Sarah McLachlan and I Sing The Sad Songs

Things have been crazy for me the last few weeks.  Last Thursday Me and the Mrs. saw Sarah McLachlan in concert.  She was amazing!


I love going to see concerts where the acts sound just like the albums they produce.  She is one of these singers.  She uses instruments and not a lot of techno-goop.  That stuff works for acts like The Pet Shop Boys but not for people like Sarah McLachlan.


A couple of weeks ago we saw The Backstreet Boys in concert and they also put on an amazing show.  Love their new songs and glad to see them around all these years later still performing.


The sound great too.

Well I sang along with Sarah like I do in the morning while driving to work.  I think she was okay with me being her back up singer.  But look out Sarah because I may just cut my own album one day!

Stop Trying To Kill Me With Your Smell!

This is just going to be a rant against those people who over perfume and over cologne.  Seriously people some of us have allergies to your stank!  Although you think your fragrance is exotic and alluring all it is to me is an awful attack of allergies followed by a massive headache.

Men are heartily guilty of over doing the cologne.  They splash it on like after shave.  Boys…cologne is not after shave.  They then wipe their hands on their shirt or jacket and the smell doubles.  It’s not sexy…it’s smelly.  Over powering smelly.

It isn’t just men who make this mistake, women are just as guilty in my watery eyes as the men.  When I was younger and starting to do girly things my Mother taught me the “spray and walk into the mist” method.  It works.  You get just the right amount of perfume and it’s spread out so it tends not to be over powering.  How about the old a dab behind each ear method?  Equally as successful and keeps the fragrance to a minimum for those of us who do not want to participate in your hygiene.

So to end this little tantrum…let’s keep it in perspective people.  Not everyone loves the way you smell so to force you stink on everyone isn’t very fair.  So I promise not to fart all over the place if you keep the cologne to a spritz…deal?

RA Is Not OA

I’m not in remission any more.  I miss it.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I recently know two people who died of complications with RA.  First, was a woman I used to work with years ago.  We had mutual friends and when I heard she was dying I was shocked.  The second person was a young woman in my support group.  It made me more determined than ever to do everything I can to push this stupid disease back into remission.

If only it was that easy.  My hands and feet are swollen all of the time.  I have inflammation of my Costal Joints which makes it painful to move and breathe but I’m luckier than most.  I have a cheerleader who keeps me pumped up.  She doesn’t let me give into the pain.

I’ve always been determined not to let RA define me.  I may have to make adjustments to my life but it will not become the center of my life.  I have too much to do, lol.

OA vs. RA

OA vs. RA

What drives me crazy is those who compare RA with OA (Osteoarthritis).  It’s not the same.  Yes my bones and joints are affected like OA but it is completely different.  I have an autoimmune disease.  My body is attacking itself.  OA is a natural wearing of your joints.  It’s not the same.

Please stop telling me if I drink Apple Cider Vinegar I will be healed…because I won’t.  Stop telling me its mind over matter…because it’s not.  Please stop telling me you were healed by your Chiropractor because I won’t be healed by an adjustment.  So in short…Just stop.  I thank you for your concern but you don’t know what you are talking about.

That is all.

Gay Marriage = Just Marriage

Two weeks ago the State of Pennsylvania’s Courts ruled that the L&G community was indeed allowed to marry.  That the law discriminated against a group of taxpayers based not on legality but “moral” opinion.

PA became the 19th State to allow L&G’ers the right to marry and enjoy all of the protections under the laws of the USA and the State of Pennsylvania.  Our Republican Governor (Who is currently in a campaign for re-election) said he will not fight the decision but is still against Gay Marriage.   I really thought it would have to taken longer for this issue to come up in our State Court.



Since there is no longer “Gay Marriage” it’s just plain old simple Marriage I prepare to marry the same person for the third time.  She would like this to be the last wedding we have, lol.  I completely agree ;)


This week a woman from my past has come Home and it made me reflect on years gone by.  My Mother was right when she said time flies by too quickly.  When I was younger I thought it moved to slowly and now I wish it would slow the hell down.

Take a moment today to reflect on a person whom you haven’t seen in a long time.  Give them a call even…you won’t regret it.  They only thing we ever truly regret are the things we did not do.

Rainy Days and Garden Festivals

IMG_0201 (400x300)

Every year we attend the local Garden Festival.  It’s a wonderful time to take a stroll, run into old friends and make new ones.  It’s also when the May Day Dancers come out and give a performance to remind us of the old world customs.

IMG_0199 (300x400)

People bring their dogs out for a walk down the main strip but this year I saw a pet rabbit for the first time.  This is Baby.  She was so relaxed around all those dogs.  That is one chill rabbit!

IMG_0229 (400x300)

Everyone was chill…even this dog who people watched while his humans ate lunch.

IMG_0234 (400x300)

Even though it rained while we were there (it later cleared up of course) it was a relaxing and enjoyed experience.  I always look forward to strolling The Hill.