I feel Wicked…

We went to see Wicked last night and it was phenomenal!!!

This is my third time seeing this wonderful Musical. Our seats were so close to the stage.  The best seat I’ve ever had for anything, lol!

I really have to thank my wife for having a Birthday and wanting tickets to see this show!  Thank you love!


Wicked Sunday

Bean took me to see Wicked yesterday and it was awesome!

20130728_122952 (400x300)

20130728_124532 (400x300)

20130728_144016 (300x400)

And look Kim Zimmer of Guiding Light and One Life To Live Fame was in the cast as Madame Morrible.  How Extra-side of Awesome was that!!  Ah…Way!

IMG_0290 (300x400)

Hey look Adult Sippy Cups, lol.

IMG_0293 (400x300)

It was an incredible afternoon with my Love.  Even though it poured rain later as we were leaving the theater nothing could dampen my exuberance!