RA Is Not OA

I’m not in remission any more.  I miss it.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I recently know two people who died of complications with RA.  First, was a woman I used to work with years ago.  We had mutual friends and when I heard she was dying I was shocked.  The second person was a young woman in my support group.  It made me more determined than ever to do everything I can to push this stupid disease back into remission.

If only it was that easy.  My hands and feet are swollen all of the time.  I have inflammation of my Costal Joints which makes it painful to move and breathe but I’m luckier than most.  I have a cheerleader who keeps me pumped up.  She doesn’t let me give into the pain.

I’ve always been determined not to let RA define me.  I may have to make adjustments to my life but it will not become the center of my life.  I have too much to do, lol.

OA vs. RA

OA vs. RA

What drives me crazy is those who compare RA with OA (Osteoarthritis).  It’s not the same.  Yes my bones and joints are affected like OA but it is completely different.  I have an autoimmune disease.  My body is attacking itself.  OA is a natural wearing of your joints.  It’s not the same.

Please stop telling me if I drink Apple Cider Vinegar I will be healed…because I won’t.  Stop telling me its mind over matter…because it’s not.  Please stop telling me you were healed by your Chiropractor because I won’t be healed by an adjustment.  So in short…Just stop.  I thank you for your concern but you don’t know what you are talking about.

That is all.

Gay Marriage = Just Marriage

Two weeks ago the State of Pennsylvania’s Courts ruled that the L&G community was indeed allowed to marry.  That the law discriminated against a group of taxpayers based not on legality but “moral” opinion.

PA became the 19th State to allow L&G’ers the right to marry and enjoy all of the protections under the laws of the USA and the State of Pennsylvania.  Our Republican Governor (Who is currently in a campaign for re-election) said he will not fight the decision but is still against Gay Marriage.   I really thought it would have to taken longer for this issue to come up in our State Court.



Since there is no longer “Gay Marriage” it’s just plain old simple Marriage I prepare to marry the same person for the third time.  She would like this to be the last wedding we have, lol.  I completely agree ;)


This week a woman from my past has come Home and it made me reflect on years gone by.  My Mother was right when she said time flies by too quickly.  When I was younger I thought it moved to slowly and now I wish it would slow the hell down.

Take a moment today to reflect on a person whom you haven’t seen in a long time.  Give them a call even…you won’t regret it.  They only thing we ever truly regret are the things we did not do.

Rainy Days and Garden Festivals

IMG_0201 (400x300)

Every year we attend the local Garden Festival.  It’s a wonderful time to take a stroll, run into old friends and make new ones.  It’s also when the May Day Dancers come out and give a performance to remind us of the old world customs.

IMG_0199 (300x400)

People bring their dogs out for a walk down the main strip but this year I saw a pet rabbit for the first time.  This is Baby.  She was so relaxed around all those dogs.  That is one chill rabbit!

IMG_0229 (400x300)

Everyone was chill…even this dog who people watched while his humans ate lunch.

IMG_0234 (400x300)

Even though it rained while we were there (it later cleared up of course) it was a relaxing and enjoyed experience.  I always look forward to strolling The Hill.

I Came, I Saw, I Kicked It Old School

While in Las Vegas recently on business I was presented with a unique opportunity.  We went to the Stratosphere and the views were breath-taking.  Atop of the hotel are rides.  Very high and scary rides.  One in particular is called “Insanity” and riding it is just that…insane.  My work mate who was with me said…”You wanna do it?”  And I (who is afraid of heights) said…’Okay’.  So we rode the scariest ride I’ve ever been on.

20140408_152225 (300x400)

IMG_9615 (400x300)

This ride drags you off the side of the hotel and dangles you at 900 ft. above the ground.  Then it spins you at approximately 40 mph while you are pivoted in a facing down angle.  You can’t help but see how high you really are, lol.  I didn’t close my eyes and gave into the craziness of it all.  Yeah, I kicked that ride in the a$$ and took names!

I think karma gave me a reward for facing fear.

20140409_141917 (300x400)

I found Elvis and got my picture taken!  Which was my biggest goal for my first trip to Vegas!

April is For Birdwatching

I love April every year because Winter is lessening its grip on us and it is the one time a year one can get a glimpse of so many species of birds that aren’t necessarily local.  The birds migrate home and sometimes stop in our little corner of the world for a rest and a bite to eat.  I could sit for hours and watches these visitors.  Here are some of the birds I snapped on camera.

IMG_9892 (400x300)

IMG_9883 (400x300)

IMG_9830 (400x300)

IMG_9869 (400x300)

IMG_9881 (400x300)

IMG_9824 (400x300)

IMG_9856 (400x300)

It was an amazing day!

FOSP: Harry’s Taproom

We recently found this new place near where we live called Harry’s Taproom.  They specialize in Bacon and Bacon associated recipes.  Very, very tasty morsels indeed!  They have French Onion Soup on the menu so of course I ordered it.

20140404_200525 (400x300)

The broth was very good.  The same goes for the bread.  My only issue was the Sharp Provolone Cheese they used on top.  I’ve never been a fan of bitter cheeses and Sharp Provolone is such a cheese.  For me the cheese over powered the broth.

I know that everyone who loves sharp cheese would find this soup delightful.  That said…

20140404_201809 (400x300)

I, of course ate the entire soup.  Waste not, want not!

20140404_200455 (400x300)

The bacon sampler was awesome!  How can you not like bacon!  I heart it very much :)

20140404_200442 (400x300)

Bacon and cheddar dip is a favorite of our group.  So creamy and delicious!

20140404_204528 (400x300)

This is a bacon, cheddar steak sandwich.   Amazing flavors topped with bacon.  Genius I tell you…pure genius!