Area 51: Save The Aliens

Apparently 1 million people are planning on storming the AREA 51 base in New Mexico.  I can only assume it’s to free the aliens.  I saw Independence Day so I totally understand.

I’m a big fan of Aliens but I wonder why in all of the Galaxies they would waste their time on coming to the US.  Humans are really stupid.   Why not seek out a race of beings that don’t start every stupid thing they do with…hold my beer.

I’ve always wanted an alien.  So last vacation I found this alien in Cape May.  Richie the V is fun.  Not like those Independence Day aliens.  Oh and he’s not real, he’s a toy.  I’m an over grown child so, you know, I like toys.

If I were an Alien I would skip this planet and head to one where the inhabitants weren’t so stupid, js.

In the mean time…let’s save the Aliens of AREA: 51!