A Movie Under The Stars

Last night I crossed off one of our summer bucket list items, outdoor Movie night.

Our Community hosts free outdoor movies at various locations around town.  Local businesses sponsor these movie nights.  Last night it was hosted at Historical Hope Lodge.  A beautiful location for sure!  We waited for dark to get the movie going and it was really cool with the Mansion sitting in the background.  Popcorn and movie…how can you go wrong.

Dark came quickly now that we are racing toward Autumn.  And the 100+ folks who gathered on the lawn applauded the start and finish of our movie.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is/was a classic.  All though Amy Farrah Fowler messed with our minds stating that regardless of what Indiana Jones did the end would have been the same and he didn’t even need to be there I still loved this picture!  Getting to watch it with my love made it even more fun!


Summer Lovin’ 2013 – Strausberg

In our attempt to do much this summer we headed to Strasburg, PA to see the trains.  Lancaster County has so many interesting offerings that we’ve decided to tackle it one venue at a time.


I love trains.  The trains from the late 19th century are really cool.  Hi Amish Dude!


Our first stop was at the Railroad Museum.  We got to do a train driving simulation.  It was cool because it even let you blow the horn!

IMG_9238 (400x300) IMG_9240 (400x300)

It was “Thomas the Tank Engine” Week so we didn’t get to ride the big train but next time we come back I want to do that.

IMG_9241 (400x300)

Thomas was everywhere…


I joined the fun in my own way.  We went to the Choo Choo Barn which everyone should visit because it has a working model train display of Lancaster.  It is complete with Dutch Wonderland and other notable sights of the area.  Way cool!


I even shoveled coal like a pro.  Okay this coal were actually styrofoam but it was very cool none the less!  This ‘Summer Lovin’ project is a lot of fun.  So much to see in only 3 months!

Summer Lovin’ 2013 – The Shore

We’ve officially kicked off our Summer of 2013 with a trip to the beach.


We decided on a whim to head to the shore.  It was the first trip since Hurricane Sandy took out a lot of South Jersey and we were happy to see that NJ really is “Stronger Than The Storm”.  The beaches looked good!  We weren’t really sure what to expect.  First we went to Ocean City and hit the boardwalk then headed over to The Wildwoods to see if their massive beach was still massive.  Yeah, it was!!!


Bean put her feet in for the first dip of the season.  The water was ice cold but delightful.

20130616_130942 (300x400)

We can’t wait to take many more day trips.  The Summer of 2013 is now officially kicked off!

Adult Swim

Gosh that title kind of seems skeevey.  It’s weird how the word adult has become associated with nakedness and porn like things such as Adult Movies, Adult Books and Adult Content.

All of which have nothing to do with my post today.  Here in the awesome state of confusion also known as Philadelphia it was Freaking HOT!!!  We had 100 degree temperatures with and even higher heat index.  Most of the day I’m shielded at work by Air Conditioning so I did not have to deal with the insanity.

My Friend Brenda...This is only a likeness...she's actually taller.

Last night I got a call from my girls.  Brenda left me a message…”Yo What up! Swimming…my place…I’ve got beer…Call me!’.  How could I not attend.  The water was 80 degrees, which I thought was kind of warm but once I got my butt in that pool I didn’t want to get out.  Talk about massive cool down.   Brenda has the coolest stuff at her house.  She even has this awesome table for beer pong.  Well…I bet that she uses it for picnics and stuff but I know it as a beer pong table.  How do I know this?  Um…Hello…I’m a degenerate…well of sorts.

Good time had by all and I was still in by 10.  Brenda sure is the coolest and even more so after our swim 🙂

p.s.  Do Zombies get sunburned if they walk about in the day time?  Just wondering…I bet The Bloggess knows…she’s  hip to Zombie culture 🙂