Thanksgiving…I’m Thankful for the Food

Thanksgiving 2016 came and went.  Good time had by many and the food was bountiful…and tasty!


The appetizers were off the hook this year.  Bean came up with some snazzy ideas and everyone like them.  Beautiful and Tasty!



There was something for everyone!


No holiday would be complete without a Stock’s cake!  Boom…that’s what Philly is all about at Thanksgiving!

We would be thankful for more but our sports teams suck, lol!


It’s Just That Special A Place

On Saturday we went Stock’s Bakery and got the tastiest morsels!

This is the bakery we got our Wedding Cake and it was awesome!

Once a row home in Philly it became the place to get your cakes, cookies and pies.  Yes there are lots of bakeries in Philly but for us and so many others (you should see the lines during the holidays) it is the ONE!

The Cookies are great with or without milk.

I got a creme donut…

…it was perfection!  If you get a chance stop buy for your tasty treat!