That Time When President Trump Made The Boy Scout Jamboree Look Like a Hitler Youth Rally

Over decades Presidents have gone to the Boy Scout Jamborees to promote strength, dedication and service.  They’ve given uplifting and inspirational speeches to the attendees.  This year our paranoid and odd President, Mr. Trump turned this event into a Hitler Youth Rally.  Talking about politics and LOYALTY.   He spoke about Healthcare and Fake News.  He even threatened to fire Secretary Tom Price if Trumpcare doesn’t pass.  He also followed some of these destructive comments with “believe me”.

Nothing he had to say was relevant to the 40,000 Boy Scouts and Leaders who came to be inspired.  I really believe that Mr. Trump thinks he’s smart.  I think that he believes the law of the land doesn’t apply to him or his family.  I believe that he hasn’t a moral compass and that this speech was wholly inappropriate.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only American appalled.  The Boy Scouts issued a statement that the President is their honorary President of the Boy Scouts and that they are not Political.

The only thing missing from his grandiose speech about how great and tremendous HE is was a story about him banging some beauty queen.

I hope the boys of America look at this moment and think…that’s not what we stand for…not even close.

It’s going to be are really long 4 years 😦


The Mish and the Mash

The political climate in America right now is playing havoc with my stomach so I’ve decided to post about other stuff today.

Like this picture of my neighbor’s cat.  I didn’t have my glasses on so from across the street I thought this was a racoon sitting on the front step…

I also see a beaver in this picture.  It’s not…it’s still a gray cat, lol.

Our Rose of Sharon are starting to bloom.  I’m thankful for this because our backyard was looking like a green wilderness.

We recently went out for Linner (Lunch/Dinner) at the Texas Roadhouse.  The food was super delicious.  I got the steak kabobs but the Mrs. got the Prime Rib which was incredible.

I also learned it was normal to put marshmallow on Sweet Potatoes.  I love learning new things, lol.

So, even if Fredo (Donald Trump, Jr.) is being stupid again I will move on to non-political stuff…I hope, lol.

The World Is A Mess Garp

This morning I’m reading the news and I realized this world is getting worse by the minute.  Let me narrow down my angst.  Donald Trump!


Is this really the best the GOP can come up with to run our country.  I get that people like that he speaks his mind.  That’s great.  He can because he’s a billionaire.   So if he goes to Washington and acts/speaks the same way as does now what does he think is going to happen.  Look who is in Congress…millionaires.  They do not care if he wants something.  He degrades women, anyone not white and thinks his Military School attendance is the same as being in the Military.

All I’ve got to say is oh my goodness.  I might really have to vote for Smokey The Bear because at least he’s good in a crisis, lol.

My Candidate For President

I’ve decided to back the only candidate I can believe in for President.  He’s a Troll so there is no pretending since it’s all literal anyway.

BJORN MAELSTROM for President.

I don’t care that he’s 4″ tall, a Troll or a Foreign National….Yeah Norway!  I’m going to cast my ballot for him anyway!

As my friend said on Facebook during last nights Third Presidential Debate…

“The heck with this…I’m going to watch RuPaul.”

I’m tired of the back biting, the name calling, the fear mongering of the presidential campaign season.  And that is why I am supporting an inanimate object for President!

The i-State of the Union

This one is pretty much a given.  The State of the Union is crap.  My opinions on the speech last night is that the speech wasn’t moving.  It was more a declarative statement about things that haven’t been working out for him.  Instead of having agendas I think at this point it’s time to just focus on the economy and job creation. His major pieces of legislation in the form of Cap & Trade and Healthcare should be put on hold until the economy rebounds because as it stands we can not afford either now.  The President needs to stimulate the people first and that will come from job creation.

Flip the page…

The iPad is coming can you feel the buzz in the air?  Yeah me either.  I’m not a Mac person.  I used a Mac from time to time at work but I’m mostly a PC. I do not own an iPod, iTouch or iPhone.  Perhaps I’m just what would be considered an Old Fart but I live within my means and unless Apple starts offering sales I won’t be partake in the Apple revolution.  I’m not a person motivated by brand or well, much of anything.  I just know I’m not willing to pay big bucks for a hype.

Anyway there you have the news for yesterday.  Riveting isn’t it.

Gettin’ Political

Palin Family

Palin Family

I watched Sarah Palin’s speech last night and I loved it.  Why?  Well she’s a breath of fresh air amongst the stodgy Washington establishment.  She’s appears more America than all of the candidates put together.  Sarah Palin has the same issues that other families face from teen pregnancy to having a special needs child (health care anybody) and trying to raise a family of 5 children in today’s world.  She’s run a town and a state all while juggling a husband and children.  Yet the media constantly ask how she could be VP and raise her family.  Did they ask that of Barak Obama?  No they didn’t.

This morning I saw a piece as I was flipping through the channels on Todd Palin “First Dude of Alaska”.  It was a ridiculing piece on how different Washington would be for this Alaskan Native.  Would the media do a condescending clip on Michelle Obama?  Ah…that would be a big fat NO.

The debates will help me further discern who are the right candidates for me and maybe they will actually talk about the issues facing this country.  But today I can say I liked Sarah Palin’s speech and saw that the “Good ‘Ole Boys” in the media feel threatened since they weren’t consulted and I like that.