I Like Christmas too, But Seriously?

I went to Lowes Home Improvement Store today and…WTH?  The Christmas Trees are up already.  I get it after Halloween, but not before!!!  It’s only October 6th.  It makes my head hurt.  I’m going to go watch Hocus Pocus to get me back in the Halloween mood 🙂


It’s Called Swamp Ass and it’s Everywhere Today

OMG could it be any hotter.  A Facebook friend posted a picture from her car of 111 degree temps.  Seriously…that’s too dang hot!!!

Okay I get that it is summer but still I prefer my summers at no more than 90 degrees, low-humidity and some occasional rain to keep things looking alive instead of what they are now…dried, brown and crispy.  Which is only a good description if you are talking about Bacon.

I’m going to the beach to cool off…and drink fruity girly drinks.  Hugs and kisses to the family 🙂