Everything In My Life Comes Back To Ghostbusters

It happened again yesterday.  Someone said “Shut it down, shut it all down”.   I of course went back to Ghostbusters.

“Everything was okay until old dickless shutdown the power grid.” ~ Ray Stantz
“Is that true?” ` The Mayor
“Yes, it’s true, this man has no dick.” ~ Peter Vinkman


Some would find my life sad.  I find it hysterical.  I’m weird like that!


The Empire Records Don’t Call Me Warren Edition

“What’s with today, today?” said Lucas when he was asked by Cory what was with him today.  This can sum up my day along with other quotes from Empire Records.

I had one of those days where Murphy was driving the bus and his one goal was to make me cry UNCLE!  In Empire Records speak…I felt like Rex Manning on Rex Manning Day!  It sucked and I got screwed.  Only he got screwed in a good way.  Oh well at least it’s over.  The last call has sounded and tomorrow is looking to be a little like the Poseidon Adventure.  A bit upside down and water-logged.

If you were thinking this post was more of a pity party than a blog post…you are “dead on balls accurate”.  Okay that last quote is from My Cousin Vinny but seriously did you expect me not to “go to the mattresses” without Vinny?

So I hope you all have a stellar beginning to WTF.  Here ends the party!  Happy Rex Manning Day Y’all!!!