Winter’s Mean

We are finally getting a break from the Polar Vortex/Arctic Blast mess from the last two weeks.

Winter is cold but rarely this cold.  It was 5 degrees with a windchill of -7.  This is Pennsylvania…not Minnesota!

We had snow, ice and freezing rain.  I’m pretty sure we have hit every type of precipitation there is to out there.

We even were able to make artwork from the frost that grew on our storm door.  The truth is out there people!  It was so cold that we didn’t go out much at all.  The dogs hated it and so did we.

There was even a snow day.  In Adult that  just translates into work-from-home.  I tried to drive to work but the roads were very dangerous.  It just wasn’t worth it.  My boss thankfully called and said stay home as I was going back home, lol.

One good thing we did discover was the laundry room is long enough to play Cornhole.  It was nice to have an outdoor activity to do indoors, lol.  We had to move the snow shovels and boots but good time had by all!



More On The Weather

Not much has been happening around here this winter.  It’s just too dang cold, snowy or icy outside to partake in major outdoor activities.  I have been taking pictures though. We didn’t get a Nor’Easter this weekend instead it snowed another 3″ of snow last night and some more is expected later in the week.  It should lead to even more photos.  So here are some of what I have recorded.

This is what happens when it’s very, very cold and cars drive through a puddle.  It becomes art 🙂

IMG_8187 (400x300)

Bean actually took these photos…I was driving the car and she’s not a fan of me driving and using the camera at the same time, lol.

IMG_8188 (400x300)

I was visiting a friend over the weekend when I fell in love with these two snowmen.

IMG_8215 (400x300)

Okay the Snowman across the street was a little creepy.  But still fun!

IMG_8216 (400x300)

There was a pink sunrise event yesterday morning.  It was beautiful!

IMG_8380 (400x300)
IMG_8381 (400x300)

This morning after the storm it was hazy and cold.

IMG_8385 (400x300)

It just reminded me that I was spoiled over the last few winters with little snow and mild temps.  Mother Nature sure likes to hand out wake-up calls!

Move Over Snowmageddon

…and make room for THE SNOWICANE 2010!

Was that dramatic enough?  It didn’t seem as dramatic as it should be did it?  Well the weather people  all look like they’ve just huffed and are high on potential snow amounts.  I think we are running out of really cool monikers for the snow storms of 2010 though.  Really…Snowicane?  Ha, I get it snow+hurricane, still lame in my book.  Once they gave us Snowmageddon how could anyone really top that.

Anyway in the panic of 2/24/10 I’m sure all of the bread will be bought, milk too and we will all be trapped for…a day like last time.  Kind of makes one wonder what it was like when the snow plow was being pulled by a horse?  Did the world end?  I’m pretty sure it didn’t cause like HERE I AM!!!  Hello….no over here…the hobbit that is waving at you!

So we wait and see what kind of precipitation is the order of Thursday and take bets around the water cooler at work as to which computer model the weather peeps spoke of is the actual track of the storm.  Is sure hope I win because that pool is like 14 cents now!!!

This quote I stole from my nephew who encountered an interesting bird at work yesterday.

Quote of the Day:

“When asked if she would like to donate to the Whole Planet Foundation, a middle-aged Republican woman responded that she couldn’t because Hillary Clinton is a homosexual.”

Global Warming My Butt

Yes I know it’s the winter time and it’s supposed to be cold but this is ridiculous.  I feel for all those people who can’t afford to heat their homes or are saddled with high utility bills this winter.  And Al Gore…Sir…you can suck it!!!

I’m not one of those people to worship Al Gore and his amazing science.  I’m one of those people who follows the science of the earth and knows that the Sun plays an active role in our weather patterns.  I also believe in the Farmer’s Almanac.  This is a  resource that tells us what the weather patterns were like over the last approximately 123 years.  I’m reading a diary of the depression right now. The year is 1932 and it is winter and it is one of the warmest winters experienced in Ohio in years.  So according to Al Gore they had Global warming back then too.

Nothing in this world can replace common sense.  Yet in this world we live in today TPTB try to legislate it, package it and even in some cases deplete it all together.

Conservation has always been a sound idea.  It’s common sense to realize that as the world expands the resources in which we rely would also need to some how expand as well.  Turning off the light or unplugging things you aren’t using is basic.  The cultish attitude that comes with “Green” is rather frightening.  Basically one man has built and empire / Religion on selling us all on the fact that, as Chicken Little put it, the sky is falling!  Please, the world is not ending.  From where I stand the only thing we need to fear (besides Global Thermonuclear War) is a major asteroid hitting Earth. And if that happens the whole planet will be an iceberg!

So instead of following Uncle Al to the Fear Factor we should all ply on some of that good old fashion common sense and live life responsibly!

Quote of the Day ~

“No other car puts its hand down your trousers and rummages around so well.”