Niko Stopped By


Nor’Easter Niko stopped by yesterday.  It is extremely cold still and Niko blew most of the snow into one big pile from the gale force winds he was providing.  All in all, it could have been far worse and even though I didn’t get a snow day I got out of work early.  So Yay me!

Tomorrow starts a small warm up.  Come on 47 degrees!!


Jonas…Not the Brothers

So Jonas came into our lives on Friday evening and left his white fluff all off the place.

When faced with these types of natural shut ins I of course stuffed my face and binge watched Netflix.  Unlike this poor bloke.


Snow or no snow these guys are always at their posts.  This friend is what dedication looks like!


I dug out some space for the dogs to roam around.  Neither dog was happy with the snow.  It was wet and cold and lets face it…my dogs are princesses.

We dug out on Sunday and headed back to work on Monday.  It was a lot like that time I didn’t win the Powerball.

Why My Butt Was Twitching Yesterday

First let  me say I hate Weather guys.  You all know about my arch nemesis and that he is a weather guy.  Well the weather people were all…we won’t get a lot of snow from this storm as it will be a mostly rain event.  I waited for the rain and it did rain after it snowed 4″ and then turned to rain for 5 mins and then back to sleet and snow.  They suck.

Willow on her dug out path

We got 14.5″ of snow.  Yep…that’s nothing like the 2-4″ they were calling for.
The weather people then changed their number totals after the first “surprise” of this two-part storm.  The new numbers were 6-8″ of snow.  (This is a picture of the ‘cleared’ roads).

A Neighbor

I added this picture just because it’s funny.  A woman in my building was shoveling her patio by using a water pitcher and was wearing a ‘Gloria Swanson’ turban and a fur coat.  We couldn’t take our eyes off of her.

This is what an ARCH NEMESIS looks like!!!

Beware of this man!


I’m as smart as a Puxatawney Phil

Until maybe Wednesday when another storm hits Philly.  Yesterday we got stocked with 27.5 inches which is still only #2 in the record books but it did knock out the previous #2, December’s 23 inches,  which is now #3.  I played a little in the snow yesterday but it was really cold and windy so I went inside and watched the snow from my living room 🙂  I had potato chips and tea…it was all good.  I got my car dug out by some guy who I paid $20.00 to blow out my space with his ATV with a plow on front.  It took less than 10 minutes and I didn’t have any back strain.  Win/Win in my book 🙂

The weather people always take credit for their prognosticating abilities but really they were way of the mark at first.  In the early forecast we were to get 6-12″.  They stayed with that figure until the storm hit and was almost over and then they began predicting more snow.  I however went with the Farmer’s Almanac and common sense.  The storm was presenting itself just like the Nor’Easter in December.  I said we would get about 24″ of snow based on the pattern of this storm and the fact it looked a lot like the last Nor-Easter.  Yep I was correct.  He look at that me and the Groundhog were both right this week 😉

On a happier note, due to the Nor’Easter my Wii tennis game is improving.  Yeah I’m ALMOST a LEGEND !