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Snowy Fridays

Yesterday was 63 degrees.  Today it’s Snowing.  Oh March, you are a funny bunny.

I was hoping to get a picture of the cows in the snow but they were too busy eating.

This was the best I could do.  I did catch the hundred or so geese who stopped in the field until the storm moves on.

It’s really pretty.  The roads are wet but clear and this storm won’t be cumbersome.  All in all…not a bad way to begin the weekend!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve been of Irish Decent my whole life and although I’m actually American by nationality if you have an ounce of Irish blood coursing through your veins you remain always an Irishman in heart and blood!  So go get a drink…kick up your heels and Kiss someone just because they are Irish!

IMG_9057 (400x300)We had some St. Patrick’s Day snow arrive this morning.  It wasn’t a bad snow storm.  We got 1-3″ of snow but after a long winter of snow it has really gotten very old all of this snow.

Spring is only days away and we get warm days and then Winter is all “Hey Girl Hey”.  I’m ready for spring.  I’m sick of mud and salty roads and what not.  Bring on the green grass, leafy trees, beautiful flowers and yes…sneezing!  I’m ready for it!

Who knows, we may get another snow storm this month but at least I know it’s coming to an end, Wahoo!!!


No One Told Mother Nature…

…that it isn’t even winter yet 😉  We’ve had at least one snowfall per week over the last several weeks.  Technically it’s still Autumn.

IMG_5497 (400x300)

It makes things Christmasy for sure but the snow makes me want to go into hibernation, lol.

IMG_5495 (400x300)

Autumn ends on Saturday which is funny because it’s supposed to be about 54 degrees.  Any who, welcome winter!

Sometimes It Just Snows

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning the sky looks like this and I want to carry it with me always…

Sunrise at my place on 11/25/12

Just a few days later I was experiencing the first official snow of the season.

What can I say…I’m a sucker for nature. It rarely ever disappoints.

I Dreamt I was In Narnia

It snowed this weekend in my town.  It was a beautiful snow.  One of those snows that if you didn’t take a moment to look at it and enjoy it…it was gone in a blink of the eye.

Welcome To Narnia

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this cardinal just perching in the snow.  There were many birds flying about but what contrast this little guys redness casts upon the snow.

A Rare Treasure

Who goes jogging in a snow storm…

…This guy!

And one last snow shot…

It was a gorgeous morning.  Even though it snowed the roads were clear and my errands went well.  This is the good kind of snow.  It doesn’t wear out it’s welcome, lol.

It’s Snowing…Bring on the Jackholes

Oh, I don’t blame you for laughing.  Seriously…are you kidding me with more snow?  Oh please don’t give me…’Ah, but it’s winter silly’.  Yes I know it’s winter…I’m freezing my ass off but when Mother Nature gives you 2 days of 70 degree weather the body and mostly the mind start sliding into that rejoicing hymn called Spring.
It’s a rather cruel trick MN plays on us.  We got about 4″ but by the time I headed out to work it was starting to melt.  You know after we shoveled the driveway, lol.
What I will never understand is why people drive crazy when the weather is foul.  As I was driving into work there was this chick in a blue car who was driving extremely fast (Hello its slippery out there moron) and then she was driving my ass when I refused to go 50 mph.  Yes the road was plowed and salted but one slick spot and that’s all it takes to smash-up your car people.  I wasn’t driving 5 mph I was going about 35 and since that was the actual posted speed limit I thought I was good.  Frickin’ people!  I don’t wish her physical harm I just hope she slides and it scares her enough so she shits her pants.  Yeah…I’m mean like that!

Well at least my nemesis Hurricane Schwartz is having a good day, lol 🙂

Waiting for Spring

Bean and I got out of the village and went to town on Saturday.  We had been planning a trip to the gayborhood to go shopping and so we went.  Of course when we planned this trip it seem like the weather would cooperated.  No so much as it rained and was very cold but over all it wasn’t too bad.

As we were driving past the Art Museum I commented that Rocky Balboa wasn’t running up those steps today.  As you can see in the picture below pretty much nobody would be running up those steps.
I’ve been hoping for the temps to warm up and the snow to go away.  Mind you we haven’t gotten near as much snow as Boston or the Mid-West but for this munchkin the snow has become annoying and tiresome.  As I write this I can see out my office window that the melting has begun and with the rain coming through tomorrow it’s going to wash away a good bit of the rest 😉  Um…YEAH!

I have to go now and check on Bjorn…he was wondering around the office in a hula skirt and I’m not sure what that means…

The One Where A Fairy Came To Live with Me

Christmas 2010 is now in the record books.  It was an awesome Christmas.  Bean out did herself with the festivities.  And all that with me being sick.  Yep…Christmas Eve had me with a sour belly and nausea so we stayed home in case it was a virus but it turned out to have been something I ate.  I would love to have been able to have narrowed it down but lets face it…what didn’t I eat this holiday.  I put on 9 lbs.  Seriously people food is everywhere!
On Christmas morning we woke up early (translation I woke Bean up early) and opened all the lovely gifts put under our tree by Santa.  And there she was just sitting there looking adorable and awesome…My newest Fairy Friend Christmas Snow.  She’s going to move in because she just relocated here from Neverland.  It seems The Bells have been so awful of late that she thought why put up with it and decided a move was in order.  You know, since Tinker Bell  became famous she’s been such a snob.
I got so many wonderful gifts.  Bean is taking me to see Ron White in March.  It’s going to be a hoot.  That dude is so freaking funny!  Some of the presents are going to come in handy since we got hit with a surprise snowstorm.  Dang you weather folks.

Just A Little Snow So Far…

Bjorn Maelstrom heads to work

I headed out to work today with my carpool buddies and it wasn’t so bad.  Should I believe the Weather Gubers that say the “BIG” part of the storm will hit tonight?

I am relieved that no shoveling happened this morning before heading to work.  Life is good so far 🙂

In other news, Great Britain failed to hold off the Swedes in the 11th End of the quarter finals of Curling.  I’m still cheering for Canada to take the gold.  What can I say I’ve become a Curling geek!!!

Quote of the Day:

“Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” ~ Anonymous

Dear God It’s Me Jenn

Seriously Big Guy what’s with all the snow?  Is it your way of mocking us mere mortals over the cult of Global Warming?  You gave us Common Sense only to discover its just not as common as you thought it would be?

Yes I will get more snow today but I’ve decided to pack it up and send it somewhere they need it more…I’m sending my snow to Vancouver.

That’s all  from this end Big Kahuna.  Keep it real Man and see ya on the flipside 🙂


p.s.  The Bloggess had this on her site and it is just to funny not to share. (Facebook and Stupid people).  Be sure to read the comments.