also become great friends with many of them.

  2. What I thought seemed rather inconsistent about the whole thing is what if this had been a ruling that in some way related to heterosexual marriage – by a hetero judge? Would we even hear about it in the news? No, and I’m sure such “conflicts of interest” happen all the time.

  3. The beautiful thing is Love will always rule the day. Marriage or no marriage…GLBT folks will still exist…still commit and still have families.

    I’m hopeful that people will see that no matter what aisle you stand in 🙂

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