A Super Bowl Victory and the Plague

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl LII Champions!!!  We had a great parade.  The best part was telling Chris Collingsworth to SUCK IT!!!

A couple of days later my cold turned evil and tried to kill me.  Luckily my wife hounded me until I called the doctor again because I was having trouble breathing.  Long story short…I’m alive!!  I missed 6 days of work but I’m alive 🙂


Snow? HA HA HA…Just Kidding

The weather folks had our region in a panic with a “huge” snowstorm that was going to hit us on Sunday/Monday.  They called for 10″-14″ of snow and more along the Shore locations.

What we got was about an 1-1/2″ of light puffy snow.  The precipitation didn’t start at 6 pm like they predicted on Sunday.  It started around 9 pm and began as rain, not snow.
It sleet for a bit and we expected to see 6-8″ of snow when we woke up but what there was on the ground hysterically less.  Bean turned on the news and they said don’t worry (who was worrying?) the wraparound band of snow would produce “A HALF OF A FOOT” of snow.  You know, ’cause that sounds like more that what it is…6″ of snow.

Guess what happened with the wraparound band of snow?  Um…NOTHING.  It gave us perhaps an additional dusting and that was it.  So all of those schools that put in that they were closed the night before the impending doom wasted a day off.  The smart ones waited and aired on the side of caution by calling a 2-hr. delay.

It all didn’t matter to me much since I wasn’t going to work.  I was felled by a stomach virus and spent the day feeling like ick.

What a waste of money all those satellite projections, computer calculations and Street View 3000!  Want the weather report…ask a farmer or look out the window.  You have about the same chance of guessing what’s going to happen as the local weather guy.

The Plague – Day 213

Okay that’s just an exaggeration.  Although since my wife isn’t getting any sleep she might not agree that it’s an exaggeration.  The nastier stuff has abated but seriously this cough is annoying to everyone.    My poor, poor wife hasn’t slept in over 10 days.  I feel awful and there isn’t anything I can do except sleep on the sofa but she’ll still be able to hear me hacking away 😦

Say yes to bunnies and no to the plague!

So again the photos of Plague were too disturbing so I give you bunnies.  Just say no to Plague!  Damn I need a nap!

In other news it’s going to friggin’ snow again!  Winter is a bitch man!

The Plague 2.0

Well lets just say that all of the hugging and kissing over the holidays has left me with the Plague 2.0 version.  I sure feel like I’m dying but lets face it…I’m not.  I’m just a big baby when it comes to being sick.  Me thinks the wife will confirm this little ditty.

So for anyone else out there who is battling the plague I know your pain and a speedy recovery to you 🙂
I Googled pictures of plague and decided they were to gross to share so I chose this picture of Willow when she just started to grow into her ears.  It’s a way better picture than the plague 🙂