The Pumpkin Spider Didn’t Scare Me

So everyone knows…I’m terrified of spiders.   Not a fan of spiders at all.  Clown Spiders are the worst since I loath both of those things.

This little guy wasn’t gross looking.  He was very seasonal and fun.  I’d never seen a Pumpkin Spider before this one so YAY!


Freaked Out and Pissing My Pants

I came across this story in the Daily Mail of a spider nightmare in Brazil.  Just reading the story freaked me out but then I thought what if I was in Brazil the moment this happened.


Yup I would have pissed myself and died or passed out or passed out and then died.  Seriously…I don’t like spiders!

Creepy Is The New Cool

I hate spiders!!!   Ever since the Great Mormon Spider Attack of 2010 I’ve been even jumpier.  They terrify me and I have not idea why because I’m 1 million times taller.  In a strange twist I like spider webs.  They are like insect art.  I don’t mind watching spiders make webs but like our graffiti artists they need to move on when they are done.

This giant arachnid has been in this same area for about a week and a half.  For various reasons it’s had to rebuild.    A lot like Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web it has spun some beautiful art.

Tell me this picture of my neighbor’s cat doesn’t scream HALLOWEEN!

I watched one of my neighbors who saw the spider in its previous location…turn around and go in a different door, lol.  See I’m not the only one!

This little ditty has nothing to do with spiders but it was way cool…

Dad is that you????

An Unrequited Love

I do not like spiders but they seem to love me.   We’ve  had a lot of rain over the last few weeks and with it being October the spiders have been everywhere.  Hey I know they serve a purpose but seriously…they are creepy and I don’t like creepy.

This guy apparently thought he’d have an unauthorized party at my place and invited friends…here’s one of his pals.

Bean was laughing because while she was capturing and releasing these guys I was standing behind a door.  Tough girl I ain’t!

On other horizons…we got to put up our Halloween directions.  It’s very Halloweenie at our house so feel free to be jealous 🙂