Zombies Invade Barnes and Noble

And I was there to capture the moment!  Luckily I had Bean with me because apparently I’m a huge wuss (see spider incident of 2010).

I was rather surprised that others have the same fascination with zombies as I do.  This lead me to wonder if they all read The Bloggess or is it just random Zombie love?  Any way my favorite Zombie book was “10 Little Zombies”.  Here are the array of photos I took at BnN.

For the Zombie who needs a hobbie

This book was a cute story to read the kids before bed

Poor Kevin

This book had buttons to push....mmmm buttons....

Zombies for Zombies instead of for Dummies

Good trip to the book store.

I know I’ve been out of action for the last like 12 days but that’s because I was on vacation.  I’ll have photos momentarily about my Houseboat excursion.  Loads of fun was had but there was one tragedy that lead to lots of drinking and missing Bean all the more.



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