FOSP: Harry’s Taproom

We recently found this new place near where we live called Harry’s Taproom.  They specialize in Bacon and Bacon associated recipes.  Very, very tasty morsels indeed!  They have French Onion Soup on the menu so of course I ordered it.

20140404_200525 (400x300)

The broth was very good.  The same goes for the bread.  My only issue was the Sharp Provolone Cheese they used on top.  I’ve never been a fan of bitter cheeses and Sharp Provolone is such a cheese.  For me the cheese over powered the broth.

I know that everyone who loves sharp cheese would find this soup delightful.  That said…

20140404_201809 (400x300)

I, of course ate the entire soup.  Waste not, want not!

20140404_200455 (400x300)

The bacon sampler was awesome!  How can you not like bacon!  I heart it very much :)

20140404_200442 (400x300)

Bacon and cheddar dip is a favorite of our group.  So creamy and delicious!

20140404_204528 (400x300)

This is a bacon, cheddar steak sandwich.   Amazing flavors topped with bacon.  Genius I tell you…pure genius!

Wintering with the Dead

I love cemeteries.  When I walk the line of headstones I wonder what the story is of the person buried beneath the stone.

IMG_8809 (300x400)

Every person who lives has a story.  Sometimes we get a glimpse of the person.  In older, wealthier cemeteries the people would honor their dearly departed with their likeness on the stone it’s self.





IMG_3696 (400x300)IMG_3695 (400x300)


There are other times when the family has a desperate need to honor and remember their beloved family member.
IMG_3571 (400x300)

William Warner’s grave is one of those families.  William died at a young age and his Father so missed him he commissioned this tomb stone for his beloved son.  The Angel opens the coffin lid so that William in his ghost state (his face is etched into the cloud) could rise and travel to heaven with her.  It’s so beautiful.  Whenever I visit Laurel Hill Cemetery I always am drawn to it.  You can just see the love for this young man in the artistry of his monument.

Hillside-LA-JoeyLutz (400x300)

Joey Lutz’s family felt the same way as the Warner family.  They also gave the traveler’s like me who would stumble upon his stone a glimpse of his life.  He was Loved, A Son, A Brother, A Teacher and a Friend.  He was young when he died but he touched many along the way.


Then there are lonely stones like this one.  It rests in a small cemetery not used since the early 20th Century.  It’s not well maintained and it rests oddly between a real estate office and a now defunct car dealership.  This stone makes me sad.  It is the stone of my relatives who died in the 19th Century.  Their stories have been lost forever.  I visit it from time to time so it is less lonely a place.

FOSP: The Lucky Dog Edition

We recently started going to a local restaurant.  I hadn’t been there since they opened like 100 years ago (okay maybe not that long).  I forgot how tasty their food is and it’s been nice to try some new things.

20140329_134423 (400x300)They have French Onion Soup on the menu so of course I had to try it!  It was good.  I think I would give it higher praise if it was coated with mozzarella or provolone cheese instead of swiss.  The broth wasn’t too salty (yay) and the bread was perfect.  I didn’t mind the swiss cheese that much but I’m like…well I’m a cheese snob.

This is funny because I’m lactose intolerant and eat so little of it that to be a cheese snob is sort of ludicrous, lol.  Hey I’m ludicrous :)

Over all I think I could move this FOS to about #3 on my over all list.  Still holding the #1 ranking is Rio Station, Wildwood, New Jersey.

Life Is Hard…After All It Kill You

Okay I stole my headline from Katherine Hepburn so sue me…wait that was metaphorical…don’t sue me.  Life has been so busy lately I’m not sure what is actually happening.  There are blurry visions of things I’ve done over the last month but on a certain level I couldn’t tell you what they were but if you told me I could probably agree that is what happened.

I wish I could remember being a kid and wonder now if I felt this way then?  Exams, school and the what not…was it really that difficult?  I’ve found that my memory of childhood has become very selective over the years.  My mind’s eye, for the most part, only wants to remember happy things. In the last month my mind has opened up to some not so pleasant memories.  They happened and honestly I wished I wasn’t remembering them at all.  It was so much better being in the dark about things that aren’t pleasant.

20140306_205851 (300x400)

The only answer I’ve come up with over the years is life is sometimes hard no matter what age and if at all possible I need to stop for a moment and smell the roses or in my case the strawberries because I’m allergic to flowers, lol.

Goodbye Mr. Phelps

This week Fred Phelps who used the word of God as a weapon of bigotry and hatred died and very few wept.  So very sad that no one will really miss him. That his legacy will only be that of anger, hatred, intolerance and bigotry.  If the news accounts of him being excommunicated by his own church are real, this is even sadder.

Fred Phelps and his “church” chose the darkest parts of the Bible to defend their beliefs.  They were trained in Constitutional law and if you violated their free speech well you would be slapped with a civil suit.  Their free speech was one of hate, bigotry and intolerance.  All the things that Jesus would have spoken out against.  It made me think would Westboro have sued the Lord?  Probably.

As a gay person I don’t wish this man to burn in hell.  Frankly I don’t believe in hell myself but I do know that whatever Mr. Phelps’ next journey will be it might not be what he had hoped. Because like all the self titled “Christians” who promote violence, anger, hatred and ignorance they forgot what Jesus promoted and that was tolerance, love and that the least of you are my brothers.

It interests me greatly that those who claim they know the Lord, those who say they do the Lord’s work are steeped in arrogance.  How do they know that the Lord would preach hate, bigotry and anger?  They represent themselves (not all Christians are thus) as imparting God’s will.  How do they know how to interpret God’s will?  Didn’t God make us all in His likeness?  Why is God’s will only that of the will of Christians if we are all made by God?  I’m sure they all have an explanation for their views.  They always do. Where is the empathy for your fellow travelers?  In the end who was comforting Fred Phelps?  The people who only know hate.  The people who, in the end, may have excommunicated their father, brother and pastor?

You can keep that kind of Christianity.  Good luck to you Mr. Phelps because if there is a Heaven I’m not so sure from what I was taught as a Christian you are getting anywhere near it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve been of Irish Decent my whole life and although I’m actually American by nationality if you have an ounce of Irish blood coursing through your veins you remain always an Irishman in heart and blood!  So go get a drink…kick up your heels and Kiss someone just because they are Irish!

IMG_9057 (400x300)We had some St. Patrick’s Day snow arrive this morning.  It wasn’t a bad snow storm.  We got 1-3″ of snow but after a long winter of snow it has really gotten very old all of this snow.

Spring is only days away and we get warm days and then Winter is all “Hey Girl Hey”.  I’m ready for spring.  I’m sick of mud and salty roads and what not.  Bring on the green grass, leafy trees, beautiful flowers and yes…sneezing!  I’m ready for it!

Who knows, we may get another snow storm this month but at least I know it’s coming to an end, Wahoo!!!


The Queen Rocks it and I Love Squirrels

Okay first…we went from 58 degrees yesterday to in the teens (wind chill) today.  WTH winter…give it up already!

Secondly…Well done your Majesty!  Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval for gays and lesbians to marry in Scotland!  Brits should also be engaging in marital bliss soon as well!  It’s brilliant…Cheers!

Thirdly…I took some more pictures of my Squirrel Minions that live outside my house.

IMG_8811 (400x300)
IMG_8812 (300x400)
IMG_8821 (400x300)

I just can’t help myself I love squir…Hey did you know that Batman is the coolest of the Super Heroes?