Frankenstorm and Greg Brady

So don’t know if you heard but Hurricane Sandy has now been given the moniker “Frankenstorm”.  It figures because my friend Courtney wanted to start a drinking game where every time there was a mention of Sandy you take a drink.  Now with Frankenstorm it kind of ruins my buzz.  Just saying.

I live pretty far inland so I’m just expecting Rain, Wind and Flooding.  I’m just hoping the power doesn’t go out.  It’s hunker down and hope for the best time.  There is a remote possibility we may get snow so of course the Weather Guys are focusing on that.  You know because REMOTE means we’ll totally get it.

Also in the news it appears the home of Greg Brady’s bad luck Tiki Idol has been found.

As you can see here it is similar to the one that made Greg wipeout on his surfboard.

The design is different but if it wasn’t it would have been made in China and sold at the Dollar Store.

So much news today.  Now you will have to excuse me…I must run out and get the last loaf of bread!


Celebrating the Obvious

Okay first let me say I am relieved the Phillies finally got something going and although it was a stressful game they won.  They are back home as of this morning and I’m just hoping they’ve got that lovin’ feeling again because this is all just too stressful for me.  It’s a stupid kind of stressful too because lets face it whether they boys win or lose I still have to go to work in the morning.
Today I celebrate the fact that my two day separation from the one I love is over.  I can’t wait to get home and hug my honey.  It’s only been two days but as I whined blogged about yesterday I was away last weekend and then she was “away” two days this week.  I just love spending time with her.  Not in a creepy I’m stalking you kind of way but in a I love you and you make my day a whole lot brighter.  Wait…isn’t that a Brady Bunch Song?  Point is I get to see my love tonight!  Yeah for me!!!
I’ve been having an odd week this week and I’m glad it’s almost over.  Seriously it’s like Dude Where’s My Car but without the car or that cool scene at the take out place…’and then?’
In other news…LiLo was NOT sent back to jail for her probation violations.  The Judge sent her back to rehab for a mandatory 30 days.  You know unless the Judge decides like last time mandatory 90 day stint to end it like 3 weeks in.  You know cause 3 weeks is long enough to kill the addiction that has been plaguing our young heroin heroine.   Poor LiLo.  Lets face it folks it’s been a slow news day.