Sheltering-in-Place Activities

I thought I would have so much more time to read during Shelter-in-Place.  It turns out not so much.  All those projects I was ignoring (like the crap piled on the Dining room table) apparently were taunting me to finished them.  So I’ve been doing those things.

Really, I would prefer to read instead!

I was also doing photo shoots with my action figures, HA HA HA!

I Just Realized I Had An Awesome Childhood!!!

Yesterday I was waiting for something so I was farting around on the computer when I came across this page.  I spent the next 10 minutes remembering all of these items with much fondness.  I remember wanting some of the items and having some of the items.  One of the items I didn’t have, but my sister did was the Electronic Football game.  I remember thinking this was the only toy that ever mattered in the universe when it first came out.

It was Nintendo DS before there ever was a DS.  The Electronic games were hitting the market a lot back then.  Simon, Merlin and Ping were really becoming popular as well.  I had both the Simon and Merlin at one point.  Simon was a family favorite the year I got it for Christmas.  I want to say it was 1978 but I’m not sure.  Do you remember the game “Perfection”?  It was like 52 pick-up but with geometric shapes.  It was fun and drove me crazy all at the same time.  Very cool times.

Did you get the 5-year diary?  I keep it for years and years but then realized one day it wasn’t the insight into my childhood I thought it would be.  Every entry read either…”went to school and then came home and did homework” or it read “It rained today, snowed today or was a boring day”, lol.  I kick myself for not being one of those kids that wanted to be a journalist when they grew up.  You know accurately documenting the daunting days of childhood.  Nope…Apparently I was bored a lot and it rained…not particularly in that order.  I guess the plus is I did my homework, lol.

Oh those 70’s/80’s…Who didn’t have a trapper keeper for school.  They were perfection of Notebooks freshman year of High School!  It had a copy book AND file folders!  All I can say is BOOM!

The Liddle Kiddle Dolls with accessories were way fun.  The accessories alone were awesome.  I was obsessed with them.  Again more great memories…


This toy is the Remco Finger Puppets from the 1960’s.

60sRemcoFingerPuppetI’m not sure if this toy belonged to one of my Sisters and I just loved to play with it or if I actually had my own.  I loved it.  I nearly shed a tear when I had a flashback to sitting on the steps with it and having her walk to and fro with my fingers in her boots.  To get that memory back was amazing.  In fact when I saw all the items on that Retro Page I had one fantastic memory after another.  I went to Ebay to see some of the other items I remembered but weren’t on the Retro Page.  Amazing and joyous is all I can say…well that and boy did I have a great Childhood!!!