Everything Is Blurry

It’s okay that I’ve been suffering with extreme eye strain, right?  I’m not alarmed because I’ve got an eye doctor’s appointment at the end of the month.  It’s been a cross between using the computer and reading small print.  It’s rather annoying.

I’ve taken on reading “IT” by Stephen King this summer.  I hate clowns more than I hate mosquitoes so that should say something about me.  It’s been a really good read but the print is small.  The book’s size is also overwhelming, 1098 pages.  Add it that I’ve been having nightmares from it makes this challenging on another level.  I can’t read it before bed.  Yup, it’s freaking me out that much.

My bedtime reading is Eileen Fulton’s “As My World Still Turns”.  I miss the old guard soaps that used to grace the airwaves.  There are only 4 left on the television anymore and that saddens me 😦

I miss Erica and Jackson from All My Children and Lucinda and Kim and Bob from As The World Turns and of course I miss Reva from Guiding Light.  So I picked this non-scary book to get me through my night time reading.

It’s been filled with anecdotes of Ms. Fulton’s rise to fame on As The World Turns as Lisa, the one time bad girl who became a friend to all.  No nightmares from this story.

IT is really good and I don’t like putting it down.  Not just because my paperback version has Tim Curry as Pennywise on the cover but because it’s a good read.  I also think knowing very little about the story has been good as well.

Everyone knows about Georgie and is floating boat but that’s pretty much the only party of the story I knew about.  I will never see the movies.  I do not like scary movies.  Even though I’ve seen some of them in my day I’m not particularly fond of them.

I looked at the pile of books at my bedside and beside my spot on the sofa and I’m overwhelmed by how many books I need to catch up on.  The pressure sometimes parallelizes me but I’m motoring on with high hopes!

My reading isn’t helping the eye strain blurriness at all.  Again, I motor on.

The summer has been so humid.  You would think I would be read more just to stay inside in the air conditioning, lol.  Oh well, Back to the grind.  Wish me luck!

I Need To Read More!

Yes…I need to read more.  All the TV Shows are back on with new episodes and I’ve been sucked back into watching.  Also, we recently purchased season 1 & 2 of Blossom.  So when I’m not watching other shows or On-Demand to catch up on Downton Abbey, Ghost Hunters or Chopped I’m watching Blossom (which I’m loving!).  My Reading has kind of come to a halt over the last three weeks.

I started out so well this year.  I read 7 books in just a couple of weeks.  Then I started two books that made me come to a screeching halt.  “I Killed Hemingway” and “Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief” and that is were it got dicey.  I just couldn’t get into either of these books.  The first one I thought would be funny and also I LOATH Hemingway (exception was the Moveable Feast) so the title just popped out at me.  It started out well but then…I don’t know what happened.  The second book…Percy Jackson was recommended in the feign of “If you liked Harry Potter you will like the Percy Jackson series”.  It’s not the same.  The style is completely different.  Where J.K. Rowling grabbed my interest immediately and just held me there I felt the tiniest distraction could take me away from Percy’s story, and it did.

I do not completely give up on books.  I will eventually finish these two (It took me 10 years to finish Contact by Carl Sagan but I did!) but I had to move on.  I went to one of my stand-by authors.  My big three are Tess Gerritsen, Michael Crichton and Kathy Reichs, I go to them when I need a jump-start.  The problem with this method is that there are only a fininte number of titles to read.  I have read almost all of Tess’s books.  I’m down to the last 4 from her early writing.

I started to read “Bloodstream” and like always I am hooked.  I don’t want to stop reading but sleep and work seem to get in the way, lol.  I love how she writes and the characters are engaging.  If you’ve never read Tess I recommend starting with a Rizzoli and Isles book.  I loved “Ice Cold” but you might want to start with “The Surgeon”.  They are very engaging.

Fingers crossed this jump-start will keep me going.  I love to read but with so many distractions lately it seems to go to the wayside and that annoys me most of all!

What are you reading?