I’ve Been Outside Recently

So I have been working on our yard this year.  I’m doing a small Victory Garden.

Yes, I said Victory Garden.  I was raised with parents who grew up in the depression and survived WWII.  I use language like Victory Garden, Cat’s Meow and gams.  I also enjoy the styling of Benny Goodman, lol.

Last year we had a really bad mosquito problem.  It was our first year in the house so I had no idea what to expect until it happened. The mosquitoes were just awful and made it difficult to enjoy the deck and yard.  This year I’ve planted mosquito repelling plants like Citronella, Rosemary and Marigolds.  I’m also going to spray the yard with lemon juice.  This should kill off a bunch of those critters in a healthy way.  The dogs share the space with us so I have to stay away from things like pesticides.  Wish me luck!

Last night a very nasty and vivacious storm blew through our part of town.  The clouds were amazing and the subsequent rainbows (not caught on picture) were just incredible.

The rain was torrential and we missed getting any hail.  The thunder and lightning were just like the storms we sometimes get in July.  Very cool.

All in all, too bad.  The storms didn’t deter me from voting.  Got it done and the storm made it so I didn’t have to water the garden….Win Win!


It Rained A lot and Then It was Bastille Day

I know it’s summer and it rains in summer but the storms we’ve been getting rainstorms with 2″ or more inches at a time.

Are you French and celebrating Bastille Day…well then Happy Bastille Day to you!

Have a good weekend!

The Ark Is Almost Complete

It hasn’t been but feels like it has rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  We somehow missed the April showers and replaced them with May showers.  Today I think we’ve gotten a break in the weather which is nice.  The oddity is that it’s been so dark and gray lately that I found myself squinting with all of the sunlight.

So weather guys…You know who you are Hurricane Schwartz!…so when you are screaming this summer about our lack of anything I will point out these rainy days and challenge your use of the word drought!