2017 Summer Vacation – The People of the Beach

Vacations are a time for people to relax.  A time to share each others lives and sometimes it’s a time to just be still.  Here are some of those moments.

I give you The People of the Crest Beach.

I can’t help it…I love it in Wildwood Crest.  I can’t wait until next year to see some of these same faces and maybe some new ones.

Until then…I will be dreaming of seeing this sign as I enter my Happy Place away from home.


A Movie Under The Stars

Last night I crossed off one of our summer bucket list items, outdoor Movie night.

Our Community hosts free outdoor movies at various locations around town.  Local businesses sponsor these movie nights.  Last night it was hosted at Historical Hope Lodge.  A beautiful location for sure!  We waited for dark to get the movie going and it was really cool with the Mansion sitting in the background.  Popcorn and movie…how can you go wrong.

Dark came quickly now that we are racing toward Autumn.  And the 100+ folks who gathered on the lawn applauded the start and finish of our movie.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is/was a classic.  All though Amy Farrah Fowler messed with our minds stating that regardless of what Indiana Jones did the end would have been the same and he didn’t even need to be there I still loved this picture!  Getting to watch it with my love made it even more fun!

A Beautiful Weekend

What an amazing weekend.  I’m tired but it was worth it.  The sun was shining, it was warm (86 degrees) and very low humidity!  Hurrah!  Our friends let us use their pool this weekend while they were away so that just added to the greatness of the weekend 🙂

I got to finish the book I was reading and start a new one.  It is turning into the summer of “Murder, She Wrote”, lol.  I enjoy Jessica Fletcher…it’s a weakness 🙂

Millie and Tara enjoyed the sun pool side too.  Tara’s not a fan of the water (or any water for that matter) but they both had a quick dip in the cement pond.

To top off the festivities we decided to make our own pizza.  Pizza Bagels are the best.  Who knew.  They were so yummy!  It’s definitely the way to go!  Now it’s time for a little rest but wow! what a weekend 🙂

p.s. Yes I know my grammar is atrocious.  It’s part of my charm 🙂

Vacation Post # 3 – People of the Beach

The beach offers an amazing time of people watching.  Sometimes they do amazing things.  Sometimes they just are fun to watch and sometimes they make for a great picture.

img_1975-400x300 img_1976-300x400 img_1977-400x300 img_2044-400x300

img_2294-400x300 sam_0118-400x300 sam_6701-400x300 sam_6705-400x300

So many memories of excellent vacations.  And all of these people are part of my memories of a wonderful time at the Jersey Shore 2016.  Thank you all!

Vacation Diary – Post #1 – Alpaca Love!

We head to the Jersey Shore every year on vacation to soak up the Sun and Surf.  Our Realtors are Jerry and Norm never disappoint when finding us the right location for our adventures.  They are awesomeness times a quadrillion!!!  Love these guys!








Each year we also like to incorporate one thing we have never done before into the mix of sightseeing and vacation adventures.  This year…I give you the Alpaca!


This is Oliver!


I can’t remember all of their names but I remember Oliver because he knows his name and loves to take selfies and other photos!  Oh and he’s way cuter than the Kardashians!




Kiss me you fool!!


Actually she just wanted some carrots.  The high point of my visit was me asking Lightning if he would say Welcome To New Jersey (he was honking and being verbal).  His response was to spit on me, HA HA HA!  Yup, that’s seems like a fair Jersey welcome, lol!  If you get a chance to visit the South Jersey Area stop by Jersey Shore Alpacas!

Vacation – Part VI – The Last of It All

This installment is just a bunch of random pictures of weird and fun stuff.

IMG_1700 (400x300)

We had a massive rainstorm roll through one night.  When we went to the beach there were “lakes” all over the beach.  This was just one of them.  Thankfully The Wildwoods are known for their large beaches.  It was pretty cool though.

SAM_4054 (400x300)

This is the smallest car I’ve ever seen!

IMG_1405 (400x300)

This father got stuck carrying everything back from the beach while his family went home carrying nothing.  Poor Beach Dad 😦

IMG_1228 (400x300)

The seagulls were pretty good this year.  Not annoying and very picturesque.

IMG_1727 (400x300)

You are never too old to paddle board in the ocean as proven by this gentleman!

IMG_1257 (400x300)

This aero-banner read…”Amy, Will You Marry Me?  JK…Beer Me”.  The best advert of the summer vacation!

IMG_1715 (400x300)

So the answer to the questions “How many people are on the parachute is?”  Three!

IMG_1710 (400x300)

This boat isn’t as close to the swimmers as it looks 🙂

SAM_4048 (400x300)

Even after 100 years the sunken ship of Cape May is still visible.  Well at low tide.  It’s a yearly tradition to go see it at Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ.

IMG_1753 (300x400)

The previous renters forgot their photo booth pictures.   I thought about leaving our picture behind for the people renting after us to go with this one.

IMG_1448 (400x300)

It was another amazing vacation.  I miss the smell of salty air, the ocean and just the laid back restful pace of it all.  Until next year…I will miss you Atlantic Ocean!

Fulfilling A Recent Dream

About 3 years ago I saw it for the first time.  It was giant and pink.  Two of my favorite things.  Last weekend I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do since I first laid eyes on it…


I had my picture taken in front of the Giant Pink Sand bucket building.  And yes…it was totally awesome!