A Movie Under The Stars

Last night I crossed off one of our summer bucket list items, outdoor Movie night.

Our Community hosts free outdoor movies at various locations around town.  Local businesses sponsor these movie nights.  Last night it was hosted at Historical Hope Lodge.  A beautiful location for sure!  We waited for dark to get the movie going and it was really cool with the Mansion sitting in the background.  Popcorn and movie…how can you go wrong.

Dark came quickly now that we are racing toward Autumn.  And the 100+ folks who gathered on the lawn applauded the start and finish of our movie.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is/was a classic.  All though Amy Farrah Fowler messed with our minds stating that regardless of what Indiana Jones did the end would have been the same and he didn’t even need to be there I still loved this picture!  Getting to watch it with my love made it even more fun!


October 1, 2015 = Awesomeness!

Yeah it finally arrived…October 1, 2015.  For me it is the beginning of Halloween season.  I love Autumn and Halloween!  I start off every October by watching Hocus Pocus!


It is my most favorite Halloween Movie of all time and is on my top 10 list of favorite movies of all time.  I loved this movie so much when it came out that I saw it 4x at the theater.  I then planned my next year’s vacation around it.  I went to visit Salem, Massachusetts to walk the walk of the movie sites.  Allison’s house, the neighborhood, The School and park, Town Hall and the Salem Village.  I LOVED IT!  I loved it so much that I went back for the next two October’s to relive the fun.  I also read every book I could find on the Salem Witch Trials.  That was a rather nasty business but the history of it was amazing.

If you ever go to Salem for Halloween/October just remember it is their busiest tourist season.  I had to make my hotel reservations 1 year in advance (this was recommended by the city website for Haunted Happenings).  I stayed in the neighboring town of Danvers and loved it.

What’s my second movie to watch for Halloween Month…Why Nightmare Before Christmas of course!

Happy October Everybody!

Thanksgiving Goodness!

My MIL out did herself this Thanksgiving Dinner!  Everything was beautiful and delicious.

IMG_4651 (300x400)

IMG_4696 (400x300)

IMG_4685 (400x300)

How could it be Thanksgiving without Football…

IMG_4689 (400x300)

It was a cold day in town so we watched the Parade on TV…

IMG_4683 (400x300)

Our Turkey Day was perfect!

IMG_4654 (400x300)

We capped off the awesome weekend with going to see “Catching Fire”.  It was really good and if you read the books you’ll love it for sure!


It was a busy long weekend but it was a good weekend filled with Family and fun!

Oh Hey Hollywood

So Hollywood big wigs are scratching their heads this Monday wondering how a low-budget ($20 million) horror film blasted past the big block-busters they’ve rolled out for the masses to consume.  R.I.P.D. from what the trailers on TV were showing was nothing more than a hack version of Men In Black meets the dead or The Frighteners minus the badges.  Pacific Rim is another big in your face film but is it really what everyone wants to see?  How many end of the world films can one person consume in 4 short months of summer?

DSCN4873 (400x300)

What I’ve always found interesting about the Hollywood Elite is they really think they deserve the money they make.  The film The Purge cost approximately $3 million to make grossed approximately $36 million its first weekend.  In this era of 3D, 2D, CGI and special effects the freshness of a movie like Pacific Rim is lost.  World War Z came out just before Pacific Rim and it flopped as well.  Between the star’s salaries and the grand scale of the film it was destined to just be a money pit.  So that leaves me to the question…when is a big-budget film to big?  Is $400 million too much money to spend on a film?  I would say yes.

Do I like a good Sandy Bullock movie?  The answer is a big yes I do but then again she’s not making $400 million movies that go thud!  Don’t get me wrong I love a big action packed thrill ride of a movie but do I want to see one every weekend?  The answer is no I don’t sometimes I just want to see a quiet, well written movie.

I really thought after The Blair Witch Project Hollywood would have seen the light but they’ve been wearing those sunglasses for too long.  Maybe The Conjuring will give them a little snap back to reality.  Who knows…all I know is I have yet a reason to fork out $13 to go to the movies this summer, just saying.

Six Degress of Dr. Sheldon Cooper

I’ve loved The Big Bang Theory since I saw the first episode.  It was just one of those shows I could relate too.  I’ve found I’m a lot like all four of the boys on the show (minus their intelligence).

I associate many things with many other things (Totally stole that from Katherine Hepburn via Desk Set).  I used to say everything I ever learned I learned from a movie.  I now realize that is not so but for a long time it felt like it was true.  This is one of those times.


Big Bang has made me try things I wouldn’t have tried before like hot dogs and spaghetti and light sabers.  It made me want to learn more about Physics which I found very interesting.  Sometimes it influences me to read certain books.  One I read was Flatland by Edwin Abbott.  The second book Bean found in a thrift store.  She immediately showed it too me and then went…”It’s not the finger…it’s the M-O-V-I-N-G Finger”…I laughed.  The was a line from Big Bang.  The book she found is Agatha Christie’s “The Moving Finger” and I can’t wait to read it.

I’ve always enjoyed finding books from other books as well.  Right now I’m reading “Miss Lonely Hearts & The Day of the Locust” by Nathaniel West because I came across it from Lillian Hellman’s “An Unfinished Woman”.  Sometimes life, books, TV and movies are weird like that, lol.

The Cold and The Cold

Sure what’s the diff.  Both are annoying and agitating.  I’ve still got my cold on day 8 and I think I’ve coughed up enough junk to make my house labeled toxic waste area.  Yes I know that’s gross people but grow up it’s a disgusting world out there.

If having a cold day 8 isn’t  enough of a pita how about the fact with wind child it’s 6 degrees outside.  Yep, we went from near 60’s to 6.  Well at least I am following the theme of 6’s.  Perhaps I’ll watch “The Omen” tonight and complete the 6’s with a 666.  It might be a devil of a good time.  Yes…I went there!

So tomorrow I’ve decided my life isn’t exciting enough so I’m going to have a round of medical tests.  Just routine stuff but still could my life suck any more than it does now?  I think that a person is official “old” once Dancing at the Disco is replaced with a mammogram and blood work on wild Saturday!  Heck I may just kick it up a notch and break out the Bengay!

Yes…it does suck to be in Middleageville!

Did You Hit Your Head?

I must have because last week was a blur!  Christmas wasn’t without its trials, let me tell ya.  First Wii is awesome…but you know what is sucktacular?  Wii-njuries…that is an injury sustained while playing Wii.  In my case the Wii-njury came from Wii Resorts.  I was not to be kept down though…I rebounded like a trooper and snapped back with some Wii Archery.  Yes my aim is that good and I was revered by all or just the two people in the room with me at the time.

This Christmas I was not unlike the Magi wondering to and fro.  Mostly I was fro but I did it fro-ing while bopping to awesome Christmas song so it and I were cool!  It was really good to see all the people I saw.  I ate food everywhere I went and let’s just say Nae Nae’s mozzarella sticks are FabUlous!  The weekend was so packed with festivities that I took off Monday too.  Thank goodness because I was down to the last resort undies and the sweats with the hole in them.  So with Laundry done and naps taken I went back to work this week refreshed and smelling much better than Sunday.

I also managed to see two movies this weekend.  Sherlock Holmes was very good and action packed.  It’s Complicated was sweet and the old guy behind me liked the sexual innuendo jokes because he couldn’t stop laughing.

So to sum up my Christmas weekend.  I was more busy than the entire year combined.  Holy Crap Batman!